Best General Contractor Websites For Your Business in 2022

upqode | Nov 11th, 2022

Being a general constructor is a profitable business, but only when you have work. 

With the new technological advancement, many contractors have moved to the digital world to expand their business and reach new people. But, having a website is not enough to convert your visitors into leads. 

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You must design general contractor websites creatively while keeping a few tips and tricks in mind. You can either hire a web developer to do so or buy one of the many general contractor templates to get the work done. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to get started on general contractor websites.

Let’s begin! 

What Should a Contractor Website Include?

Here are the features you must have on your website if you want to create a website that can effectively convert your prospects into clients. 

  • Invest in a good digital camera, and capture high-quality photos of the projects to feature them on the website.
  • Tell your customers why they should choose you through the words of the ones who have already worked with you. You can even include video reviews for a better outcome. 
  • Don’t forget to mention your location and a short description. If your company is willing to travel for the projects, make sure to include that too.
  • Mention a list of services you offer, whether plumbing, tiling, or interior design. 
  • Include a contact form, email address, and contact number prominently on the homepage to ensure that the visitors can easily get in touch with you. 
  • If your company has an online presence on social media, make sure to include a link to that as well. 
  • Include a title, headshot, and short bio of the team’s core members so the potential clients can know who they’ll be working with. 

What Makes a Good General Contractor Website?

Professional Your website should have a modern, professional web design with plenty of white space between visual content and minimal text. 
Niche What is your specialization? Is it roofing, interior design, or a general contractor? Highlight it on your website, so visitors don’t waste time finding it. 
ResponsivePeople spend 70% of their internet time on mobile phones. Therefore it’s important to build a website keeping mobile users in mind.
IntuitiveThe website should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for all kinds of visitors. It should be fast too. Otherwise, you’d be losing more revenue than profiting it. 

30 Best General Contractor Websites Examples 

Vincent Roofing

Vincent Roofing - general contractor website
Source: Vincent Roofing

The website opens with a banner featuring a picture of the roofing and the number of services the company offers. The website effectively provides you with an in-depth understanding of why you should choose Vincent Roofing for the roofing services.  

Scroll down, and you’ll see several Before and After pictures of their completed projects. Plus, you’ll also find a pop-up of the rating of a business on Google. 

House of Bohn

House of Bohn - general contractor website
Source: House of Bohn

This website is one of general contractor websites examples that introduce you to the company, the founder of the company – Karin Bohn – along with several pictures of her with a personalized message, and a visually stunning portfolio that is categorized into

  • Residential;
  • Commercial;
  • Developer; 
  • Work in progress.

If you’re looking for a minimal, classic, and aesthetically pleasing general contractor website templates, House of Bohn is the best option! 

The Spaces

The Spaces - general contractor website
Source: The Spaces

With a well-structured layout and a striking design, you can hardly keep yourself from admiring the stunning design of the website. You can find several high-quality pictures on the website, organized with plenty of white space in between. 

The design is pretty simple and user-friendly. You’ll find pretty much everything on top of the homepage, including News, Architecture, Interior, etc. 

JDG Constructions

JDG Constructions
Source: JDG Constructions

The first impression is a serious thing in the web design business, as a good web design can convert your prospects into customers. 

JDB Construction’s customers are immediately drawn to the business with a uniquely designed, immaculate website. The layout is pretty simple. Scrolling will introduce you to the founders of the company, their completed projects, and a brief list of their services. You can also find several photos of their work on Gallery. 

Desert Valley Contracting

Desert Valley Contracting - general contractor website
Source: Desert Valley Contracting

Customers always want you to get to the point straight away, and Desert Valley Contracting company understands it well. 

The navigation is very simple and user-friendly. You will find a list of desert valleys’ services, commercial and residential projects, and testimonials. Moreover, you can easily request a quote on their website. 

United Elite Group

United Elite Group - general contractor website
Source: United Elite Group

The website has a modern, classic, and sleek touch. With a simple, easy-to-navigate layout, you can surf the website without hassle. Plus, the minimal structure lets the viewer focus on the high-quality project pictures.  

