14 Hacks & Tweaks to Increase SEO Visibility In 2021 [Proven Results]

upqode | Apr 15th, 2021

Search engines are constantly advancing their algorithms to provide the ultimate search results to users. In return, all rights reserved the factors they use to rank websites positions for any keyword keep on changing. That means ranking high on Google becomes tougher every day. It also means that you must put lots of effort into your optimization and digital marketing techniques. Even then, all the efforts will pay off by improving your site performance goals and boost SEO visibility.

In this post, we’ll look at research-based hacks and tweaks you can use to give your SEO efforts a boost and help your site get a higher position on Google search results.

Without much ado, let’s jump right in!

Top 14 Hacks and Tweaks to Boost Your Search Visibility – 2021

#1: Top Quality Content

High-quality blog content is the core of a fully enhanced search visibility on Google. Thus, you should write content that’s engaging with eye-catching title tags.

That’s because search engine robots crawl sites to check the content quality before presenting the best position content to the users.

Note that, if your blog posts don’t provide solutions to internet users (i.e low-quality content), Google will not index your site.

content analysis tool

Consequently, the keyword ranking performance and score metrics of your project on SERP will be lower.

So, how do you ensure that your content optimization project is perfect from all perspectives? Let’s have a detailed look at two steps you can ensure that you share top-quality content.

Step 1: Content Comprehensiveness

According to the research conducted by Backlinko, where they used a data set of 11.8 million URLs, they found out that in-depth content strongly attracts higher rankings on Google.

In-depth content provides detailed information without leaving data gaps. That way, readers spend much time on your site rather than clicking away.

Consequently, Google realizes that your content provides solutions to users, and as a reward, you get a higher ranking position in the SERP, and your online search visibility will increase tremendously.

One thing you should note is that Google values quality content. And to come up with value-packed information about a topic, you must be comprehensive. Only then will you be able to have a higher position on SERP, and improve your SEO visibility.

Step 2: Content Recentness

In June 2010, Google introduced a new web indexing system called Caffeine. This system was developed to facilitate a continuous and quick generation of the latest content, which they consider more relevant to users.

That means Google will rank sites from the latest (which will appear on top) to the oldest (which will have a position at the bottom) in search results pages.

Content recency is a ranking factor only when the detail’s quality is affected by time – in the sense that the preciseness of the information decreases as time goes by.

For example, let’s say your site SEO project focuses on content like ‘best motorbikes in the market.’

In that case, fresh content becomes a crucial positions factor because new motorbikes enter the market from time to time. Therefore, Google will prioritize the position of the latest content on the best motorbikes in the market.

In such situations, the only way you can have a high position on the search engine results pages is to focus your SEO efforts on timely content updates.

#2: Use a Responsive Web Design

Tons of people use mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore, it is overly important to ensure your site is highly responsive on mobile devices.

The number of Smartphone users globally goes beyond three billion, and the trend is expected to shoot higher in the future.

mobile-friendly test

Your domain SEO visibility will improve greatly once you use a responsive web design. Having a mobile-friendly site also ensures you get ranked on Google.

Also, it helps you avoid being punished by search engines. It also makes people stay long since your content is easy to read,

To begin with, you have to conduct a mobile test to determine the current responsiveness. You can accomplish that using a free Mobile Testing Tool from Google.

using mobile

Interestingly, the tool is easy to use. All you’ve got to do is enter your web address and run the test. The minute you identify the issue, act on them immediately as they tend to repel users.

Most people use WordPress designs since their themes and plugins are ready-made – that means mobile-oriented.

#3: In-depth Keyword Data Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO because they determine what the search engine presents on the result page.

The thing is, your content cannot be indexed or ranked if you don’t use the right keyword. Also, recognize that it’s ineffective to craft content that people can’t find on the internet.

Therefore, use a target keyword in all your posts to boost your SEO visibility. And to effectively do that, you must conduct in-depth keywords research.

keyword analysis tool

Since keywords play a huge role in this method, you should include words that readers will search for all through your content. However, do use a keyword sparingly.

If you over-saturate your website with a target keyword, Google will note this, and it’ll negatively affect your ranking.

