Top 48 Shopify Themes in 2022

upqode | Jun 22nd, 2022

Shopify remains a leading e-commerce platform, and to make your Shopify store look appealing, using the right Shopify themes is important.

Visuals and user experience are two indispensable factors necessary to attract customers to e-commerce platforms. Using a responsive Shopify theme will help you make your Shopify store look effortless and suitable to navigate on all devices.

Since more than 70% of e-commerce purchases are made using a mobile phone, 2022 is the year for responsive web designs. However, finding a Shopify theme to buy that can fit your store’s medium, services, and product aesthetic out of hundreds of options could be difficult and time-consuming.

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of 48 Shopify themes best for every e-commerce website design. The list contains themes for a range of prices, features and store types. Make sure you go through all of them to find your gem.

So let’s get straight into it!


Roxxe Shopify Theme
Source: Roxxe demo

Starting with a multipurpose Shopify theme. With 80+ homepages, Roxxe would be what you call a Shopify themes responsive all-rounder. A key feature of this theme is that it is completely mobile-friendly. Roxxe is a paid theme for $59 and has a 5-star rating.

If you’re looking for a flexible and mobile-optimized theme for your e-commerce store, then Roxxe can serve as a great option.

“This template is a real godsend, and I can explain why. It’s multi-role. What can be better to get one theme that involves so many versatile topics inside? It is based on the Shopify platform that is very easy to use…” – User review


Avone shopify theme
Source: Avone demo

Another contender for the leading multipurpose theme is Avone. If you like your Shopify themes minimal and modern, Avone is all that for you. It offers 38 completed online store demos and 1000+ theme options to work with. It is a paid theme for $79, with a 5-star rating.

The best feature of this theme is its complete customizability. Avone lets you take control and personalize your store to your desire. Another thing Avone is praised endlessly by its users for is its customer support. If you’re new to the e-commerce market, anyone will value good support. 


Source: Wokiee demo

A multipurpose and flexible theme with 80+ templates for Shopify themes development of any e-commerce store regardless of niche. 

The Wokiee theme also offers layout templates for the internal pages of your store, like product display pages, product category pages, and other content an e-commerce store must have. Wokiee is also a 5-star theme for $89.

“This theme is not only powerful BUT greatly documented from start to finish. The options are endless and within 4 days I have a sleek new store!…” – User review


Source: Warehouse demo

Warehouse is one of the Shopify themes best for gadgets. If you’re a tech-savvy gadget seller, this is your theme. It is organized to show large catalogs of products and is versatile with its layout. A user can also personalize the theme to fit their needs.

With 5-star reviews and an effective price of $56, Warehouse can be the theme you really want to use in your gadget store.


Source: Porto demo

Porto is one of the best responsive Shopify themes ecommerce stores can have. It’s a favorite on ThemeForest, with 6000+ users and a 5-star rating. 

Paying $99 for a leading multipurpose theme is a bargain. Porto remains the top-selling theme across Shopify for its features, out of the world visuals and user friendly interface.


Basel shopify theme
Source: Basel demo

Basel is another multipurpose store that is cost-effective and customizable. With 20+ templates to choose from at $59, Basel can be a great option for new sellers who would want to invest less for more.

Basel has 4.5-star reviews with 3000+ users, thanks to its competitive pricing and amazing customer support.


Shella shopify theme
Source: Shella demo

Shella and Porto are both premium Shopify themes to buy. Shella is everything an e-commerce store would want to look like, for $79. It has 99+ pre-designed pages that are stylish and modern. Shella templates also have pre-built content and an amazing customizable layout.

If you want a multipurpose Shopify theme with that little extra investment, Shella could work the best for you. We don’t say it, 10,000+ users do.

“I’ve used this theme since it was first released. Years later it’s still the best I’ve ever used.” – User review


Source: Lezada demo

Lezada is a theme best suited for bicycles, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics and sports stores. It has 200+ templates and pre-built e-commerce content. The aesthetic of Lezada layouts is vibrant and professional. 

This theme offers many advanced tools (e.g product comparison tool), better suited for the above-mentioned store niches. All in all, it’s a versatile 5-star Shopify theme for only $44.

