Top 10 SERP Checker Tools For Keyword Rank Tracking

upqode | Jan 21st, 2022

Checking all search engine platforms and tracking all the progress can become overwhelming very quickly, which is why you need SERP checker tools that can help track your progress for you. 

In today’s day and age, ranking high on search engines has become crucial for all websites. If you have a higher ranking, you will get more visibility, and people will see your content and website more often. 

SERP checker
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To ensure you are doing your best to have a high ranking, you need some SERP checker tools. These tools can help you find out which keywords have a better ranking and which keywords you need to put on your website. 

What Does SERP Stand For? 

Search engine results page, commonly known as SERP, are the results that search engines like Google show us when we enter our query in the search bar. These results contain organic search results, featured snippets, videos, knowledge graphs, paid ads, and more. 

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Although all results are essential, the most vital results on the page are the paid ads and organic results. The paid ads are usually given to the highest bidder. Although they tend to contain relevant keywords, they can still show up even if they are not suitable. 

Organic search results and their rankings are the most crucial for anyone with a website. These results are chosen by Google based on how relevant they are for the keywords you have searched for. These results are considered by Google to be the best for that particular search. 

Why Do You Need A SERP Checker Tool?

You can use SERP checker tools for various aspects of your content strategy. SERP rank checkers can tell you which websites are using the trending keywords and how well they are ranking. They can also provide you with analytics related to your website and content.  

SERP checker
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There are numerous reasons why you need a SERP rank checker and tool for your website. Let’s have a look at these reasons, and how SERP tools can help you. 

1. Identifying Keywords

There is a high chance that you are missing out on some crucial keywords for your niche. These keywords need to be included in your website, and missing out on them can cost you your ranking and potential customers. 

With the help of SERP checker tools, you can find out which keywords you need to put on your website and the content you create. These tools are excellent for researching and developing the content strategy for your brand. You can find the keywords that are trending and include them in your content. 

2. Improving Search Performance 

The primary goal of any website is to rank high on search engine results pages. SERP checker tools ensure that you are using all the correct methods and techniques to improve the performance of your website and reach the best ranking possible. 

Only keyword knowledge will not help you achieve high rankings on search engines. You need all the relevant data and analytics that you can track. SERP checker tools provide you with the metrics as well as suggestions on how you can improve your ranking. 

3. Analyzing Competitors 

If you have competitors that are ranking higher than you consistently, you need to track their performance and find out which keywords and tactics they are using. With the help of  SERP checker tools, you can analyze and understand what your primary competitors are doing. 

SERP checker tools provide you with valuable information like where your competitors are generating the most traffic for their website, the keywords that are working for them, their click-through rate, their z-rating, and much more. You can use this knowledge to enhance the performance of your website and content.  

Best SERP Features 

Before you invest in a SERP checker tool, you have to be sure of what you want. Knowing which features have become a part of search engine result pages will enable you to understand how SERP checker tools work better. 

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Knowledge Panels 

Knowledge panels are extremely useful and help you find out everything you need to know. They are the panels that show up when you search for organizations, people, places, or any other thing. 

Knowledge panels can show you images, links, definitions, and all the information you need. These panels generate information automatically. The best thing about knowledge panels is that you will only get information that is from a reputable source and it is determined to be a fact. 

Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are brief sections from a webpage. These excerpts contain all the relevant information you need for the query you enter in the search bar. Featured snippets are helpful because they provide you with all the information you need without having to open any website or link. 

You can find featured snippets in various formats. Some of the structures of featured snippets include: 

  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Definitions
  • Steps
  • Tables
  • “People Also Ask” Dropdowns

Video Carousels 

People often say they retain information more when it is presented in the form of video. When you are looking for something, and the SERP checker tool provides you with video carousels, you can understand the information better. 

These video carousels appear in the form of lists that you can scroll through. Video carousels are mobile-friendly, and you can easily scroll through them and watch the video you need on your mobile phone. 

Image Packs 

Sometimes, visual information and data is the best way to address a query. If you want to understand a concept or data, image packs can be helpful for you. These image packs can help you retain information better, just like video carousels. 