Use keyword research to increase your search engine visibility

With keyword information, you can tailor your content to meet your followers’ needs and at the same time improve your position on the Google result page. Consequently, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and enhance content visibility on the internet.

Additionally, keywords research comes in handy in determining the level of competition for a specific keyword.

Therefore, you get to only opt for the terms with the best chances of improving your search volumes and keyword rankings on Google. Therefore, you’ll avoid any keyword with stiff competition.

What’s more, conducting keyword research shouldn’t be hard. There’re tons of keyword tools that are efficient and fast.

seo analysis

This helps provide essential information like keyword search volume and difficulty level of a specific keyword, which is critical in improving your SEO visibility.

Improving search rankings by one position can nearly drive double the traffic derived from that keyword. Therefore, check the volume column to confirm that the keywords with good search volumes

#4: Conduct SEO Audits in Your Site

The audits are SEO visibility checks that enable you to identify keywords and mend mistakes that lower your search engine rankings. This way, you’ll boost your online visibility with the right keywords and drive more traffic to your site.

With SEO audits, you can easily and quickly improve your performance with thorough keywords optimization.

buzzumo dashboard

To start an SEO audit, use Google Search Console, a free tool that helps you measure your site’s SEO performance.

Using the Google Search Console, you can check links to your site, solve crawling errors, and tell Google when you’ve updated your content.


Alternatively, you can opt for any other effective tool to measure keywords performance.

To have the best content structure and keywords choice that attracts better keyword rankings, you should;

  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Use short, and easy-to-read sentences
  • Highlight essential points

#5: Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the foundation of the most effective SEO practices. Using them offers an excellent opportunity to increase your SEO score for higher search visibility on Google.

But what makes a long-tail keyword so effective? Well, here’s why you should use these types of keywords.

  • They have a lower competition compared to short keywords. As a result, they offer a sure chance of getting better ranking positions and the metric for SEO score. 
  • They enable targeting an audience that is ready to buy from you and convert into customers. Let’s look at an example for clarity. 
seo visibility tool

Let’s say your business deals with white bread, and you want to boost sales on your site. When you compare the following keywords, “affordable white bread” and “white bread,” the first one (a long tail keyword) will target audiences who are ready to buy.

semrush seo tools

On the other hand, the second keyword is general and may target an audience looking for the “benefits of white bread” and not interested in buying.

As a result, the readers will instantly click away, which will negatively affect your SEO visibility and Google rankings.

The use of a long-tail keyword is crucial in your SEO strategy. As such, they target the right audience for your content.

Additionally, they ensure you only attract people who’re interested in your content and can make them stay longer on your site. Thus this is reflected with higher Google rankings.

#6: Link Building (Backlinks)

These are text links in other sites that point back to yours. If your sights have more backlinks, your SEO performance will improve drastically. In return, you’ll have higher organic rankings.

Google has confirmed that backlinks are among the top three ranking factors. That means the more backlinks your site gets, the higher the ranking.

keyword explorer

However, not any backlink will help improve your ranking. They must come from authoritative sites with relevant content.

Increase your SEO visibility score

That means backlinks from a spammy source (which usually sites that aren’t indexed by Google) will only lower your SEO score and reduce your search rankings.

The following are the best techniques to get high link authority:

  • Guest Posts link Building – guest posting is only effective if your site provides top-quality content.
  • Resource Page link building – Resource page link building is getting inbound links from high link authority sites that point out valuable resources in the industry. Here is how it works. This can be your quickest way to boost your SEO tactics and enhance your site’s popularity.

#7: Understand How Ranking Algorithms Function

Do you want a higher SEO visibility index to boost the performance of your Google rankings? Then, you should know the functionality of algorithms.

Google has a powerful algorithm,  Rank Brain that monitors the user interaction on sites and uses the calculation details to rank them.

google search

Note that SEO visibility offers a metric that can help you determine what you need to do so you get higher position rankings on different search engines.

The following are examples of metrics that Google’s Rank Brain inspects to evaluate searchers interaction with your site:

  1. Click-through rate (CTR) is the number of times internet users click on your web address on the SERPs.
  2. Time on page– the total amount of time the audiences spend on your page before leaving.
  3. Return to result page– The amount of time users spend on your site before going back to the results page
  4. Bounce rate – a record of the number of times searchers enter your site and leave without visiting any other section.

