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upqode | Mar 14th, 2022

Having a website for your brand and business is more important than ever! You need a strong online presence, and it is only possible with a stunning website. Luckily for you, in this article, we’ll discuss the top webflow templates you can use.

We have witnessed an increase in the time people spend online. Remote working has become more common than ever, and people use their phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and all devices to browse the internet more than ever. 

There is a greater emphasis on improving your online presence, and what other way to achieve that than with a website? To build a website, you need a template that suits your business and brand. Thankfully, Webflow has an endless range of templates that you can use to create your website.  

Why Should You Use Webflow?

Once you make Webflow a part of your design workflow, you will realize how excellent this tool is. There are countless reasons why you should start using Webflow if you haven’t already. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using Webflow. 

1. Webflow Visualizes The Code 

It’s not necessary that everyone on the design team is comfortable with working with code. It can be challenging for people who have no prior experience. Webflow enables you to see all the elements in a visual form, and you can move the webflow template elements around without having to work with code. There is no need for you to write lines of code, refresh the page, and wait for the elements to appear on the page. 

2. Makes Responsive Design Easier 

When creating a website, it takes a massive amount of effort to create a responsive design. And once you are done, you have to repeat the entire process for the tablet or mobile design. It can be challenging and exhausting for even the most experienced designers. 

With the help of Webflow, you can create the most impressive responsive design for the desktop site and with a click of a single button, you get an already-complete reflow of your design for tablet and mobile devices. You also have the option to make a few tweaks to the design to make sure it matches your idea perfectly.  

3. Get Prototypes Instead Of Mock-ups 

Is your team still creating mock-ups of the website design in photoshop and sending it for the clients to review? It is time to change up your workflow and get with the times. Having a prototype of the website looks much more professional and impressive. 

The static mock-ups take a lot of time and effort to create, and then your stakeholders have a difficult time envisioning the pictures you send them as fully functional websites. Webflow enables you to send out working website prototypes, full of content instead of the typical lorem ipsum.  

4. Illustrate Your Interaction Model With Ease 

You often have outstanding ideas regarding interaction and animation on your website, but it can be difficult to visualize or illustrate them the way you want. In the past, you might have spent a lot of time trying to animate them in photoshop by switching the layers on and off, creating videos and GIFs, and doing so much more. 

However, with Webflow, you don’t have to worry about spending a massive amount of time and effort on illustrating your interaction model. You can build your interaction model using the same tool you use to build the rest of your website. You don’t have to worry about coding, explaining your idea to a developer, or making GIFs and videos. 

5. Bridge The Gap Between Design And Development 

It can be very challenging and time-consuming to collaborate with developers and bring all your designs to life. You have to keep creating mock-ups and images and explaining them to the developers that have to bring them to life. And you also have to take into account all the back and forth of feedback and edits. 

However, with the help of Webflow, you don’t have to worry about that. When you use a Webflow template, you are not designing vectors or pixels. In fact, you are designing real CSS and HTML. All you need to do is click a button and your developers get a semantic version of your design which is already code and does not require any translation.  

6. Design Hundreds Of Pages At Once 

People who have already designed for a CMS know that you need to create one design for your blog posts. But when you are creating that one page, you don’t have to fill it up with big, stunning images, motivational quotes by Steve Jobs, or just lorem ipsum. You should be creating these pages with real content. 

Building your websites with actual content is a lot more beneficial. You can identify the type of content they create and build empathy with your users. Once you know the content that will be on the website, you can design the website based on the content instead of the other way around. It can give you the opportunity to create impressive custom designs. 

7. Bridge The Gap Between Content And Design 

The gap between design and content is just as vast as the gap between development and design, even though it is not talked about or acknowledged as much. Designers outnumber content makers by a huge margin, which is why content writers are often left with no other option but to fit their words into the layouts. 

Webflow is an excellent platform that enables writers, editors, and marketers to update content across the website instantly. They can edit and create landing pages across the Webflow template without support from the design and development team. 

8. More Speed And Consistency 

Webflow templates that are available come with an incredible tool for designers to create a design style guide. You can capture your brand’s logo, typographic styles, color palettes, icon guidelines, and much more. The style guide helps designers maintain consistency throughout the website. 

When designing different pages, you can just refer to the style guide and find all the elements that help you maintain the cohesive look of your website. It saves a significant amount of time because you don’t have to select the different elements from scratch for every page. 

How To Choose The Right Webflow Template 

Choosing a webflow template for building your website can seem daunting. You have to be aware of the things you need to keep in mind before you make your decision. Having some factors in the back of your mind while you browse through webflow templates can help you make the best possible decision. Let’s look at some things you should consider before choosing a webflow template. 

1) Your Type Of Business 

If you are selling t-shirts online, then the layout of your website will be a lot different than a lawyer’s website. You have to think about the purpose of your website before you choose the webflow template to use. Having an understanding of your niche can help you choose a template that showcases your services and products the best.  