“This theme made a huge difference to the quality of our Shopify store… The many pages of demo layouts mean you are spoilt for choice. The support is there when you need it and is a fast response. A great buy for such a small price.” – User review


Source: Yanka demo

A fashion-focused theme great for clothes and accessories e-commerce stores on Shopify. Even within a specified niche, Yanka offers 18+ templates to choose from. And again, if you like your fashion store Shopify themes minimal and modern, this is a great option.

Yanka is a 5-star rated fashion theme by 1000+ users, and comes for a small investment of $48. Amazing, right? 


Belle shopify theme
Source: Belle demo

If you’re looking for the most feature-rich fashion and clothing Shopify themes, Belle is one of them. The wide range of features include the ability to create multiple product variants, displaying real-time sales, a live autocomplete search bar and much more. 

Belle is a leading 5-star theme in the fashion and clothing category, for $99.

“This is the best Shopify theme I’ve ever used! The theme has so many features, loads fast, and the customer support…” – User review


Source: Goodwin demo

The trendiest Shopify themes development is available at Goodwin. It’s great for all types of stores because of its amazing layouts. With 50+ templates, a library of more than 70 widgets and other versatile features, Goodwin is a great win for everyone.

Although it deserves the 5-stars, Goodwin is on the expensive side of the options, for $114.


Source: Banita demo

Talking about feature packed, vibrant but expensive? Banita is our next runner-up. It’s a customizable, multipurpose store theme for $114. The default Banita layout was essentially for fashion and accessories stores but it has a wide variety of other templates. 

Banita is a user-friendly theme with numerous e-commerce and personalization features and eye-catching templates. It can be a great alternative to consider if Goodwin doesn’t fit your needs.


Universe shopify theme
Source: Universe demo

Universe theme layout really has a universe within. It offers 3 styles of Earth, Mars and Jupiter for your store and has a long list of advanced features which are also easy to use. A complete multipurpose solution with personalizing features and in-built inspirational images and content.

The catch for all these features and perhaps the greatest drawback is that this theme is much more expensive if you compare it to other options. The current version costs $180, which could be a heavy investment for new sellers.


Source: Shopify Themes

Maybe you’re actually looking for something expensive and premium. In that case, Icon is your theme. This theme has been designed for shops and brands with a lot of visual content to showcase.

You can integrate it with your social media, like Instagram, customize it easily regardless of the complex layout and showcase your products to their full potential. It is best for beauty, cosmetics, clothing, home and garden stores.

For all that functionality and support, Icon sure will take a jab on your budget with its $240 price.


Fastor shopify theme
Source: Fastor demo

Fastor offers many useful features for e-commerce stores at a great price of $56.

Fastor also has a range of general-purpose templates that contributes to its versatility. One of the best features Fastor has to offer among all other Shopify themes is its built-in pop-ups tool, which means it will generate notifications for your store. 

“This is my second store that I trust on Fastor. The code quality is perfect and their customer support is so good. They even answer me in 3am Australia time.” – User review


Source: Ella demo

Ella is yet another great multipurpose store theme on Shopify. With 15+ design layouts and customizable color sets, as well as a drop-down menus and newsletter pop-ups, Ella can help you set up your first e-commerce store with ease, for $89.

Ella is also a widely popular theme on Shopify with 25,000+ users and a 4.8-star rating. It’s the all-in-one solution for your start-up ecommerce store.


Parallax theme
Source: Parallax demo

If you wish to go big and bold with your store and make it as eye-catching as you can, Parallax is a soulmate for your e-store.

Not only will this theme help you customize your layout to convey your brand’s individuality but also help you promote new offers and products with its in-built features. Another great theme for clothing, accessories, health and beauty with all the best features. 

However, it is just as expensive as Icon. Parallax comes for $220. 


Source: Split demo

A one of its kind store both in web design, responsiveness and store category. Split is a great theme for toys and games stores, as well as the clothing and homes category.

The name refers to its split-screen layout. Split also uses popular web design trends such as the parallax scrolling effect, full-width layouts and images, and  hover-activated animations. Other features include customer testimonials, full-width product grids, and blog post excerpts.

