Top 30 Web-based Favicon Generators [2020]

upqode | Nov 10th, 2020

Do you need to have the design skills to make a favicon? Favicons are very easy to create when using a favicon generator software. 

A web-based favicon generator is a software or tool that allows a user to create icons for websites or apps. With these tools, you can design different favicons as they do not require technical skills. You can also work with a web design agency to help you resolve website issues.

Before I get started on the tools available in the market, we need to understand what favicon is.

What is a favicon

A favicon is an image/symbol that helps you identify a website. A favicon is a short form word for a favorite icon.

It’s the small icon on the address bar of a website and has a size of 16×16 pixels. Other sizes are 32×32, 48×48, and 64×64. A favicon has a .ico file extension. 

Favicons have different sizes depending on the platform you’re to use them on. According to creatives Bloq, these sizes are:

  • 16×16 pixels – usual browser icon
  • 32×32 pixels – desktop taskbars
  • 96×96 pixels – desktop shortcut icons
  • 120×120 pixels – iPhone retina touch icon
  • 180×180 pixels – iOS and Android device
  • 192×192 pixels – Google development web app manifest recommendations.

For example, if you look at the address bar of this site, there’s a small icon that identifies the website. Another example is Google’s favicon at the top of the address bar or a URL tab. 

You can design a favicon manually using softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Here is a list of the different web-based favicon generators that help make your work easier and fast.

1.IONOS by 1&1


Ionos favicon maker is a web-based tool that allows you to design your favicon for free. 

First, there’s the favicon editor, image upload, and letter generator. The editor has a 16×16 work area to design your icon from scratch, using the available tools and colors. Additionally, there’s a preview feature for you to check your design as you work on it.

As for the image, you can upload an existing picture or logo to generate a favicon. The letter generator is another option that allows you to use up to two letters or initials when designing a favicon.

2. DeGraeve


DeGraeve is a favicon tool that allows you to upload an existing image to create a favicon. Once the picture is uploaded, you only need to click on ‘make favicon’ to start the generating process.



Logaster offers you favicons in different sizes. But, before you design your favicon, you’ll need to start with a logo. After creating a logo for your brand, only then will you proceed to make a favicon.

As with most companies, the logo and the favicon are the same. With this tool, you design your favicon from the pre-existing logo. Using the pre-made templates, you can edit your favicon and check your design using the preview feature.



Favicon.CC generator tool gives you different options to choose from when designing a favicon. You can manually make your icon from the editor, use a pre-existing image, or download a free favicon.

You can also customize your favicon using the animation feature. Once you are satisfied with your favicon, you can download it or publish it as an open license.



With this favicon generator tool, you’re free to create your icon online using two options. You can design a favicon from scratch or import an image from your computer. 

From the editor, you start by choosing the size of the icon before proceeding with the design. The Webestool favicon generator tool also has a preview feature to check how your favicon will display on a bookmark or the address bar.

6. Website Planet Favicon Generator

Website Planet

This favicon generator from the Website Planet allows you to upload images with GIF, PNG, and JPG file formats. You can also choose a favicon from the premade icons gallery.

The website planet favicon tool also gives you different settings to choose from.

7.Dynamic Drive Favicon Generator

Dynamic Drive

Favicons increase brand visibility and make a website stand out from the rest of the sites. The Dynamic Drive Favicon generator allows you to upload GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP file formats. 

Besides the usual 16×16 favicon size, you can also download other file sizes like 32×32 and 48×48.

8. Favicon.ico & App Icon Generator


As the name suggests, this favicon generator tool will allow you to design a favicon for your website and mobile apps. You can also download an icon from the pre-made favicon gallery. 

With this app, you do not have to get your hands dirty. It provides you with two options to get your icons. You either upload an image to have your favicon or use the existing icons from the gallery.

9.Real Favicon Generator


RealFaviconGenerator tool works by testing how your favicon should display on different platforms. 

