Relationship Marketing Strategy For Long-term Customer Engagement

upqode | Mar 3rd, 2021

As the times are changing, so are the marketing techniques used in the previous years to get new customers and retain existing ones. Different marketing techniques are applied. Some remain active while others have had a passive effect on the brands’ marketing. Relationship marketing is a topic that is gaining the attention of numerous businesses that benefit from it. 

In recent years marketing practices have changed, where now brands selling products and services are more focused on customer relations, experience, and journey. Public relationship in marketing has grown to have more importance over the years and tends to be gaining importance.

What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing goes back to the 1900s, where the sole focus was on customers like every other marketing strategy. Still, for this one, it is more focused on creating a somewhat more unique and personalized customer experience that allows the businesses and brands to develop more long-lasting relationships with them. This encourages the customers to come back by providing them with their own unique and personalized journey and upholding its position. Companies with better customer relationships tend to reap more benefits than the others, including the retention of the previous customers and the new ones. They now understand that customer retention is more important than customer acquisition.

Customer relationship marketing also helps a company identify customers’ preferred experiences, choices and focuses on the customers’ true desires. 

Other terms define relationship marketing as well, and they are customer relationship marketing, personalized marketing strategies, and building a buyer journey. Being able to create a healthy relationship journey for the customer is what they look through. 

A relationship is harnessed over an excellent customer experience, and the journey is not bad for the business. Still, it has endless potential for a company to help them find ways that they could use to discover new arenas. 


Why is customer relationship marketing increasing?

Marketing is not about the usual practices anymore, involving advertisements, and it has evolved a lot since a lot of time. Many companies’ marketing departments now work on different marketing campaigns that consist of many other things apart from advertisements like digital marketing and web development to provide your customers with the best shopping experience and service marketing.

The increased use of social media, mobile phones, and other digital devices has provided the customers with the liberty to gain as much information as possible and decide which companies’ products or services they would like to avail. Furthermore, the way customers are treated also adds to their experience and ensures brand loyalty. Now more human emotions are involved in the customer interactions as they want to connect with the brand deeply rather than stay.


To reap as many benefits from customer satisfaction as possible, the companies need to thoroughly ensure that their marketing department has an obvious customer relationship management idea. Relationship marketing can creatively add it in the companies’ marketing campaigns to show that the company is selling a product or service and is also concerned with customer service. The present time is a good way to show the relationship marketing theory in effect.

Stages of Relationship Marketing

There are different stages of relationship marketing that are followed to get the maximum benefit possible.

Attracting the customer

The first stage is critical. The company makes sure to plan out its marketing campaigns to attract its customer’s attention. Due to the increase in the ways and platforms, the possibilities are endless to see that you have your customer’s attention. This is the first stage of relationship marketing which needs to be executed in the best way.

Converting the customer

This is the stage where your marketing plays the role and helps out the business. Now, the potential customers you have attracted are interested in your products and services, and you have created such an image that they buy your products.

Customer retention

Customer retention in today’s time has turned out to be more important than ever. It is more important than getting new customers for a business because you don’t know how long they will last. The best way to go forward is to focus on the ones that you already have. They will not just bring along more customers, but you will know that your current customers are secure without any tension of losing them as well.

They will also play a role by marketing your products without any cost to everyone they know, and who knows, maybe you can get more customers through word of mouth than your thought out and planned marketing campaigns for the business.

Appreciation for customer

After you have maintained a good customer base, you must appreciate your customer as well. It is a great way and a tip-in relationship marketing used by various businesses.

There are multiple ways to appreciate your customers. These ways include providing excellent customer service, listening to their suggestions, observing, and working according to their needs and wants. Many other relationship marketing tips are mentioned below to understand better how to benefit your business.

All of these efforts then add up and create a better relationship between you and your customer.

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing has a lot of benefits for the company looking to do a successful business.

