10 Best Squarespace Templates for Blogs

upqode | Jul 13th, 2022

If you are a blog writer, you understand that a good blog is more than its content. And because of this, you must have a fantastic blog design. You must also have a well-designed blog aesthetic to reel in your audience, and once they are at your blog, they will stay because of your content.

Squarespace is a great website creating a platform, offering a sleek and eye-catching design interface to make every blog unique. If you are stuck in a design rut, this article will list the 10 best Squarespace templates for blog to take your website to the next level.

This blog will answer the question, “Is Squarespace good for a blog?” We will also list free Squarespace blog templates.

Let’s begin!

Squarespace Templates for Blogs: An Overview

Squarespace is more than just a website builder; even though initially, that’s what the platform was built for, it has since evolved into an all-in-one website platform that offers ample storage, hosting services, SSL security, customer support, mobile optimization, and most important of all – professionally-designed templates. 

The Squarespace templates blog is many bloggers’ go-to website because of its easy-to-use design interface. You don’t need to expect technical knowledge to create beautiful website designs. Squarespace offers a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for you to design stunning websites with minimal time. 

Squarespace also allows you to pick templates based on your site content. You can sort through and identify Squarespace templates for e-commerce web design, portfolios, memberships, blogs, and launch pages. There are endless possibilities with Squarespace’s template gallery. If you want to create a specific or themed blog, you can easily find a template to fit your design needs. 

To create a food-centric blog, you can find several Squarespace food blog examples to generate the best template for your food blog. If you create a fashion-forward blog, you can find high-quality templates that fit your blog’s design needs. 

Another great feature about Squarespace templates is that they’re all free. Using its default built-in templates won’t need to pay anything to get a beautifully designed website design. 

What Is a Squarespace Templates for Blogs?

A Squarespace templates for blogs is a pre-made demo website illustrating the starting point of your site to help you inspire with the blog’s design. 

You can keep your template design as-is, or you can completely customize it with different content blogs (galleries and text) and also add personalized brand identity symbols such as fonts and colors to create something completely unique and fits your content’s theme. 

Every website designer has over 230 Squarespace templates for blog to choose from, so there is very little chance your website design will look similar to someone else’s. 

Before using Squarespace templates, it’s important to understand how the newest Squarespace version enhances your blog design process.

Squarespace Templates for Blogs on Version 7.0 or 7.1

These current Squarespace versions come with unique features that elevate your template design. Let’s look at some of the features in these software versions.

Version 7.0

In this software generation, your template designs are categorized as families. Every family section contains multiple templates with similar structure and style elements. The similarities are only on the foundational level, so you don’t have to worry about mimicking someone else’s blog design. 

Version 7.1

This version does not include the family categorization, giving all 143 templates similar basic formatting and features. These templates seem less individualistic than 7.0’s templates, but switching between multiple templates is way easier, and you don’t risk losing any content.

While you can technically switch between both versions of Squarespace, by doing so, you will need to do a full rebuild that will affect your site’s search ranking. If you want to try out these two versions, we recommend taking advantage of Squarespace’s free 14-day trial. With this trial, you can easily determine which version works best for your blog design. 

How to Choose the Best Squarespace Templates for Blogs for Your Blog Design?

You will see a high volume of Squarespace blog examples when you are in the design process. This sheer volume will make it difficult for you to choose the best template. There’s nothing to worry about, as we will let you know a few things to remember when choosing your favorite template. 

Squarespace’s template gallery lets you sort out its themes according to types such as portfolio, online store, and blogs. Once in the blog section, you can narrow your topic further with categories such as travel, fashion, and food. Remember, if a template isn’t officially categorized as a Blog theme, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your blog design. You can add a blog page with most templates with a few tweaks and customization. 

If you are having trouble choosing between two Squarespace templates blog, Squarespace has the solution for you. If you find yourself in this situation, the platform asks you to identify specific layouts and colors you find appealing instead of focusing on the demo content. By identifying these elements, you can design a blog site that fits closely to your desired look. 

The 10 Best Squarespace Templates For Blogs

Now that you know how Squarespace templates work and what to look for when choosing a template design let’s look at the 10 best Squarespace templates blog. 

Farro Template

squarespace templates blog
Source: Squarespace Demo

First up on our list of the best Squarespace templates for blogs is Farro. Farro is one of the best Squarespace food blog examples, and it works great as an online store. With Farro, you can connect with your customers through blogging and even sell your homemade food products on your website. This versatility makes it a great template.

This template comes with a simple yet elegant blog design, and each blog post is organized in palettes with a high-quality visual as its cover page. This quality makes your blog post inviting and will help you reach your audience. If you don’t like the palette layout, you can customize this feature. 

Farro also gives users several advanced options to create multiple pages for your website. Apart from a blog page, you can also create product pages for your readers. This feature allows you to generate and convert more leads from your blog audience. 

Let’s say you use Farro to create a food-centric blog. Apart from your writing, you can also add a section where you can list your favorite food products. These links will allow your audience to engage with your content further. 

Tudor Template 

squarespace templates blog
Source: Squarespace Demo

If you want to create a blog for review purposes, Tudor is your template. This simple and clean blog design is perfect for creating reviews for any type of product. You can easily create a review-style blog with Tudor, from food and restaurants to cosmetics and electronics. 

This blog’s design uses a modern and minimalist aesthetic to create a well-organized blog page. Since you will post multiple posts, this organization makes it easy for audiences to navigate your site. 

One of the best features of the Tudor template is that it includes a sidebar. A sidebar navigation system makes it much easier to keep your website clean and organized.