To start with, you will have to upload an image. The software will then test and display how the icon will appear on a browser and other platforms.



With the GenFavicon tool, you need to follow some steps to have your favicon. This tool gives you different sizes to choose from before designing the favicon. Make sure that you use the size that works best for you.

The GenFavicon tool also has a preview tool to check the generated icon before using it on a website.



ConvertICO is a free online favicon generator that converts your PNG image file to an icon. Not only does this web-based generator allow you to design favicons for your website but also desktop and app icons.

With the ConvertICO favicon generator tool, you can also upload an image from your website.

12.Prodraw Favicon Generator


The Prodraw free online generator tool presents you with different icons to choose from and use. This tool allows multiple file-formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, JPEG, and TIFF.

These favicons are also of different sizes, depending on the platform to use them on.

13.ICO Converter

ICO Converter

ICO Converter tool accepts images with different file formats to convert them to website favicons or windows applications. 

This favicon generator tool also allows you to select the sizes and bit depth before conversion.

14.Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator

Whether you need a favicon for your personal use or commercial purposes, this online tool is free to use. Before uploading your image, make sure that it is a perfect square. 

15.Fav made by Zyro


Zyro favicon generator is an online tool, which you can upload an image or use existing icons to design a favicon. With this tool, you can customize your favicon to meet your requirements. 

16.X-Icon Editor


The X-Icon Editor allows you to design an icon manually or upload an image for use. Before getting started with the design, you need to select the size of the favicon. 

The editor has different tools to use when editing and designing the icon. The preview feature also allows you to check the icon before downloading it for use.

17.Favicon generator

favicon generator

The favicon generator tool gives you three options for you to choose from when designing a favicon. You can use an emoji, text, or image to make a favicon.

As for the emojis, the software provides you with a list of emojis. Upload your image or logo to generate a favicon that has the right format and size.  


favicon generator

Favic-O-Matic is an online favicon generator tool that creates icons with .ico and .png file extensions. The favicons come in different sizes, and therefore, you need to use one that best fits you. 

The tool also comes with advanced settings, where you can customize your icon.

To design a favicon for your website, upload your logo or image to the favicon generator tool, and adjust the size. This tool converts JPG, GIF, and PNG images to favicons.



Faviconr is a free online favicon generator tool that converts JPG/ PNG and GIF file types. To use this tool, upload an image or logo to create a favicon for your website. 

Additionally, you can create a transparent favicon from a transparent image or gif.

21. Favikon


Favikon is a direct tool to use. Upload your image, crop it before proceeding to download. This web-based generator tool also provides you with two downloadable options. 

You can download a .ico or .png favicon.

22.Free Favicon


Free favicon tool allows you to upload square images that are in GIF, PNG, and JPG formats. A free favicon generator tool is straightforward to use. 

23.Favicon Generator by SearchEngineReports

Favicon Generator by SearchEngineReports

The favicon generator tool is another free tool to use when creating favicons. You need to upload a JPG, GIF, PNG, or JPEG image to generate a favicon. 

You can upload the image from your local computer or Dropbox.

24.Favicon Generator

favicon generator

Unlike other tools that allow you to use images, letters, emojis, or icons, this favicon generator tool uses letters only. You add the text, choose a border and text color.

Using this tool gives you room to be creative when using text. You can try different styles to create an icon that represents your brand.



Faviconit generator is another free tool that allows you to create a favicon using a regular or advanced option. With this tool, you can generate apple touch icons, favicons, and HTML headers for all devices and browsers.

To use this software, you need to upload an image to generate a favicon for your website and other platforms.

26. RedKetchup Favicon Generator

RedKetchup favicon generator

The RedKetchup favicon generator tool allows you to design a favicon using text or uploading an image. If you’re to use text to generate your favicon, there are settings to help you with the design. 

The software also has different files included in the favicon package. In addition to generating a favicon, you also get HTML codes for the various platforms.