Increased ROI

Another way to see if a business is doing well is through ROI. ROI is also known as Return on Investments to see how much has been spent on marketing and the return achieved on the investments. It is treated as a key performance indicator to measure the success of a business. If the KPI value is good, then it is safe to say that the business is profitable. Effective relationship marketing means that the ROI value will be better and more than before.


Long-lasting customer

Getting new buyers to sign up is good but what is even better is that you keep a good connection with your old buyers, not leave your side. To know if your relationship marketing techniques are going better than ever, a good way is to see if your old buyers are still coming to you or they have opted for your competition. In case the old buyers are still there, your relationship marketing strategy is going better than ever, and you should keep following it.

In case you do not see any old faces, then it simply means you need some major changes in your relationship marketing ways that need to be in line with the goals and objectives you have set.

This is mostly achievable through proper relationship marketing, which can help you get the most from your customers. The better the relationship, the longer a customer will last.

Improved Brand Image

Improved relationship marketing means that the brand image of the company will also improve. The better the brand image, the more buyers it will attract. When you successfully maintain a good relationship with the old ones, they will automatically advocate your products. They will suggest it to everyone they meet without you asking them for it.

Try figuring out better ways for relationship marketing to achieve all of these benefits without any noticeable problem.

The future of customer relationship marketing is now more advanced than ever due to an update in the platforms. Before these advanced centuries, relationship marketing was done by businesses through regular phones. Social media, mobile phones, and even CRM software have proved to be very useful with continuous marketing and relationship marketing.

Some of the most effective and easy strategies related to relationship marketing have been mentioned below to help you stand out as the most prominent one amongst your competition.

Relationship Marketing Strategies 

As mentioned above, customer relationship marketing is vital for the brand’s success and ensures its customers’ loyalty. It also helps maintain better public relations in marketing which in return turns out to be useful. Companies can use different useful and impressive strategies to improve customer relationships.  These various relationship marketing strategies help maintain long-term customer relationships and connect with the new customer, increasing its customer base.

Go through the different relationship marketing strategies mentioned to help your brand achieve its marketing goals and relationship management, especially in existing customers.

You can apply one of the relationship marketing strategies to measure the effect yourself. 

Acknowledging customers

The most important relationship marketing strategy for maintaining your customer relationship is to make sure that you acknowledge your customers at all times. Ensure that whenever they interact with you, it is not just a regular one, but instead, they feel cherished and respected. The more you connect with customers, the better experience they will have. This will be very beneficial for you as those customers become brand advocates, ensuring everyone knows about the service you provide.


They will become your loyal customers and help you increase your sales as well. Just by acknowledging your existing customers, brands can create more loyal customers.

Customer service

Your customers contact in case they have a query or a concern. Make sure to provide your customers with the best customer service experience. If a customer contacts you regarding a query or an issue, it is better to provide the best service. One-time excellent customer interaction can go a long way. By providing them with a great customer experience, you ensure that that you will have repeat customers for a very long time. This is an important technique when talking about relationship marketing.

Email marketing

Another great tactic to keep a long-term relationship with your repeat customers other than social media is email marketing. There is already a lot of marketing on social media regarding many companies and making sure that your brand stands out is a little difficult. Still, email marketing is a tool you can use to target your customers with information to help your business. This is where CRM tools can also help you gather and arrange customer data, align your content according to them, and then send it out to those specifically.

CRM tools have gained a lot of popularity over time because the way the various tools gather and compile all the information and content of people is beneficial for the company and the marketers.

When the marketers are ready to run digital marketing campaigns, they can easily access all the information compiled in the best way and use it to reach out to the old and new customers, causing improved relationships with the company’s customers.


Social Media Presence

It is essential to have an active social media presence. In today’s modern time, a brand’s success is also measured by the number of followers it has to indicate its reach. Relationship marketing also depends on it. Ensure that the marketing is done through social media that aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.

In addition to social media, many different other things need to be taken care of. Make sure that your website design is made to ensure customer satisfaction. If your brand is providing e-commerce services, then the web design agency you choose has a clear idea of how the web design should ensure a great user experience for the new customers.

Listen to your customers.

