PrestaShop Review: Features & Pricing 2021

upqode | Jan 14th, 2021

PrestaShop being one of the most inclusive e-commerce sites, offers trillions and trillions of bonuses for all its customers. Not only that, but PrestaShop is now also all set to bring in newer price ranges with a bunch of appealing features! So let’s read this Prestashop review and find the ultimate e-commerce solution we’ve been looking for you and me.

Also, if you’re searching for a PrestaShop review, you’ve come to the right place. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into a juicy discussion of this profitable online store!

What Is PrestaShop?

Firstly, so that you know, PrestaShop is a free e-commerce platform that offers innumerable services that can be of great value. With almost 300,000 online stores, it has become one of the finest e-commerce sites across the globe. 

prestashop review

The presence of out-of-the-box features genuinely makes it one of a kind – it uses a unique programming language that aids merchants sell their products through various means that are decided to keep in view the need for the hour. 

The site is an all-inclusive platform that has been scaled up to fit enormous business projects or down for smaller, independent ventures. In short, there seems to be a little bit for everyone at PrestaShop! Moreover, PrestaShop has gained considerable fame, given the expansive range of options they offer their users. 

The PrestaShop website is beneficial for retailers as it offers both free and paid features to pick from. As a retailer, PrestaShop allows you to use all the available options to strengthen your position as a brand. Additionally, the platform also makes it easier for sellers to market their products internationally and nationally as well digitally. 

Prestashop Review: Basic Technical Requirements

PrestaShop is one of the latest, most technologically advanced e-commerce platforms. Its web development is reflective of cutting-edge technology and algorithms. For this reason, you need to use the latest gadgets to access the platform for the optimum experience. Likely, older devices will not be able to access and incorporate the latest features of PrestaShop.

Therefore, I suggest you use the latest devices to set up an account at PrestaShop. This will lessen the chances of the platform hanging and make it easier for you. If you are using an older device, the chances are that it will hang for sure because PrestaShop is one heavy software that requires a lot of space and a fair amount of software!

PrestaShop is compatible with Mac devices, Windows devices, and Linux operating systems too. Your primary purpose is to ensure a running system causes no future issues either. 

Moreover, understanding PrestaShop is a significant part of the process as well. So make sure you don’t forget to read all the guides! The more in-depth you read, the more you will learn about this holy grail of a platform. 

PrestaShop or WordPress: Which One Is Better?

Here’s the thing: this is no easy question to answer by any means. The competition between these two might never end because they are useful sites that offer valuable, unparalleled services. However, you must remember that both of these sites have different purposes and targets to achieve.

For instance, PrestaShop is an online e-commerce store that offers its customers worldwide products. Noticeably, it has impeccable features that prove to be very advantageous and handy for all the customers. Moreover, you can use PrestaShop reviews to convince all your customers to buy your product because of the appealing outlook and view.

On the contrary, WordPress is one excellent online web design tool for bloggers as well as sellers. You get to do blogging of various kinds and can also sell your products. For instance, if you are a blogger, you can always use WordPress to take your blogging up a notch. 

How Will Your Business Profit From PrestaShop?

Now to the fun stuff; how can you use PrestaShop to your benefit? There is no doubt that PrestaShop offers one-of-a-kind features that no one has ever seen before. It is also a free and handy online store that presents you with a million ways for each of your e-commerce problems. 

It is a straightforward platform that comes with comprehensive guides that will help you power your retail journey. What does all of this mean for you? It means enhanced reach and efficiency for your shop!

PrestaShop’s primary purpose is to offer an online store accessible to everyone. Eventually, this leads to the idea that would make selling more comfortable than ever. You can sell your words, pictures, products, and anything that you’re crafting, and there is no restriction on what you can or cannot sell.

create prestashop store

PrestaShop is the ultimate option to pick if you have plans to venture into an online e-commerce business. The platform is generally used in nations like France (began here) and Italy and is gaining worldwide recognition day by day. Numerous organizations offer online shops dependent on PrestaShop. PrestaShop is the fool-proof method of starting a successful venture that isn’t too big of a strain on your pockets for small businesses. 