What the Algorithm Tells You

The algorithm evaluates your content’s relevance using each metric mentioned above before presenting the site on the result page. The metric must be positive for the best user experience and higher Google rankings.

Google search console tools

For example, a higher CTR calculation and a longer “Time on Page” indicate that your website provides an excellent user experience. Similarly, a minimum “bounce rate” and “return to organic search results” tell Rank Brain that your content is relevant and provides solutions to searchers. As a result, Google search ranks you higher in the SERP.

seo visibility analysis

Also, this CTR calculation ensures that the right weight for the higher-ranking keyword is part of the score.

To increase the first two metrics above and reduce the remaining two, do the following things;

  • Offer high-value content that provides readers with solutions
  • Make it easy for people to explore different sections of the website
  • Capture the readers’ attention, making them stay longer on your website

#8: Make Your Website a Secure Destination for Users

Are you looking to increase your visibility and get better rankings on Google or another search engine? To achieve this be sure to secure your website. Failure to do so, your visibility performance will fall drastically since your SEO efforts will not generate desirable search results.

Today, searchers are extremely sensitive when it comes to cybersecurity. Plus, Google shows them whether a site is safe to visit.

Also, Google prioritizes secure sites, which means that your position on the result page will be significantly affected if your site is unsafe. For that reason, ensure that your site is the safest destination for searchers.

You can secure your website and boost your SEO visibility using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It ensures all the traffic between your server and searchers’ browsers is encrypted and cannot be compromised by third parties.

SSL ensures people click and stay longer on your pages with the assurance that they are safe from malware and hackers. This allows you to increase your visibility and improve your ranks on SERP.

#9: Focus on Increasing Social Media Shares

The number of social media users reached the 3.6 billion mark in 2020. That accounts for approximately 48.3 % of the global population.

This clearly indicates social media benefits to drive massive traffic to your content or campaigns and increase your SEO visibility for high ranking.

social media using diagram

But how do you initiate the social sharing processes and increase the reach of your content and campaign? Here are some tips on how;

  1. Use Social Buttons in Each Webpage

Content sharing is mostly initiated when the process takes the least effort. Therefore, to enhance social shares, add social network buttons to your site.

This way, the audience will be a click away from sharing your content on social networks, which increases the rate of exposure and online visibility. 

  1. Grab audience attention with your content

The best way to do so is by catching their attention. To achieve this, you can use visuals or words that awaken feelings in your audience. 

social media analytics

3. Post Your Content During Peak User Hours

Posting your content on social media when users are active multiplies the chances of getting more social shares. Thus you can attract and engage your audience, which enhances the chances of fast sharing.

#10: Have a High-speed site

Research reveals that 40% of internet users click away if a site takes more than three seconds to load. That means, top performance of sites on the results page greatly depends on their speed.

Therefore, high speed is the most crucial aspect of the site for a search engine and even internet users. To Google, it’s a matter of maintaining more users, and to the readers, it’s a matter of saving time. As a site owner, your web page URL must load and operate optimally to satisfy any search engine and internet users.

website speed

Keep in mind that Google does not rank super slow websites, which can impact your online search visibility. On the other hand, searchers are highly intolerant of slow sites.

If the sites can’t load up content within the shortest time possible, they’ll click away and opt for another site.

Realize that this further affects your search engine visibility. But the question remains, how do you ensure your site loads up super fast? Here’s how,

  • Optimize the images in your sites – Neither should the images be too many nor too large, as this will slow down your site.
  • Install a few plugins – the more plugins you have, the slower your site will be. 
  • Use Cached plugins – This will enhance your site’s speed and performance since the plugins will be serving the domain from a cache and not from the server.

What’s more, if you want to test your site’s speed, you can use an approach, which allows you to run full-page tests that help in determining the domain speeds. This way, you’ll identify things that are slowing down your site and improve on them for better SEO results.

# 11: Frequent Content Publishing

Neil Patel shares that when he increased the frequency of publishing content from once to twice per week, the monthly traffic elevated from 32000 to 41000. This shows that there’s a connection between frequent publishing and high visibility on results pages.