27.Wizlogo Favicon Generator


 With A Wizlogo favicon tool, you upload an image in GIF, JPG, and PNG formats. The software converts it to an app icon or a favicon. 

The app icons are for Websites, iOS, Windows, and Android. The favicons generated are in the .ico format. The Wizlogo favicon generator tool is free to use.


online favicon

With the onlinefavicon tool, you can design your icon from scratch or upload an image. The editor section has drawing features to help you create a customized icon for your website.

If you need an icon and you do not want to go through the design process, there are ready icons for download. These icons are free to use. 

The available sizes from this tool are 16×16 and 32×32. It also uses a standard file format, that is .ico. Also, if you need a transparent favicon, the images to upload should have a GIF or PNG file and a transparent background.



ICONOGEN favicon generator is free to use. This web-based tool allows image uploads with JPG, GIF, and PNG formats. 

With this tool, you can convert your images to generate favicons, Windows 8 Tiles, Apple Touch icons, Android, and iOS icons.

30.FavIcon from Pics

FavIcons from Pics

FavIcons from Pics is a web-based favicon generator that creates icons from any image. The tool also has a preview feature to check and edit the icon. 

This tool has a premium HTML kit, which you can use to edit the icon styles. It is useful for advanced website developers.

How to add a favicon

Adding a favicon to a website depends on the platform you are using. Most of these web-based favicon generator tools provide you with an HTML code. The purpose of this code is to add the generated favicon to your website.

If you’re using an HTML website, you need to add the code in the header section. Make sure the icon is already uploaded on your website so that you can edit the location section of the code.

On the other hand, if you are using a Content Management System, like WordPress, you add the favicon in the customization section. You can also use a plugin, All In One Favicon, to use with a premade icon.

You need to upload the icon to your website and enable it from the site identity section.

Below are some of the favicon examples from various companies:


Upqode is an award-winning digital marketing and web design company in Nashville, Tennessee. Upqode’s favicon is visible from the address bar.

  1. Google

Google is a search engine used for research and provides relevant content based on a search query. Google’s icon is easy to identify on bookmarks, URL bars, and search bars.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is an online social platform where people can interact and grow their businesses. The Facebook favicon is similar to that of its logo. 

  1. WordPress

WordPress is a content management system used for designing websites and blogs. 

  1. Amazon

Amazon is an online retail platform and a cloud service provider. 

  1. Youtube

Youtube is an online social platform that allows people to create, upload, and share video content. 

  1. Yoast 

Yoast is a WordPress plugin used to optimize websites and content. It helps improve readability and ranking of content on search engines.

Importance of a favicon on a website

A favicon is an essential element to the identity of a brand. Some of the benefits of having an icon are:

  1. Your website stands out from other websites in a bookmark or tabs. When a user opens multiple Google tabs or bookmarks your website, they can identify your site by looking at the favicon.
  2. A favicon adds a professional look to your website. This is because the icon is specific to a website. Most companies will create favicon from their logo, and thus, they have the colors and themes of your brand.  
  3.  Increase in user experience. Visuals attract audiences much faster as compared to text. A favicon is a small visual icon that helps users identify a website with much ease. Without a favicon, a user would have to click on each tab to locate a website. 

Therefore, a website favicon saves the user’s time, which he/she would otherwise spend searching for your website on a search engine. It helps users to ‘remember’ a website by looking at the favicon.

Does having a favicon on a website improve branding?

Having a favicon on a website helps increase your website branding.

If your website does not have a favicon, the web-based favicon generator tools above make it easy for you to design an icon. 

The tools can generate a favicon using existing images or logos. You can also design a favicon manually using letters or emojis. 

Favicons appear in the history section, toolbars, bookmark sections, and search bars. If you work with a web development agency, you can be sure of having a complete web design that has a favicon.

Do you want your website to stand out from your competitor site? These web-based favicon generator softwares are the go-to options for icons to use on a website, mobile apps, browsers, and other platforms.  

So, which favicon generator tool do you wish to try first?  

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