Listening is essential when it comes to customers. There are a lot of blog posts that you will find on the internet with content and information about the brands’ different marketing efforts to improve their relationships with customers. All of them mention that you should listen to your customers.

Customers are the actual people that are buying your products and services, increasing your sales, and providing a boom to your business. Without a customer to buy your product, your business will fail and only go into a long-term fall. By listening to your customers, you ensure that your customers know they are being heard, ensuring longer customer retention and customer loyalty.

Listening to your customers has other benefits as well. If you keenly observe, they will communicate the product they would prefer buying from your brand. So the next time you are launching a new product, you will have the clarity if it is in demand and boost your sales and sell like hotcakes.

Arrange Special Events and Royalty Rewards

This is another robust marketing strategy to increase the customer lifetime value. Arranging special events and offering loyalty rewards in terms of brand merchandise can show the customers how much they mean to a particular brand. Not just this, but their loyalty is being paid attention to. The product handed over to them as a gift of their loyalty can leave long-lasting effects on customers’ minds. As much as the customer enjoys using it, they are also marketing it as well.

You can make it something special and put your all rights reserved sticker beneath it, ensuring that no one copies it.

How It works

CRM can come in handy in this relationship marketing strategy for the company. It allows getting longer customer loyalty and strong marketing through different customers. The brand can undoubtedly do a lot of business from that.

Go through one of the marketing strategies today to understand more how it works. A marketing relationship is not an easy one to build. Every company and business take up their own required amount of time to see that relationship marketing goes well.

In addition to all these, numerous relationship marketing examples are good and bad set by various companies. They can be used to understand how relationship marketing works. Also, they show how customer loyalty of a brand and even for the product can be ensured through proper marketing.


All of the above-mentioned strategies do not just allow customer retention. They also allow gathering new customers, allowing an increase in sales of the company’s products and services. Moreover, it can help you gather more customer information to target them with the right information and get the word around about your company.

For a brand, customer relationship management is not just about talking to your customers. It is also about providing them with customer satisfaction and great customer service to ensure customer loyalty.

Relationship Marketing Examples

There are some notable examples of relationship marketing. Some of these examples include companies like Starbucks, Patagonia, and even American Express.


As far as one can remember, at first, Starbucks was all about getting coffee. But Starbucks made an effort and updated its relationship marketing. It began putting in a lot of effort by gathering all its regulars’ email addresses. Moreover, it showcased itself as a cultural icon in its audience’s eyes.

Now Starbucks is more determined to improve its relationship marketing and therefore sends its regular updates about various products. They have now created a community where the customers have a better and improved relationship with them. In that way, they feel connected with Starbucks. The best part is that their product lovers only increase and can create a strong bond with the business.


Patagonia is a company that has developed an image of being environmentally friendly. The business attracts people who are into using recycled products. Patagonia sells recycled and organic products, which is what the market used to be bought by people. They also provide clothes repair services from a mobile repair shop, mend broken zippers without any charges.

 They tend to promote their products and services in a very clever and smart manner. This is how it should be. The company might be marketing its own products and focusing on its relationship marketing to get the most out of its relationship with its buyers.

American Express

Also known as AmEx, this business has made the customer journey smooth and hassle-free. Their marketing revolves around their application and all the other perks they are giving. It makes it one of the most successful credit card companies today.

Their account opening process is not just customer friendly but is very easy, taking only a fraction of your time. All the customers who are new to the credit card company receive many bonuses and advantages, including bonuses, discounts, and other perks. “Share the love” is a referral program that is very strong. It helps increase their number of customers and allows them to maintain a better relationship with their customers.

Key Takeaway

To increase your average customer lifetime value, then learn some amazing relationship marketing examples. And be sure that your brand starts following them.

In transactional marketing, a brand or business is more interested in the short-term benefits of the brand. In comparison, relationship marketing is more interested in relationship marketing for every brand and business.

Also, start putting in more marketing efforts towards better customer experiences. This strategy will provide a better user experience and marketing content, improve relationships with other customers, and increase sales for the long term.

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