15 Restaurant Website Design Templates To Attract More Customers 2020

upqode | Aug 14th, 2020

Do you own a restaurant or are planning to open one? – You’ll probably need some restaurant website templates that help you create a nice-looking site.

In this blog we’re going to be talking about the importance of having an attractive and functional website for your business. Among many other things, your restaurant’s website design is an integral part of luring in new and old customers alike to your restaurant.

It is a considerably hard time for restaurants these days. With the onslaught and mayhem caused by the arrival of COVID-19, businesses of all sorts have been either closing down temporarily or in some dire cases, shutting down permanently.

Restaurants, in particular, have been facing a huge crisis, globally. As the restaurants have gone into hibernation, employees have either been laid off or left without any income. Some restaurants have been able to keep themselves somewhat afloat by offering take-aways or home deliveries.

While services like UberEATS, Grubhub, and Doordash have been thriving and providing a respite to many restaurants (independent ones, especially), it’s important to note that things won’t likely be the same as before.

What Is the Solution?

Even as many restaurants and businesses are opening up, it would be foolish to expect the same numbers and sales as before. It just won’t be possible. People are still wary of anything that can be a cause of COVID-19 infection for them.

There are so many precautions and safety measures that restaurants have to take now and even if they want to, they can’t let as many people in at the same time because the risk of infection would be too high.

Therefore, it would be wise to pivot, at this point. The bigger restaurants or chains have always been able to diversify their revenue streams either through their own apps, home delivery methods, or websites.

Now, you have to, too.

If you’re an independent restaurant and you’re facing the wrath of this economic chaos, you need to start off with making a website for your business in order to provide options for your customers to still order from their favorite restaurant, while giving yourself a much-needed revenue bump. In addition, make sure to check restaurant labor cost, food delivery options, inventory, and other expenses so that you can prepare beforehand.

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So, before we tell you all the things that you should look for in the perfect template or theme for your website, here’s our list of some restaurant websites that you could use to get inspired:

Theme Ideas:

1. Le Mugs

Le Mugs website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

2. Quay

Quay website screenshot

3. Gourmet Natural

Gourmet Natural website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

4. Paddock

Paddock website screenshot

5. Rosewater Martha’s Vineyard

Rosewater Martha’s Vineyard website screenshot

6. Block 16

Block 16 website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

7. Michi Ramen

Michi Ramen website screenshot

8. Print Restaurant

Print Restaurant website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

9. Pastaria

Pastaria website screenshot

10. Victor Restaurant

Victor Restaurant website screenshot

11. Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel website screenshot

12. Elcatrin Destileria

Elcatrin Destileria website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

13. La Pierre Qui Tourne

La Pierre Qui Tourne website screenshot

14. Lupa

Lupa website screenshot Restaurant Website Design

15. Spencer’s

Spencer’s website screeenshot Restaurant Website Design

So, these were some of the most beautiful website design inspirations that you could use for your restaurant’s website,but you need to understand a few things so that you make the right decision for yourself and your business, in order to get the best possible outcome from it.

Why Are You Making the Website?

It’s a simple question that you need to have an answer for. It’s easy to just think that you should make a website for your restaurant, but you need to have clarity about the purpose of its existence. Even if things were better and there was no COVID-19, you’d still have needed to answer this for you.

Do you want to increase your sales? Increase your brand awareness? Help more and more people find you online? Offer promotions through your website? Provide customers with a bespoke experience by customizing their orders?

Which one is it? Anyone of them or all of them? Or even more, perhaps? Clarity is necessary because it would help you understand where you need to put more of your effort in and that is how you’ll figure out your KPIs (key performance indicators), in order to measure your progress against them.

Design vs. Functionality

What are you looking for on your website? Do you just want a cool restaurant website design or is that secondary for you and you’d much rather focus on the functionality and present people directly with the important information – phone number, location, directions, menu, etc.?

For any great restaurant website design, it must be equally impressive in both, design and functionality.  A beautiful template would provide the allure needed for keeping your potential customers on the website – you need that in order to lead people towards the important information.

Moreover, you need to make sure that all your webpages look equally impressive as you shouldn’t have to face the embarrassment of having an inconsistent web design as that would definitely put off any of your potential customers.


People these days spend more time on their phones than ever before. What’s more interesting is the fact that they browse the internet on their phone more than they do on their computers. It’s not just the teenagers or young adults, even adults follow this pattern.

For any business, not just the restaurants, it is pertinent, now more than ever, to have a website that is optimized for smartphones – just as well as they are for the computers. Making your website (and theme) mobile-friendly only has benefits – no downsides.

With food, people want to get what they want with convenience – just a few taps on their phone. That’s it. People don’t have the time to open up their computer, open a restaurant’s website, find their information, and then order. That’s just not how it works anymore.

