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Getting a job is a quite stressful process for you and not the easiest part of work for HR. People are different and it can be hard to find an approach to them when you have 2-3 interviews with web developers every day, especially when the candidate comes across as the person he is not in a real life.

So, we want to share with you a few tips and advice about successfully passing an interview. Do not think we want you to show off in front of the HR manager – no, just some general rules that will help you to be ready and show your best.

Build a conversation

It is very important not to talk too much, give information shortly and answer questions directly – no one likes when people talk about nothing. On the other hand, when you are not talking at all – the recruiter has to ask, ask and ask a lot., what does not create the best impression ever.

Try to relax and talk like you see someone in the street and want to get in touch with them – do not worry too much because of this is a formal meeting. In most cases recruiter wants to get to know you as a person, and being friendly really helps to break the ice.

Another important point is keeping attention to the way you answer questions. If it is only “yes” or “no”, it is not the best way to build a conversation. Those are the “killers” of the fruitful conversation. It’s better to give the answers that consist of 2-3 sentences and help a recruiter or HR to understand you more clearly.

Don’t be shy to speak about your skills – an interview is the best time to tell about those in detail. But, any words should have a solid background. It makes very good impression if you are able to show and explain your experience relevant to certain points in your CV. Don’t forget to ask some questions about the company you are applying to, and show your interest in getting this job.

Prepare for the interview

When you are a developer, designer, copywriter, etc. you need to be ready to talk and answer the questions about your skills. Of course, your future boss can ask about technologies, technical terminology, another basic info that you, as a professional, should be aware of.

Even if you are an expert don’t forget about the basics, because experience is good but not enough. Also, you should remember to track the new technologies, trends, tools in your industry that constantly evolve – most companies are interested in people that have a passion to study and grow, improve their skills.

It is better to be ready than improvising and look bad – remember, there’s always someone ready to take your place.

Money is not everything

When to talk about IT, we can highlight one “special” category of people, they are like “I don’t know why to work here, but I want to be in IT”. The other case is when everything is only about money.

I hope you understand why they are not good – people, that are not interested in the work itself, will not be interested in growing as professionals, won’t feel inspired towards working on the projects and just demotivate the other team members.

If you apply for a job only because you need the money or this is an industry that is trending now, don’t deceive yourself and others – that’s not a long-term and healthy way. Find something you like, and give the place to someone who really wants this position and everybody will be happy. This world needs harmony, don’t break it!

English is a must

English is everything, especially when we are talking about IT sphere. You just have to accept it. You know, that you can’t be a good coder, designer, QA without proficient reading and writing skills. The higher your level the better it is for you, but even if you are not so good, you need to be able to speak on the interview.

If you wonder why we even talk about it, here’s an example.

So, one of the weirdest things on the interview by phone or offline is when you say that you can speak, write, read in English but refuse to say few words and communicate. There was an incident in our practice when the candidate while applying to the customer support vacancy stated that he knows English as a native speaker but he won’t speak with HR in English and will do it only with the clients.

Can you imagine that? Yes, we were shocked a little. Moreover, it sounded like the candidate was talking down to our HR as a specialist who is up to invite her to an interview. So, please, be polite :).

All of this does not sound too complicated or impossible, doesn’t it? We really advise you to follow these simple tips and wish good luck – we believe that everybody deserves their dream work.

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