Alongside the photos, you will find a short message on how they got started, their projects, and the work process. 

Evergreen Synthetic Grass

Source: Evergreen Synthetic Grass

EverGreen Synthetic Grass is a website focusing on high-quality photos to win potential customers. The website uses environmental appeal to connect with the audience. 

Plus, the website offers you a plethora of reasons why you should choose their business for your artificial grass needs. Furthermore, you’ll find a list of services, a gallery of photos of their past projects, and why you should choose them for the business. 


Voscon - general contractor website
Source: Voscon

Voscon website features a video on the homepage that gives you a virtual tour of everything that goes on behind the scenes at the construction company. You will find plenty of white space between high-quality pictures of their services, projects, procedure, and news, giving the website a clean look. 

Jova Construction

Jova Construction - general contractor website
Source: Jova Construction

Jova Construction is one of the most creatively designed and best general contractor websites. With unique typography, posh pictures, and a pleasing color palette, the website is a creative force that is a treat to the eyes. They also include a section of client testimonials to help you make the final decision. 

 Siena Construction

Siena Construction - general contractor website
Source:  Siena Construction

Siena Construction website is one of the general contractor websites examples that is cleverly designed to captivate the viewer’s attention. The website showcases the company’s previous projects by placing the photos on top of one another. If you hover over a photo, you’ll find an icon. If you click on it, it will redirect you to further information. 

 Advanced Builders and Contractors

Advanced Builders and Contractors
Source:  Advanced Builders and Contractors

The website offers visitors all the information about the company. Interestingly, the information on the general contractor websites is organized, which does not make it too overwhelming for the visitor. 

What’s cooler is that you will not only find textual but visual reviews of their past projects on the website too! Plus, you can easily find the company’s ratings and reviews on various websites.

 Sbud Pro

Sbud Pro - general contractor website
Source: Sbud Pro

It is a cool and unique website with several homepage videos. The videos are behind-the-scenes videos showcasing the work procedure to really give the visitors the idea of what they are signing up for. 

If you’re someone who heavily relies on visual content, then Sbud Pro is a good example to follow.

 Divine Builders

Divine Builders - general contractor website
Source: Divine Builders

With a clean, modern design, the website primarily focuses on the company’s work; Divine Builders’ site features a unique slide of photos with short messages, including client testimonials. 

The website also features the company’s contact number prominently on top of the page so potential customers can easily connect with the company. 


Source: Groesbeck

Groesbeck Construction website is simple and easy to navigate. The website features a slider of images, followed by a short introduction to the company and customer testimonials. The blue and white palette of the website with a hint of yellow gives it a sleek and contemporary touch. 

 Apex Transformations

Apex Transformations
Source:  Apex Transformations

Unlike most of the websites on this list, Apex Transformation’s website follows a dark minimalist theme with bold typography and a slider of videos to showcase their recent projects. This technique makes it stand out among the crowd of hundreds of general contractor websites. 

You’ll find a list of their projects, services, and a comprehensive FAQ section on the elegantly designed homepage of the website. 

 Contractors Reporting Services

Contractors Reporting Services
Source: Contractors Reporting Services

You can find plenty of information on the top of this general contractor websites. However, the information is divided into categories, separated by the abundance of space to keep it from being too overwhelming. 

The company has included their contact number, email address, and a link to download the Credit Report Application PDF at the top, followed by six categories, including information and services, etc. The site also includes a separate section of the client’s reviews and ratings posted on Google Reviews. 

Max Home

Max Home
Source: Max Home

Max Home is a home improvement website that relies heavily on visual content. The layout is simple but catches your eye immediately. There are several pictures, call-to-actions, and an Our Story video on the website. That’s sure to market the business well. 

If you hover over the photos, you’ll find tidbits of information on the picture or a link to one of the categories. Max Home is a good example to follow if you want to make a simple yet stunningly visual website.

 CCS Difference

CCS Difference
Source: CCS Difference

CCS Difference website has a very professional layout and a modern design combined with a hint of classic. The website shares an in-depth knowledge of the company, the work procedure, experts, and their recent projects divided into several categories. Some popular projects, including O’Hare International Airport, UAE University, etc are also shared on the website. 