It fits every fundamental need, and if you have some IT experience, you can construct your shop thoroughly free. If you are not kidding about web-based business, at that point, sometimes you will purchase (modules for PrestaShop) and later, you need to discover a PHP engineer to adjust the website to your necessities. You can easily do this yourself or let a website maintenance agency make it easier for you! 

Prestashop Pros Review

You can introduce a shop with a single tick on PrestaShop, presently regular on shared facilitating. The prerequisites for the reduction are fundamental; any facilitating reasonable for WordPress will turn out great with PrestaShop, so 5 $/a month is all that anyone could need. There is an active customer support community in numerous languages, and typically you get free assistance here for essential issues and bug reports.

prestashop review

In terms of actually powering the site, you may want to get support from a competent web development agency to make your job easier. 

There are free modules for most installment frameworks, and frequently you can get a free module from your dispatch. Integrating installments such as messengers is very basic and straightforward, so you won’t have to put in a lot of effort. Purchase modules from the official site since you are particular about the product’s nature and backing. 

Prestashop Cons Review

If you can’t configure your email and are not keen on programming, try not to attempt your free internet business. There is little help from the developer, so you go through evenings to comprehend what to do. Additionally, anyone can sell modules for PrestaShop, so there is no quality control.

Accessible E-Commerce Platform

PrestaShop is an enormously rich, free, open-source web-based business arrangement that you can use to run stores in the cloud or use self-facilitating. It’s as of now utilized by 300,000 shops worldwide and is accessible in 65 languages. Even though it takes a touch of work to get a store started, I’m impressed by what the platform offers.

What Does 2021 Have For You?

PrestaShop is all set to bring in broader and better choices for all its customers. Moreover, you can always look into expecting extraordinary efforts and chances from the makers. Because being one of the finest marketing choices, PrestaShop has up the game for all.

Henceforth, with the new year being so close, the makers have decided to add in a little touch of some fabulous features that will make you crave an online store like the ones available on PrestaShop review already. 

Even though, as open-source programming, PrestaShop enables you to tweak their foundation as you see fit totally, they offer great out-of-the-container usefulness. Here are the absolute most huge highlights:

Prestashop Store Advancement Review

With PrestaShop, you can alter their primary subject utilizing the PHP programming language or browse one of the almost 6,000 paid and free topic formats in the PrestaShop Add-ons Marketplace and change one of those subjects to suit your business. 

Although you need to get your web facilitating, PrestaShop offers a pre-introduced and makes sure about facilitating arrangements that you can decide to purchase from their facilitating accomplice. 

Items and Stock

PrestaShop lets you list your items, physical and computerized, to sell on the web and permits you to put together them with classes, highlights, qualities, variations, and packs. You can sell adaptable merchandise, track the stock of every one of your items, and make providers and makers connect with their separate entities.

Prestashop Installments Review

PrestaShop permits you to employ a few diverse installment strategies, including checks, bank wire, money down, just as charge, and Visas. You can incorporate with an assortment of installment processors, including top suppliers like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net. 

work with laptop

PrestaShop offers free installment incorporations from their representatives, just as paid alternatives you can add from their commercial center.


PrestaShop offers one-page checkout and permits you to modify the cycle showing rundown pages, client account creation, request approval, and affirmation pages.

Requests and Transportation

With PrestaShop, you can make your request, satisfaction, and return work process; deal with all rights from the administrator; and send default messages to your clients all through the cycle. 

PrestaShop permits you to arrange your transportation strategies, picking conveyance zones, delivering administrations, dispatching costs, and assessments are relying upon the area.

Worldwide Selling

This stage gives abilities explicitly to organizations hoping to sell globally. PrestaShop enables you to set monetary forms, utilize a multi-language item sheet, run various stores from one interface, and guarantee that your checkout cycle is agreeable with European laws.

