Finding the best construction websites among the many available today can be a strenuous activity. I have therefore taken the liberty of finding you the top ten construction websites of 2020. The world around construction and construction website designs keeps changing and hence critical that one keeps up.

Before getting to the list, what takes priority over all that a client could be looking for in a construction website? From my findings, some of the factors that contribute to an effective construction website include:

Your Portfolio 

This is an important instrument in any construction company website. It is a display of your previous works to potential clients. This can be showcased using a gallery of pictures or videos showing your past works. It will go a long way in building a good first impression to potential clients as well as building trust.

 Keep in mind that this is one of the key marketing tools for any company. It is key that the display is clear and captivating. You are also in a good position if you incorporate the recent trends in construction designs.

 The gallery can also have before and after pictures of houses, kitchens, or other places you have designed. This is going to capture a customer’s attention in a great way.

Reviews and Feedback from Your Past Customers

 This is another powerful marketing tool you have to consider. Customer reviews can be in form of small quoted customer feedback. 

You can also have it in form of short videos where the client explains the journey all through the process. From finding you, contacting you to completion of work. In these short videos, you can also display the newly done designs to boost customer confidence.

 The Legitimacy of Your Site

How do you prove that your construction website is legitimate and credible to customers? Some of the basic website-related signs that will tell customers that the site is credible include:

1. The privacy policy of your website

The site should include a privacy policy. Most company websites have it at the bottom-most part of their homepage.

This policy covers certain aspects of data protection. Among them are, telling the customers, how their information is collected and how it is going to be used. The policy also guarantees the clients that their data is not going to be disclosed to other parties, to mention but a few of these security aspects.

2. The Credibility of the Website Host

 An effective way of ensuring that your construction website is safe is to ensure that it is hosted on a reliable server.

 Some of the well known and top-rated web hosting providers include; Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, HostGator, GreenGeeks, Hostinger, and others.

3. Clear Content

 Your content should be presented with professionalism and with no grammatical errors. Be mindful of the fact that some of the people looking through your site will be professional web designers. It is then crucial that your site should have clear content and have genuine advertisements if any.

4. A Professional Design

 Spend good money on your site. The investment will eventually pay off. Get a professional to design your website.

 You can start with a website design that is templated then afterward seek professional help for a tailor-made website.

 Also, consider SEO optimization in your website design. Local SEO optimization will help local customers find you easily on the internet.

5. A Safe Website Address

Everyone knows that a legitimate web address starts with “HTTPS” on its URL. It is a sign that the website is encrypted.

It also ensures protection to the customer. A URL with “HTTPS” guarantees that sensitive information entered by a customer is not exposed to hackers. Such sensitive information can be their login details, email addresses, contact details, among others entered into the construction website.

 What Services Do You Offer?

 This is the main thing a client is looking for. List all your services in a simple way. You can have the main services displayed first then have a breakdown of the sub-services as links under the main services offered.

These services are better off presented in simple language and with a considerable number of words.

Your Contact Details

 From the website, it should be easy for a client to contact you. Phone numbers or email addresses are most common. Your contacts help in legitimizing the website and building customer trust. The law also requires you to avail your contact details. Needless to say, in doing so, you will be complying with the state laws.

What Are Your Design Ideas?

 On the site, showcase your designs. Captivating designs are those that are innovative, modern, and trendy. Such a design idea will attract a great number of clients. The designs help in building a reputation for your brand as well.

Lead Generation

 This is an internet advertising or marketing tool used for generating more traffic into the website. Lead generation will most of the time only require from a website visitor, their email addresses, to subscribe to company newsletters or other content. This content is sent to their email addresses. 

 This works as a good way of converting visitors into clients. In due course, profitability is boasted. Contact forms are also newly popular ways of generating leads. 

Easy Navigation around the Website

User experience is enhanced by websites that are straightforward and easy to maneuver. A navigation menu is useful to easily find content on your website. A good number of links, that is, less than 15 on the navigation menu is most recommended.

 Bulky information can also be a hindrance to customers. Content ought to be of a considerable amount, effective, and to the point. 

Social Media Integration

 Today, social media is a huge part of people’s lives. To an internet business, it serves as a marketing tactic. Often “Share” and “Follow us” buttons are available on most sites. 

These channels can help make your content reach a larger number of audiences. It is also effective in understanding customer social behaviour and generating more traffic on your site. Interaction is also enhanced on social media channels as compared to on-site interaction.

Your Price

 Most construction companies do not display their service prices. However, this is a key factor to consider. This will help the customer get a rough estimate of the amount they require to complete a project and hence, budget effectively.

Most Innovative and Best Construction Websites 2020

 Below are some of the most innovative and best construction websites available in 2020. Along are a few things you can take and incorporate in your construction website design.

Industryo – Construction

Industryo construction

Industryo is a WordPress Theme for Construction & Building websites, packed-up with niche functionalities and blocks, powered by Aheto plugin. It includes unique service pages that will suit your service requirements, also such unique and specially dedicated pages as – Company Profile, Why choose Us?, Leadership, Careers, Our Certificates, Our Partners, Works, and everything else required to successfully create a website. The theme is not limited to just construction and could easily be adapted to suit a wide range of applications.

Codus Construction

This website is among the best construction websites in the UK. They specialize in building new homes, renovations, property development, among other activities.

Codus Construction
  •   The website animations are playful, that keep the viewer interested in the site.
  •   The menu is simple and easy to maneuver
  •   Everything is contained on the homepage. This makes it easy to understand everything about the company and the services offered fast.
  •   The gallery has captivating images, is well presented, and is easy to scroll through.
  •   The company services are also displayed in a skillful way, with simple language and using elaborate explanations.
  •   The backdrop is attractive and is done with great professionalism. The quote added on it is interesting enough to invite customers to the website.
  •   Their customer reviews can also be seen on the site, enhancing their credibility
  •   They have incorporated social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook in their site for customers to follow them.