Therefore, you need to make sure that whatever theme you go for, looks just as good on mobile phones. Your information, menu, address – everything needs to be easily visible and accessible on the mobile version because chances are, you’re going to get more visitors and orders from the mobile version of your website than its computer/desktop variant.

In short, find a mobile-friendly theme because any website without an equally engaging mobile version just means that it has a bad restaurant website design.


What features do you want to incorporate in your website? What added benefits are you providing your customers with? This needs to be given importance to because you’d want your website to give you the benefits that you want.

Online bookings – you should definitely explore the option of taking bookings online as it is easy, convenient and far quicker than the traditional method. Convenience is what people want and convenience is what you should provide.

Online bookings will make it easier for you to focus on other, far more important things, too. Instead of having your workers and staff running around, taking bookings and keeping a track of them, you can easily just let the computer do its magic.

Home deliveries – do you provide home deliveries? In these days, it ‘d probably be wise to invest a little bit into this area, if you don’t already. Since the traditional method of your business has been disturbed, this could very well provide the much-needed respite that you’re looking for.

Take-aways – adding the choice of taking orders online and providing the customers with the option of take-aways can help you keep your other customers happy too — the customers who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their food and want everything fresh and hot/cold. This would satisfy them as well.

Additionally, you must also seek out space for your marketing options as well, on your website. Whatever new offers you have going on, any newsletters, loyalty programs, etc. This will help you turn even the occasional customers into loyal, lifetime ones.

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Change is inevitable in all walks of life. Similarly, change is a constant in all businesses, too. Especially in the restaurant business. Changing menus, additions and subtractions into already existing items, new offerings, special items, occasion-specific items, etc.

You need to be able to easily customize all elements of your website, whenever you go through any of the aforementioned processes. Customers want to be presented with the right, up-to-date, and current information.

If they go to your website, like a specific item and decide to order from you only to find out that it’s been taken off the menu, it’s going to put them off badly. They’d probably think twice before ordering from you again.

Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is up-to-date. A good website is going to help you easily change things, add things, and customize things. Your chosen template or theme must allow frequent updates to it.

A good Content Management System (CMS) would help you with this and one of the best options available out there is WordPress.

Remember, your restaurant website design cost wouldn’t exceed your budget as long as you know what you want.

Visual Medium

Food isn’t something that is appreciated through just one sense. Sure, eating and tasting are what tells if you like something or not but the food is also something that can either make you salivate or put you off completely, just by the way it looks.

This is an art in itself. When ordering something, especially for the first time, you don’t necessarily know what it’s going to taste like as people only see pictures of the item. Thus, the nicer and more appealing the pictures, the more likely it is to get ordered.

Your theme needs to make sure that all the pictures of your items look as attractive as possible. They are what needs to be at the forefront of the website – the highlight. So, find a theme that makes your job a little easier by highlighting the menu pictures and providing an easy, hassle-free experience for customers to browse through all of them.

The longer you keep your customers on your website, the more likely it is that they’re going to order something.


In a world of social media and globalization, everything is easily accessible and everyone is connected. People from one end of the world can talk to someone from the other end, whenever they want. Increased connectivity has led to increased social media activity.

In a world like that, businesses can either thrive or struggle to survive due to what people say about them. If one person doesn’t like the food that your restaurant offers, many other people who were probably thinking of ordering from you, might drop the idea completely after seeing just one negative review.

Similarly, someone who leaves a positive review for your restaurant or the food that it has to offer may lead towards newer customers ordering from you with more confidence. It is unquestionably important to take control of the situation as soon as possible, in cases like this.

In order to control the damage that could be/would be caused because of a bad review, you need to address it immediately. Offer a free replacement, refund, complimentary dish, discount – whatever’s within your power and feasible – do it. This will curtail the situation and stop it from going out of hand.

Your website theme needs to have a review section for your customers to leave comments for you – good or bad. This will allow you to address any and every comment right away, with the help of the notification settings in your CMS.

Social Media Integration

Social media is huge. It has overtaken the traditional media by a huge margin because of the accessibility, versatility, and options that it provides. People love talking about what they like or dislike. They love sharing their opinions.

It would help your restaurant a lot if you have your restaurants’ pages set-up across the many leading social media platforms. Gaining a sizable following over there and being active would undeniably help you out in engaging and attractive new and old customers alike.

When you set up your website, social media integration should be one of the things that you attach a lot of importance to. Having social media integration would not only allow your customers to find your pages on their preferred social media platforms but also allow them to tag you and share the updates that you provide, with their friends and family.

You could also display the best customer reviews from social media on your website.

All in all, your website should reflect the theme and mood of your restaurant. You need to give this as much importance as you give to the ambiance of your restaurant. 

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