Showcasing and Advancements

PrestaShop permits you to make coupons, value rules, limits, and uncommon offers, such as strategically pitching, advancing, and recommending items. PrestaShop additionally incorporates instruments for SEO Optimization Services, surrendered truck email abilities, social stage associations, and downright detailing and following. 

Also, PrestaShop lets you build up a client information base, make client gatherings to customize insight, get notices, set default answers, and deal with any client care demands.

Combinations and Additional Items

If you need to coordinate with an outsider device or add the usefulness you’re missing, PrestaShop offers more than 10,000 free and paid modules, topics, and administrations. All these are available in their commercial center consolidating everything from blog instruments to delivery and expense modules to commercial center deals channel associations.

Client Assistance

image of ecommerce online shop

PrestaShop offers client care assets on its site, including documentation, online classes, recordings, instructional exercises, and a network discussion. In contrast to many open-source stages, be that as it may, they likewise give you a choice to buy a client service plan, which provides you with admittance to customized specialized assistance for your store. 

Additionally, PrestaShop offers instructional classes with their specialists to show traders, designers, or computerized experts the intricate details of their product.

Stunning Features – All That’s In It For You

PrestaShop has more than 300 implicit highlights that let you oversee installment techniques, transporting, item posting, providers, and purchasers. PrestaShop utilizes a web layout framework that grants you to modify the store subject and use add-on modules. While to make a subject, you would require a powerful topic that can help you fabricate your sort of issue as per your details.

1. Usability

Since the PrestaShop’s backend is somewhat more specialized in this way, it takes effort to set up. You take the online demo from a demo that incorporates both front-end stores just as a backend office. 

You can, without much of a stretch, envision it on a work area, tablet, cell phone with all the excellent highlights. Since PrestaShop sets aside a touch of effort to set up yet it merits the pause. It is effortless to utilize it. It gives you a completely responsive online store instantly.

2. Free and Open Source

PrestaShop is a thoroughly free and open-source stage that permits you to assemble an utterly adaptable site in minutes. PrestaShop makes the advancement way simpler and available. This unfathomable eCommerce is available across 65 nations, having more than 1,000,000 dynamic open-source network individuals.

Also, that structures it as one of the world’s biggest open-source networks. This people group is consistently adding to the improvement of the stage. They have just accomplished achievements like giving 75+ free interpreters and over 60 installment modules viable with PrestaShop. Also, every upgrade is making PrestaShop a more critical stage than at any other time.

3. Google Rich Snippets

Without a doubt, Google is the foundation of traffic to your site. Also, it should understand what is the issue here and what administrations you’re offering with the goal that it can separate your site from others. 

What’s more, that is the place where you should utilize rich pieces. You can use rich bits to keep your site unique from your rivals. You can discover an extra in the PrestaShop websites commercial center that smoothes out explicitly this cycle.

4. Advertising

PrestaShop offers you the office to include the custom highlights to your e-commerce site to make it broad. What’s more, the rundown includes – markdown mode, free transportation, special offers, email showcasing, associate programming, blessing wrapping, coupon codes, and some more.

5. Installment Gateways

For an eCommerce site, it is critical to set up installment entryways. What’s more, PrestaShop upholds various installment entryways, for example, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Worldpay, Discover Global Network, First Data, and Authorize.Net. Likewise, it has more than 250 installment suppliers as additional items.

6. Simple Customization

Gone are the times of dull and customary sites; PrestaShop accompanies an assortment of modules, for example, strategically pitching, pamphlet membership that can be initiated with only a single tick. These modules can assist you in altering the site as per your necessities. You will see 5,000+ modules and subjects under the commercial center in PrestaShop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PrestaShop Download?

PrestaShop Download gives you admittance to their open-source code. You can construct and self-have your shop and alter the entirety of the documents.