This is a company website that offers complete bathroom, shower, and tub remodelling services as well as aging and accessibility services.

  •   The site is well designed in such a way that a client can easily navigate through it.
  •   Their pictorial portfolio displays modern designs they incorporate in their works.
  •   In contrast to other sites, they have videos of customer reviews. These reviews also feature the whole remodelling journey with pictures of the redone areas. This goes to prove their legitimacy and credibility, making it easy for a customer to trust them.
  •   Social media integration is utilized.
  •   It has a clear and good call to action
  •   The lead foam is frozen on the top of the page which is creative and instrumental in generating more leads.
  •   The text animations are simple and appear in a decent manner. 

Wales Built

This is an award-winning website that is built to offer professional construction assistance on the interiors and exteriors of homes. They focus on building a custom or innovative design for clients. 

Wales Built
  •   The home page is clear with a simple menu, making it easy to navigate through the site
  •   The site design is slick
  •   The company contacts are clear
  •   The past customer reviews or testimonials are presented on the website
  •   They also present their portfolio.
  •   Their gallery indicates that they are innovative and move with the current trends, to create dream houses for their clients.
  • In general, the Wales Built website layout is well structured.

ABC Seamless

 This is a construction company website that deals with steel siding and other steel home products such as roofing, fascia, gutters, and many others.

ABC Seamless
  •   The homepage contains a lot of information on the construction company but it doesn’t hinder you from navigating through it.
  • SEO optimization is done to offer efficiency
  • The call to action is greater compared to other sites
  • They have a store locator that is useful to a client to locate a local franchise
  • Their gallery and videos act as a good portfolio a client can browse through.
  • There are icons on the left side of the homepage that attract a client to browse through their product. This is also helpful in traffic driving into their pages.
  • They have also incorporated a contact form on the site.


Treeium does so many tasks, such as building and designing, they offer energy services like solar services, outdoor living services, among numerous other services.

  • The website color scheme will draw you to falling in love with the website.
  •   The services they offer are well outlined on the homepage
  • The company website is easy to maneuver
  • Past client feedback is available for a potential client to review
  • There is a factor that is not similar to other top construction websites here. This is the fact that they feature customer review star rates from social media channels like Yelp, Facebook, Home advisor, and others, on the site.
  • They too have embraced social media integration on their site.
  • Their evidence of the works done is the best among the ones I came across. This helps in legitimizing their trade in a great way.

Target Constructions London 

This is a company site that provides construction services in London. They are among the top construction websites in the UK.

Target Construction
  • The website colors are a guarantee to capture your attention
  • They present before and after pictures of their work to showcase their capability to clients
  • Website navigation is very easy for a customer since the site is not bulky with information.
  • You can also see customer feedback on the site
  • Their contacts are presented in a clear manner.
  • The top menu is frozen making it easy to move around the menu no matter what position you are on the homepage.
  • Their services are displayed in a unique and clear way.
  • They present their working methodology and mission which helps build customer trust.

Harry Helmet

 This is an award-winning gutter cleaning company website. 

harry helmet construction
  • Their form for leads stick on the page while you start scrolling
  • The site is easy to navigate and information on the site is quite instrumental
  • On the site, there is a location finder to assist clients to find dealers near them.
  • Their call to action approach is rather persuasive compared to other websites.
  • They also feature a gallery of their works to demonstrate their credibility to potential clients.

Window World

This is a construction company site that deals with doors, windows and also deals with siding.

window world construction
  • The Local SEO Optimization is done to very much enhance efficiency
  • The site features an elaborate and trendy design that is easy for you to maneuver.
  • The call to action technique used is captivating
  • The gallery showcases their previous works with professionalism and boasts the site credibility
  • In general, the site is easy for a customer to use. 

Chelsea Construction

 This is a UK based construction company that works with architects, top designers, and homeowners. They major in refurbishing and renovations. 

chelsea construction website
  • Among the sites featured here, this is by far the simplest construction website design. Still, it is very efficient for customers. This then makes interaction with the website quite easy for anyone looking to seek their services.
  •   Their portfolio is well displayed showing their trendy designs
  • The pages are not bulky but clear and very easy to maneuver.
  • The picture slides on the homepage are catchy and inviting
  • The homepage menu is also frozen. This prevents the hassle of scrolling all the way back to the top of the page to find other resources on the menu.
  • They display how they work “Our Approach” which helps to build a reputation for the customers.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

This is a company website that offers remodeling services for bathrooms, kitchens, house interiors, among other services

dreammaker construction website
  • One of their most unique characteristics is the menu above the fold. It’s frozen at the top of the page, reducing the strain of going back to the top to find the navigation menu.
  • They also feature a location finder for their customers to easily trace a dealer nearby.
  •   They display their code of values on the homepage which helps create a good first impression
  • Their services are displayed well using a menu with useful links
  •   They have an easy to fill the lead form
  • The top menu is frozen in such a way that you will still see it as you scroll down the homepage. This makes it easy to maneuver through the menu without needing to scroll up.
  • Their social media channels are also on the site. These channels offer clients company updates and additional ways to communicate with the company.
  • The website color scheme is well-coordinated


All the above top construction websites have something you can take home. Consider all the factors outlined above in your construction website, for a successful endeavor. Also, research more to find out what most clients are on the lookout for. Ensure your designs are innovative and that you also keep up with the current trends so that you can stay ahead of the competition. 

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