Similar to video carousels, you can scroll through the image packs. You can see these image packs at the top of the page in the form of a row. The image packs also contain a link to Google Images most of the time. 


You get automatic maps on the search engine results page when you search for anything related to businesses, locations, or queries about local SEO. These maps are helpful, and you can find out where something is located. 

The map is placed on the right side of the results page when you search for something from the desktop. Along with the map, you get location details, contact details, reviews for a business, and much more. For mobile searches, the map is the first featured image.  

How To Choose The Best SERP Checker Tools For Keyword Tracking 

There are various SERP checker tools available for you. To decide which tool is the best and meets all your requirements, you have to consider multiple factors. Once you know what you want, the decision of investing in a SERP checker tool becomes easier.  

SERP checker
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Before you choose the best SERP rank checker, you need to ensure that it has the following qualities: 

  • The accuracy of the SERP position results
  • A vast amount of keywords that you can track per month or daily
  • Tools that provide you with local rank checkers 
  • Enable you to check mobile rankings
  • Affordable pricing options and plans
  • Provides you with detailed and clear reports that you can export 

Top 10 SERP Checker Tools  

SERP Checker  

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer, a SERP checker can be beneficial for your work. It is one of the best SERP rank checkers, which you can use for keyword rank tracking. It is a part of a package of tools provided by Mangools. The complete set includes KWFinder, SERP watcher, SERP checker, Site Profiler, and Link Miner.  

SERP checker provides you with some of the best SERP tracking features, which you can use to keep track of your keyword ranking and the progress you make. The other tools you get in the package can also help you create advanced digital marketing strategies.

Key Features:

  • Daily reports regarding your keywords and their rankings
  • Local rank checker 
  • Distribution charts that provide you with critical rank tracking data
  • Dominance index that enables you to find out the overall progress of your organic traffic
  • Unlimited tracking domains 


Zutrix is one of the most advanced SERP checker and keyword rank tracking tools. It uses artificial intelligence behind the screen to provide you with accurate results. Zutrix is the first SERP checker tool that uses AI, making it unique and giving it an edge over the competition. 

The way Zutrix is designed ensures that you improve your SEO performance, and it provides you with the best rank tracking features. With the help of Zutrix, you can see the exact position and rankings of the keywords you want to use.  

Key Features:

  • SERP features based on the device you use and your location
  • Get notifications in real-time through Slack, Email, and Telegram
  • Ultimate accuracy in results due to AI 
  • Smart suggestions and competition tracking
  • 100% accuracy when you track keywords from any location
  • Reporting system includes white-label integrations and scheduled reports 

SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is the ultimate SERP checker tool for people who want the most accurate results. It has some of the best keyword rank tracking features, which enable it to stand out from the rest of the tools. One of the features SE Ranking is known for is the position tracking option. 

The pricing plans for SE Ranking have a wide range, and you can find a plan that is affordable for you. It is one of the top SEO tools, and you can take your business to a new level by using it for your website and content. For companies that need to create professional reports for clients, SE Ranking is a perfect choice. 

Key Features:

  • Secure data and no risk of leaks to public research tools
  • Monitoring map results, YouTube positions, and tracking your Google Ads
  • Get data like search volume and suggested bid by Google 
  • All data is 100% accurate
  • Get deep ranking reports and visibility scores of upto five competitors 
  • Pay for one keyword and track five keyword combinations in the price of one 

SiteChecker Pro 

Although the rank checker of SiteChecker Pro is an extension, the easy-to-use tool makes it one of the best. It provides you with extensive reports and alerts that you can use to take your website to the next level. You can also use SiteChecker Pro to boost your on-page and technical SEO.  

With SiteChecker Pro, you can keep track of the keywords you are using and how well they are ranking. You can get all the statistics that can help you improve your content. SiteChecker Pro also provides you with suggestions that ensure you improve your ranking. 

Key Features:

  • You can get daily and weekly reports
  • Multiple filters for your keywords
  • Track the position of keywords on multiple search engines
  • Use from any device and anywhere in the world
  • Customize table settings through the advanced mode
  • Perform complete SEO analysis for any keyword of your choice 

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker 

No one knows the importance of keyword rank trackers and SERP checker tools more than bloggers and affiliate marketers. A tool created by them is bound to be the most comprehensive and advanced for our use. Long Tail Pro provides you with all the features that you require to make your website and keywords rank higher. 