With 5-star reviews and a cost of $250, Split is a high profile premium theme you can use to leave a unique impression on your buyers.


Retina shopify theme
Source: Shopify themes

Retina is another high profile theme to make your store mimic giant brand names in your niche. Widely used for the sports and recreation category, this theme supports large catalogs and multi-level menus. 

It offers 4 different layouts for $210. If you want to invest in making your sports stores attract more customers with amazing visuals, Retina is a great deal for you. 

“I’ve had Retina for years and love it, super easy to set up and Out of the box support has been fantastic from the beginning. I would definite use Out of the box Theme again. 5 stars” – User review


Source: Shopify Themes

A great theme to showcase big collections and promote products. District also has some great e-commerce features and social media integrations. It’s also a great store layout for dropshippers because it focuses on promoting new collections and enticing buyers.

District theme has 3 pre-built stores with customizable layouts, for $220. One of the tailored Shopify themes to buy for dropshippers.


Venue theme
Source: Venue Demo

Venue has 3 layouts that are the epitome of Shopify themes responsive designs. If you’re looking for a store design that takes the least effort to maintain and still remains eye-catching then Venue is a friend in need. 

A great design for the food and drink category, Venue also offers Google Maps integrations in case you have a physical store you wish to link to. Venues’ weekend demo theme is by far the most popular designs in Shopify themes for many categories.

It also offers many great e-commerce features and customisation tools. Venue is also a premium theme for $280.


Source: Shopify themes

Another great option for food and drink Shopify themes is Flow. It supports small catalogs, high volume stores, flash sales and selling internationally. Flow also gives a sleek look with its distinctive minimalist designs. 

It has versatile widgets, integrations and video player modules so you can incorporate a range of visuals on your Shopify website. If you want a high-end ultra modern layout to level up your store you can buy Flow for $350 and make it reality. 


Source: Shopify Themes

Pipeline is another runner-up in the best minimalist themes list. It’s a better choice for the cosmetics, health and beauty categories. The templates make an amazing case of using full width grid layouts.

It supports large catalogs and both high-volume online stores and physical stores. The features Pipeline offers are very similar to Flow but in a budget of $280. 


Source: Shopify Themes

Peacock is an incredible theme for business equipment and suppliers stores. With all the great features of a responsive design, 4 customizable templates and a sleek modern outlook, Peacock is a groundbreaking theme for $240.

The widgets and accessibility features in Peacock are also similar to other high-rated themes, and you should definitely try it as an alternative.


Symmetry shopify theme
Source: Symmetry demo

Optimized for larger stores, Symmetry can help you provide a better user-experience to your customers. Apart from the common features it also has many advanced ones. With 4 templates, a long form homepage and a multi-level menu it also allows you to customize the designs to fit your store’s needs.

Symmetry is a leading high-volume Shopify theme for $300.


Source: Gecko demo

Gecko is a top-rated responsive theme for dropshippers on Shopify. It takes advantage of Shopify’s selling points and integrates them into its different layouts to make them appear more inviting and promotional. 

It also supports impactful theme panel options with amazing product bundles and a range of shortcodes, for $99.


Source: Material demo

Material is a responsive fashion and clothing Shopify theme. With colorful templated and integrated media sliders it’s a great theme for beginners. It currently has 1000+ users and a 4.5-star rating. 

The theme has some drawbacks when used for other categories since its layout is not as versatile as other responsive themes. But it can serve as a good starting point if you have a tight budget to spend on Shopify themes, Material comes for only $56.


Furnitto shopify theme
Source: Furnitto demo

Furnitto is a one unique responsive theme for furniture and home interior stores on Shopify. It provides an arsenal of useful e-commerce features and layouts specifically made to make your furniture store look appealing.

Its 50+ designs, SEO friendly coding and dual shop functionality are some of the key features Furnitto offers. The pricing starts from $99, but you can buy add-on services to personalize your store to match your tastes. 


Source: Pacific demo

A classic, long-standing and reputable theme for the Shopify stores. Pacific supports minimal UI and a range of pre-built layout styles and color palettes, for $220.