This template has a lot of white space and features a simple color palette and font style. These style elements further elevate the user experience in terms of accessibility. You can also add high-quality header images to further entice your audience into engaging with your blog.

Tudor is another great example of free Squarespace blog templates. However, if you are looking for a fun and colorful design, you might not enjoy using this template. The monochromatic theme only works for certain blog themes, so if you want a more robust design, there are several other template options.

Brower Template 

Brower template - squarespace templates blog
Source: Squarespace Demo

A blog page as your homepage is a risk worth taking. Brower is a great template for business blogs and bloggers who want to catch attention immediately. It’s eye-catching, modern, and vibrant, all at the same place and the best for your business blogs.

This is an ideal template for anyone looking for a way to attract viewers and lead them to read and browse their blogs. This template needs high-quality content, and your website will stand out from the rest.

The colors, background and overall aesthetic of this Squarespace templates blog page is the perfect fit for business articles. Although, it can also work well for other niches due to its versatility such as photography, food and lifestyle.

Brower might as well be one the best free Squarespace templates. However, it does not have a home page and supports a minimalist model. It might work great for business websites that need to be on point. However, if you’re running a creative blog this template might limit your options to showcase them and for your audience to navigate.

Native Template

Native image
Source: Squarespace Demo

Nothing else could make a better layout for a photography blog than the Squarespace Native Template. If you wish to showcase your photos alongside your blogs, Native has our praises and recommendations.

This template uses minimal graphics to enable the users to present their photography in a way that stands out. The template follows a plain layout with the site title, tagline, and description displayed above the main navigation.

You can also change the footer content, which appears on every page. The template supports a long-scrolling page that you can utilize to its full potential. While you’re personalizing the design it also allows you to move and resize the images as you scroll down.

Native will make your photography blog easy to set up, design and outshine others. However, you might need something other than photography. Well, there’s more ahead so let’s keep going!

Skye Template 

Skye template
Source: Squarespace Demo

This template is versatile, visually appealing, and has many helpful layout options. The Skye template can serve your lifestyle blog the right way. Based on its visuals and navigation, this template is tailor-made for lifestyle, news or magazine blogs.

The template contains a side menu that can be hidden while still allowing the users to navigate the pages smoothly. Its navigation icons can show a customizable overlay of text, links and graphics to make it look advanced and user-friendly.

You can move and adjust your blog posts and graphics on a grid and add or remove images based on text priority. This template also allows you to add three related blogs below every viewed blog. This way you can lead your audience in the right direction and present them with the information they need.

The features and options this Squarespace blog template provides are unique and beneficial not only for a lifestyle blog but many other possible categories. It’s about how you customize it to make the most of it.

Wav Template 

Wav template
Source: Squarespace Demo

Do you want to benefit from social networking and music uploading and create a unique musical identity online through your website? Wav is the template for you if you wish to make a music blog.

This template supports SoundCloud integrations and a bold design. This can work wonders for solo artists or bands who want to showcase their music. You can fully customize this site to suit your individual aesthetic.

Wav template also has many advanced features, such as a video banner grid. You can use these to lead your audience to your YouTube channel or present your new music video. Doesn’t this sound like running a whole music label website? Yes, it does.

Haute Template

Haute Squarespace template blog
Source: Squarespace Demo

In the current blogging scene, fashion blogs are rampant. You can find one even without looking for it. If you have a fashion blog you need to make it appealing and use advanced features for better user experience. Squarespace Haute template can do all that for you.

It offers three unique navigation panels and share buttons for each post, product or item page. You can also customize this website for mobiles due to its responsiveness. Adding text, graphics, images and product pages is a breeze with this template.

It also has a section to hook your readers in the first impression. Haute Template isn’t just great for fashion blogging but also to use as a fashion and accessories store if you want to because of its layout and features.

Cailles Template 

Cailles Template
Source: Squarespace Demo

An aesthetic template suited to showcase homes and art, Cailles is the right template for your interior design blog. It’s also a great platform to present listings as a real estate business. 

On the template’s homepage, your featured listings can have a lot of room and wide-scale grid for photographs to help your audience visualize the property. Out of all Squarespace blogs examples, this one compels your audience with a selling intent.

To make it even better, the ‘Schedule a Viewing’ and ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ actionable buttons ensure that your audience takes a step forward with your services. Whether it’s interior design or real-estate dealing.

Fillmore Template

Fillmore template
Source: Squarespace Demo

A striking blog layout with FAQ-type sections is the best for your travel blog, and that is the Fillmore template. It supports static blog pages with multiple features that can make your travel blog informational and impressive.

The blog homepage uses enormous header images and descriptions to pique the readers’ interest and answer their queries. You can personalize your blogs by changing the navigations, colors, background and images.

If you’re using Fillmore, your travel blog will gain more attention for all the traveling enthusiasts and be their go-to source of visually attractive and informational traveling narratives.

 Rally Template 

Rally template
Source: Squarespace Demo

In the end, you might not want any specific category of blog theme but a diverse personal blog. Rally is our main character for the personal blogs category. The layout of this theme and the index-style pages have a possibility of so much content variation that will blow you and your readers away.

You can group your blog posts under categories, use graphic banners to promote your latest content, and utilize the built-in search bar and double navigation to its true potential.

Whether you’re collaborating with others as a team or solo handling your blogs, Rally gives you a wide range of options and features to make your personal blog versatile and one of a kind.

Final Word

Today, blogging has become a large-scale and competitive industry. If you truly want your blog website to stand out and represent your unique online persona, creating a custom web design based on your needs would be the best course of action.

You can hire a premium web designer for your website on a budget to develop a bespoke Squarespace website for you or migrate your original one to another platform like WordPress.

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