Long Tail Pro was created by Spencer Haws from NichePursuits. This tool was designed after taking insights from one of the most successful bloggers and affiliate marketers. It is one of the most popular tools for keyword research and analysis. However, it also has some outstanding keyword rank tracking features. 

Key Features:

  • Allows you to have thirty rank tracking terms per month
  • Every month you can add two URLs to track the ranks for keywords
  • Get daily updates regarding keyword rankings
  • Get a detailed report with rankings and dates 
  • Keyword research and analysis tools along with rank tracking 

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)  

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) makes it efficient for you to have all your reports and data. The tool enables you to access these detailed reports through any device you use. Rank tracking is made significantly more straightforward due to the white reports that are available on AWR. 

With the help of AWR, you can grow your business and reach. This keyword checker tool enables you to stay ahead of the competition by providing you with the most helpful insights. You can use AWR to track keywords in the language of your choice, and you are not restricted. 

Key Features:

  • The interface is easy to use
  • Track rankings from over 3000 search engines based in more than 130 countries
  • Integrate complete SERP data through the powerful API
  • Sync your Search Console and Google Analytics accounts for more detailed reports 
  • Provides you with ready-to-use reports which you can customize 
  • Provides you with detailed white reports 
  • Get free 30-day free trial without a credit card  


SERPWoo is one of the best SERP tracking tools. It is comprehensive, and you can use it to get details about what your competitors are doing and the tactics they use. SERPWoo enables you to monitor the top 20 results for each keyword, and you get more insights regarding what other websites are doing. 

With SERPWoo, you get all the data you need to analyze the performance of your website or blog. You can develop strategies that are successful and make improvements to your existing content. You can monitor why other websites are ranking higher than you and optimize your website accordingly. 

Key Features: 

  • Get more visitors by finding new opportunities in your SERPs
  • An innovative reporting system that enables you to take a customized look at your data 
  • Developed by people who have been in the industry for over thirty years
  • Create a free account to test the tool without providing credit card details
  • Get email notifications when there is a change in your ranking position


If you want a SERP checker tool that will enable you to track your competition and stay one step ahead, SEMRush is the best choice for you. It provides you with incredibly detailed reports and analysis, which can help you improve your performance. 

With SEMRush, you can get keyword rank tracking at an affordable price. With SEMRush, you can track the progress on the desktop as well as the mobile version. You get all the critical ranking data that can help you make improvements to your website and content.    

Key Features:

  • Get interactive reports 
  • Get regular keyword updates and analytics
  • Provides you with desktop and mobile tracking
  • Perform 100 SERP searches and results every day 
  • Affordable price for keyword tracking 


Ahrefs provides you with numerous free tools. It enables you to track keywords and get detailed information that can help you make the best possible changes to your website. You get a limited free trial for any keyword of your choice that you want to track, and you can check the first three websites. 

You can use Ahrefs to track and analyze the keywords you want to use and improve your ranking. For a more organized tracking process, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial. You can also get a paid subscription that will enable you to get more detailed statistics. 

Key Features: 

  • Analyze SERP and website rankings for free
  • Get a 7-day free trial for all features before paying for them 
  • SEO tools to improve your website’s performance
  • Test the performance of your website

What’s My SERP 

If you are looking for an advanced and comprehensive free tool for keyword rank tracking, What’s My SERP is the perfect tool for you. It enables you to check rankings for numerous keywords for one domain. You can add the keywords and your domain manually to start tracking. 

You can find all details and generate reports regarding your keywords. What’s My SERP uses Google to conduct the keyword research and provides you with accurate data.  You can also add your location to the tool for local rank checker features.  

Key Features:

  • Free keyword position checking tool 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Track multiple keywords for one domain
  • Use your location to get accurate data 


Keyword rank tracking is essential for any blog or business. You can carry out detailed keyword research, which can enable you to improve your website’s performance. SERP checker tools can help you achieve all your website goals. 

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