It is designed for large inventories and is best for clothing, accessories, cosmetics and beauty stores. Pacific also has a range of features including social media integrations, site-wide promotion tiles and customizable designs.


Handy shopify theme
Source: Handy demo

Handy is one of the Shopify themes that are completely optimized for a mobile-first experience. It offers 3 templates based on modern and pastel colored designs. 

This theme is great for a quick setup and visual storytelling used in the arts and entertainment store categories.

Handy does indeed come very handy to promote physical stores and small catalogs in an impactful manner. In $180, Handy provides you with a layout fully optimized for small screens, small businesses and merchants who like to focus on their trade more than their technology.


Source: Mobilia demo

Mobilia has the same creators as Parallax. But this theme is better optimized for mobile-friendliness and a medium-sized catalog. It showcases features such as quick buy, customizable promotional tiles and a related products section.

It’s also a multipurpose and social media integrated theme to amplify user-experience. Compared to Parallax, Mobilia’s templates are designed to be minimalist and easy to navigate. So if you think Parallax is too bold for you but want the same features in another theme, Mobilia is only $180 away from you.


Minimal shopify theme
Source: Shopify Themes

While we’re on the topic, if you’re looking for a small catalog and quick setup theme for your new e-commerce website but don’t want to pay for it, Minimal is a great choice for you. It’s free and it’s accessible.

Minimal offers 3 styling options with a product focused design and a range of features like image slider, product filter and image zoom effects. A good bargain, isn’t it?


Source: Kodo demo

Kodo is a mobile-friendly 4-star Shopify theme for $59. It’s easy to use and customize with a very straightforward layout of 17+ homepage designs. You can customize its colors and header styles. Some of its key features are fast loading speeds and built-in live search.

If you want a Shopify themes ecommerce solution that saves your time, money and effort for a small scale business, Kodo can work great for you.

“Very clean and easy to use theme and the customer support is top notch and super responsive.” – User review


Loft shopify theme
Source: Loft demo

As the name suggests, Loft is a wonderful theme for the home and gardens category. There are 3 layouts that give a cozy aesthetic and attract customers who are looking for that vibe. Loft is designed for large inventories and story-focused pages.

It also features a full width Instagram feed and custom promotion tiles. It also supports a mega menu, enhanced search and product filtering. You can buy this theme for $280 and get started.

Elessi 3.0

Source: Shopify Themes

Elessi 3.0 is a multipurpose, responsive Shopify theme for $99. It has 20+ demo designs and a user-friendly customizable layout. The visuals are stunning and designed to increase your customer conversions with impeccable UX. 

Elessi offers many advanced features contrary to its price, like a compare, lookbook, quickshop and quick view function. It’s a 5-star theme many clothing and accessories brands on Shopify use, so you should definitely try it out.


Source: NexGeek demo

NexGeek is a theme created by the same creators of Belle, but it focuses on a niche other than clothing and beauty. Technically, it’s a multipurpose responsive theme, but it serves a great deal to the gadgets, devices, computers and games category.

NexGeek will bring you all the features Belle does, and more for the same $99.

“This theme is everything you’re looking for. Period. I’ve gone through so many themes… to get that clean look and customizability. Other themes just don’t allow for this amount of user customization…” – User review


Molla shopify theme
Source: Molla demo

If we’re talking a responsive, multipurpose theme in $99 then we can’t forget to mention Molla. With 25+ exclusive demo concepts and a 5-star rating, Molla is nothing short of the great Shopify themes to buy.

Molla is user-friendly and optimized for a fast response. It will save you time and money with its in-built apps and features, and each page runs spectacularly on any device.


Source: OutOfTheSandBox

Turbo was built for fast loading times combined with an aesthetically compelling layout. Turbo performs great with promotional content and offers creative banners, mega menus and a wide range of features to add more visuals.

If you’re opting for Turbo you won’t run short of templates to choose from, it was designed to meet high standards of the growing digital marketing trends, and maintains its honor of a premium Shopify theme.