New Age

New Age
Source: New Age

The company’s website is a testimony of its work, as it includes several projects divided into various categories, such as interior design, plumbing, tiling, etc. This way, you can easily land on the projects you want to see rather than browsing through several pictures trying to find one relevant to you. 

Continental Electrical Construction Company

Continental Electrical Construction Company
Source: Continental Electrical Construction Company

The company does not like to go overboard with the information on its homepage, only featuring services, a short introduction titled The Chicago Skyline is Our Resume, and their latest projects. 

The short introduction immediately draws one in as it builds the company’s authority and credibility in the visitor’s perception. After all, a website’s credibility is largely driven by design.  

 The Ultimate Pro

The Ultimate Pro
Source: The Ultimate Pro

The website uses a large banner of slider images to capture the visitor’s attention. You’ll also find a video on the homepage linking to the company’s YouTube channel. This shows that the company has adjusted well to the digital world too. 

The Ultimate Pro doesn’t use plenty of information on the homepage and only focuses on a few tidbits of important information to make a long-lasting impression on the customer. 

Maison Usinex

Maison Usinex
Source: Maison Usinex

Maison Usinex follows a minimalist and modern theme. The website has plenty of animated texts and several effective calls to action throughout the homepage. 

The company has also subtly mentioned why you should choose them on the homepage by effectively mentioning their expertise in the field. 


Source: Caledonian

Users form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds, and you need them to form a good opinion, right? 

Caledonian’s visual website stands out on this list for its plethora of unique features, such as the white and red color palette and a strong visual identity. The center of focus is the visual content with minimal text. This makes it easy to understand what the company does.

 Bama Contracting

Bama Contracting
Source: Bama Contracting

The company understands the concept of visual themes well. Therefore, the website follows a particularly striking color scheme: blue, yellow, and orange.

The overall layout is simple, informative, and easy to navigate. The information is divided into checks, with several calls to action and hyperlinks to make it easy to digest. 

PRB Architects

PRB Architects
Source: PRB Architects

Most of the space on the PRB Architect’s website homepage is given a visual weight to draw attention to the projects without including text. This is an effective marketing technique, as the use of high-quality project pictures will do more work for you than any textual content. 

OasisBuilders Inc

OasisBuilders Inc
Source: OasisBuilders Inc

With bold typography, high-quality pictures, and a project video on the banner, Oasis Builders is a professional construction company that will really get your work done. Moreover, you will find video testimonials of clients and the company’s awards and achievements. This establishes the company’s authority before you have even engaged with them directly. 

Interior Lab

Interior Lab
Source: Interior Lab

Interior Lab has a beautiful website focused on visual storytelling. The homepage only features a gallery of past projects with no textual content. You can also find four categories at the top of the page. This is one of the best general contractor website templates to follow if you want to create a website that relies on pictures to do the job. 

Sunny Development Group

Sunny Development Group
Source: Sunny Development Group

Sunny Development Group is a post website with a large banner of a modern villa that immediately draws the attention of the visitor. With text on the image, and a call to action, the website does a brilliant job at marketing the beautiful villas of Bali. 

 Goldenline Construction

Goldenline Construction
Source: Goldenline Construction

The company’s website features a video on the homepage, giving visitors a virtual tour of the company’s project. Moreover,  a contact form popup is also present for visitors to easily get in touch with the company. 

The company also mentions its services at the top-left of the page, followed by several projects’ photos and locations. The website is minimal, focusing on the visual content of projects to show prospects the company’s strong capabilities to attract new clients.

Key Takeaway

Being a general contractor in this age means keeping up with modern technology. 

Having general contractor websites is not enough. You must ensure that the website ticks all the checkboxes mentioned in this article to generate more leads and, eventually, clients. You can create an ultra-modern website with various sections or keep it minimal by featuring a gallery of project pictures. 

If you’re looking for a partner to help you design a contractor website that will help you reach your business goals, contact UPQODE today.

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