How Can I Download PrestaShop?

You can download Prestashop from the official website. Here, you will find modules, themes, and services that allow you to customize and roll out your PrestaShop e-commerce site according to your needs. Alternatively, you can choose Premium Prestashop themes, so easy to use that you don’t need to be a coding expert to create a professional online store. Just download your favorite theme and create a full-fledged e-shop.

What Does Open-Source Mean?

Open source implies that PrestaShop’s code is unveiled for the network and public to alter. 

Does PrestaShop Utilize A Permit?

PrestaShop is Open Source and uses pleasant licenses. This implies that you can utilize, alter, and share PrestaShop’s code, yet just under specific conditions.

What Are PrestaShop Addons?

Addons are PrestaShop’s exclusive method of enhancing the online marketplace. This is the place where you’ll discover over 5,000+ extra modules and expert topics to tweak your store additionally.

What Is A Module?

A module is a little application that coordinates flawlessly on your PrestaShop store and adds highlights and usefulness to your front and back office.

What Is The Subject?

A topic is an expertly planned format to alter the look and feel of your customer-facing facade. Each format on Addons is anything but difficult to introduce, set up, and update.

Do I Need To Purchase Modules and Topics To Run An Online Store?

Probably not! PrestaShop incorporates 600 free highlights and an adaptable, versatile responsive default layout. From installment answers for promoting highlights, PrestaShop accompanies all you require to begin an expert online store.

Can I Sell Modules and Topics on PrestaShop Addons?

Yes! Your modules and topics permit 300,000 online shops to be novel, productive, and beneficial. Make the most of your income, and don’t spare a moment to grow new modules and subjects to produce significantly more revenue.

What is the Single Verification Framework?

The PrestaShop environment comprises numerous administrations and locales, created and oversaw by the PrestaShop organization, such as the back office of the clients’ online shops, the PrestaShop Addons commercial center, and the institutional website.

These administrations were initially planned freely, each with its verification framework. To improve the clients’ experience, just like the technical upkeep measures, they have built up another single verification framework, permitting them to interface with the entirety of their administrations and destinations immediately. This new login cycle has been dynamic since April 2020.

The usage of a solitary verification framework to get to the various administrations given by PrestaShop speaks to different favorable circumstances for their clients, just as for you:

Rearrange the administration of passwords for greater security: the more passwords the client needs to deal with, the more he will, in general, utilize comparative passwords or passwords that are anything but difficult to recollect, significantly expanding the dangers of hacking. A solitary secret word, meeting the suggested security models, will carry greater security to their clients.

Interfacing with one of the administrations will permit the clients to get to all PrestaShop administrations directly associated with their new single validation framework.

PrestaShop Pricing Review

While PrestaShop doesn’t offer a free preliminary, the platform has a free demo accessible. 

This demo allows you to investigate the interface and customer usability on numerous gadgets. All that’s now filled in with test data, so you get a decent vibe for how the product chips away at a consistent schedule.

Arrangement costs for PrestaShop are as low as anyone might imagine. In any case, you can anticipate some additional charges for facilitating.

Ongoing costs fluctuate contingent upon various elements. PrestaShop isn’t the most effortless programming to utilize; it tends to be hard to set up, and modules regularly meddle with each other, prompting a, generally speaking, glitchy site. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea of determining specialized issues all alone, you’ll likely need to enlist web engineers and creators to accomplish the work for you.

Besides, modules and additional items frequently come at a high cost. If you need to incorporate your site with QuickBooks, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and TaxJar, you may wind up paying a chunk of change.

Key Takeaway

PrestaShop is genuinely simple to utilize, gives an effectively responsive store interface for customers, offers a far-reaching set of highlights, and it’s free. Once you learn the basics, you are good to go. Read the modules and understand everything. There is no doubt that you will have nothing to worry about once you get to know everything about PrestaShop – you can become the finest online seller by using PrestaShop.

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