Story shopify theme
Source: Story demo

Story is a simple and minimalistic theme for quick set up and small catalogs. Depending on your niche it can really elevate the way your products are presented.

It uses drag-and-drop for many of its customizable features as well as a mobile-first outlook, which makes it a unique, responsive and high-end theme with 3 different layouts available for $280. 


Source: Outstock demo

A built-in drag-and-drop feature? Outstock has that too! It’s as much of a minimalist design as Story and has some advanced features to give your store a premium look, at a mere $59. So if you want the look that Story gives while saving money, Outstock can do the job.

Some exclusive elements include the product accordion that gives you a way to highlight your key items, the flying add-to-cart animation, and the eye-catching look book which gives an interesting insight to your visitors about your products.

“I really love the options that this theme comes with. It’s pretty intuitive for page building and is giving me the chic, minimalist and clean look I’m after…” – User review


Source: Shopify themes

Testament is also a premium Shopify theme that supports high volume stores and large catalogs. There are many innovative features for stores that use numerous visuals and links to social media and blogs.

Testament doesn’t miss out on any other Shopify themes best features either. You get everything an e-commerce website needs paired with some stunning visuals and advanced features, for $260.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto
Source: Shopify Themes

Another premium theme for $280. Palo Alto should be your go-to choice when launching a single product based Shopify store. It’s the only Shopify theme that lets you present one product in a way that makes it look appealing and unmatched.

Palo Alto supports many features and can also serve as an all-rounder in the themes store. You can add background images, videos and other visuals while maintaining the effortless look of the whole layout.

It also has built-in features that mimic apps and many integrations to help you with pop-ups and upselling.


Source: Shopify themes

Atlantic is also a top-rated theme for beauty and cosmetics stores. It comes in 4 layouts and multiple customizable widgets.

Atlantic is ideal for showcasing beauty products out of other Shopify themes in the same category. You can easily add images, videos, sliders and product grids to your homepage or product page.

With so much accessibility and a visually appealing design, Atlantic can take your beauty stores to the next level.


Source Shopify Themes

A grid based design that benefits in drawing attention to the best products in your Shopify store. Blockshop offers layouts that go well with fashion and food. It also supports some unique non-ecommerce templates if you need them.

You’ll be getting all aspects of a top-rated theme and distinct helpful tools on Blockshop. Such as a currency conversion switcher, multi-column drop-down menus, a full set of journal and blog sections.


Source: Kalles demo

A suitable theme for dropshipping vendors. With 40+ homepage templates, Kalles is a theme full of options. The blog features are also one of a kind for this Shopify theme.

With Kalles, you can add a portfolio or a showcase for future product releases. Rest of the e-commerce features for this 5-star rated theme with 8000+ users is a given.

“The theme almost includes all things I need to edit my website. I have bought it several times for my websites. Their support is pretty good and helps me a lot.” – User review


Source: Shopify Themes

There are so many options for modern and minimalist Shopify themes, but none of them are free. In most cases, the free themes are not as user-friendly or feature-rich. But boundless is.

It offers 2 layouts and is optimized for images, videos and slideshows. Boundless is also speed tested and approved making your free Shopify theme experience truly boundless. 


Source: Shopify Themes

Express is one of the best free Shopify themes. It is also the only one that supports a mobile-first responsive design. It is optimized for quick buys and one page stores. Sounds familiar? Yes this is your free alternative to the $200 theme of Handy and Story.

Of course, it’s not that feature packed because it is free, but if you want a quick function small range store then you should leverage Express before going paid. 


Source: Shopify Themes

Since we are already on topic, let’s end this list with a free Shopify theme as well. Dawn is a recently added theme for the Shopify store and is a free responsive Shopify template fit for a clothing store. 

Although it is niche-specific you can still use it for other visually representative products because of its versatility in layout.

Final word

Now you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. If you’ve made it all the way till here, surely you have your eye on a few themes you’d like to try for your store. And if this guide helped you find your gem then share your feedback with us and stay tuned for more helpful articles related to e-commerce business.

You can’t always add a personal flair using pre-built themes or platforms. Try leveraging bespoke web development services to build a store and a unique identity for your e-commerce business.

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