The only explanation is that frequent publishing helps boost SEO efforts by establishing and growing an audience. Also, if you already have a loyal readership, your audience expects to hear from you regularly.

In such a case, failure to publish frequently will lead to you losing fans. This then negatively impacts your visibility and affects your performance on results pages.

Additionally, regular publishing provides you with more posts to attract more followers and drive more traffic to your site. That’s because it helps you create more content most people are looking for.

For example, let’s say your site focuses on finance, and you’ve only covered topics like “Sources of funds in a business” and “benefits of sufficient finance in a business”.

In this case, if there were many searchers in your niche looking for “Tips to improve financial management”, frequent publishing will help you cover such topics and attract a new audience.

Improve Pages That Are Ranking On the second Page

Another way to improve your SEO visibility using content is by pushing your site from the second page to page 1. To start, use Google Search Console to identify keywords where your site ranks on the second page.

#12: Use Meta Descriptions in All Your Web Pages

Both meta descriptions and title tags give details of the content relevancy to achieve improved SERP rankings. Without a Meta description, Google will randomly decide what to show users as your summary.

Without a meta description, people will not find your content as most usually read the summary before clicking any link.

Google snippet

If the search engine selects a non-compelling text link as your content’s summary, your Click Through Rate (CTR) will reduce rapidly and affect your search visibility.

But you can solve this problem. Have a well-written Meta description for all your pages. Also, ensure that the descriptions include target keywords that people are searching for.


That way, a search engine will only present a compelling summary of your content on results pages. Consequently, you will attract more people and increase your CTR. In return, you’ll boost your SEO visibility.

#13: Incorporate Text With Visuals

Text alone does not have enough power to attract visitors and have them stay longer on your page. People prefer a combination of pictures, graphic imagery, videos, and texts.

Studies have shown that using a video on your landing page can improve conversion rates. And that’s crucial.

However, articles with images get 94% more total views. This stresses further the importance of mixing texts with visuals in your sites.

A combination of both is a powerful strategy of grabbing people’s attention and persuading them to do what you want.

By default, visuals usually awaken emotions in your audience and engage them in your content. If you combine this idea with powerful words that strike the audience’s emotions, your visibility will increase, and your rankings will improve.

#14: Format Your Web Pages Properly

If you are looking to increase your online visibility, your SEO strategy must begin with you having a proper website development. That means the page must be well organized such that all the navigation menus are strategically placed for easier user interaction with your page.

Apart from that, your font size and color should be clear for your audience to spot details without straining.

If, for example, you are using small font sizes and dull color in your content. Chances are, people will click away as they’re always in a hurry and are looking for solutions as fast as they can.

With that in mind, be sure to format your domain perfectly. Also, make it simpler for your audience to find your content and easily interact with your website.

In the end, your page will achieve maximum search engine visibility on the internet and drive more traffic to your content.

Why You Need SEO Visibility Score

You can use the search score to track the general visibility progress of your domain against that of your competitors. Also, it can help marketers evaluate visibility across various search engines.

To help your business improve from where it ranks in search results, you’ll have to enhance your digital marketing and SEO optimization tactic.

Since search volume normally keeps increasing, you should know how you can optimize your SEO approach and stand out.

analyze content

The SEO visibility metric also shows you the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. This shows how your landing pages and social network campaign have been connecting with the target audience to drive greater website traffic.

Also, it’s possible to compare different domain performances on search engines –for instance, competitors’ domain or thematically comparable pages.

Comparing between a winner and loser domain and SEO metrics helps you identify major changes or general trends in search engine positions. This occurs after doing algorithm updates.

This metric helps marketers determine what should be done to reach higher search engine rankings. Also, you can analyze your SEO visibility strategy effectiveness thus understanding organic search results and ranking factors.

Your SEO Strategy and Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility is the impression share your corporate sites for a specific search query. Search engine optimization is a great practice for increasing your brand awareness, website traffic data, sales, leads, and revenue.

It’s also an important component that helps boost your business. And with tools like Google Search Console and SEMRush you can now gauge your organization’s SEO visibility.

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