2) Your Goals 

Before you start browsing through webflow templates, you have to be sure of the goals you have for your website and business. Are you going to start selling right away? Are you going to set up a blog? You have to be sure of what you want to achieve with the website before you decide which template you will be going for.  

3) Research Various Website Designs 

There have been moments in everyone’s lives where they visited a website and were immediately impressed by the design. Before you start browsing through webflow templates, you should do a little research on your own. If there is anyone in your niche that you look up to, you can visit their website and get an idea regarding which elements you want on your own website. 

4) Decide On The Design Necessities 

Before you select a webflow template, you have to be sure of the necessary design elements. There are a lot of things that have to be on your website, and you should know what they are before you settle on a template. For example, you have to think about the header design, the content width, the navigation menu bar design, responsive design, and much more. 

5) Ease Of Use 

When you are looking for the perfect webflow template for your website, you should consider the ease of use. If you wanted something complicated, you could’ve just outsourced your website to an experienced development team. You should always look for a website template that will be easy for you to understand and set up. It ensures you don’t spend any extra time creating your website and there is no steep learning curve.  

6) Consider The Functionality Of The Template 

SEO is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful website, and having a website template that facilitates optimization for you to achieve higher rankings on search engines is essential. It is also important that the webflow template you use allows you to integrate different tools, making the overall experience of your website significantly better. For example, if you are setting up an online store, your website template should be able to integrate e-commerce tools and elements. 

7) You Can Experiment 

When you start browsing through webflow templates, it is not necessary that you find everything you are looking for in the first few templates. However, you should always try using the templates and find out how they work and what they are missing. Getting the full experience by using the templates can help you make an even better decision. There are various free webflow templates or templates that have free trials. You can use them and play around with the design to figure out what you really need.  

Best 50 Free Webflow Templates 

Chomp – Restaurant Website Template 

Chomp Webflow Templates

Chomp is an excellent free webflow template. It is suitable for restaurants, and enables you to put up your menu and all the relevant information. Chomp uses beautiful fonts and color palettes to help your website stand out. 

Fitnesso – Fitness Website Template 

Fitnesso webflow templates

Fitnesso is a free fitness website webflow template. It uses fonts and colors that are appropriate for a fitness website. You can add all the details regarding your business, give an idea to the customers about what your work is about and offer packages and deals. 

Luma – Retail Website Template 

Luma webflow templates

Luma is a webflow template that is apt for all your e-commerce needs. It enables you to show your products in the best way possible. This webflow template has a sleek design that is visually pleasing, and it can accommodate all the different pages and elements your business requires. 

Biznus – Retail Website Template 

Acme webflow templates

Biznus is another retail webflow template. It is a free webflow template and you can use it to set up your retail business. It enables you to showcase your product and services, and you can add any contact information to make your customer service even better. 

Portfolio Starter – Portfolio Website Template

Portfolio webflow templates

As the name suggests, Portfolio Starter is one of the best free portfolio webflow templates. It enables you to have a stylish homepage and about sections. You can show your work in a setting that is aesthetically pleasing. It is a free webflow template, and you can make any customizations that you require. It is one of the best webflow templates for creating a portfolio. 

Grit – Fashion Website Template 

Grit webflow templates

A fashion website must be stylish otherwise people will not be interested in what you have to say. Grit is one of the best free webflow templates that enables you to upload beautiful pictures and content. You can embellish it even further with the words you write. It is a sleek design that also has room for you to publish any blogs or articles. 

Store Starter – Business Website Template 

Store Starter webflow templates

Store Starter is a free webflow template for your business needs. You can use it to set up a website for your business in no time. This webflow template has a minimalistic design and you can let your business shine. The various customizable elements of this webflow template let you create the perfect store and build an excellent customer experience. 

Business Starter – Business Website Template 

Business webflow templates

Business Starter is a free webflow template that is similar to Store Starter, the template we mentioned above. It has a similar design and options for you to try. You can create different pages for the visitors and provide all the information that is required for your online business. 

CoffeeStyle – Coffee Shop Website Template 

CoffeeStyle webflow templates

CoffeeStyle is a free webflow template that is perfect for anyone with a cafe or a coffee shop. It enables you to set up an excellent e-commerce platform on which you can sell all products related to your business. You can add a blog to the website to boost the SEO even further and have a section where you can showcase the products you want to sell. 

Toystore – Retail Website Template 

ToyStore webflow templates

Toystore is another popular webflow template that is perfect for people who want to run a retail business online. It is a comprehensive e-commerce website template. You can set up your store and add contact details on separate web pages. It also enables you to create a page for details regarding the delivery service for your business. 

Fre – Fashion Website Template 

Fre webflow templates

Fre is a fashion website webflow template. It has a minimalistic, stylish design. For a fashion website, you need something that will catch the attention of the visitor and make them explore the website further. With Fre, you get to create a high-end experience for your audience. You can set up your online store and blog and showcase your services. 

Mariela – Retail Website Template 

Mariela webflow templates

Mariela is a webflow template that is perfect for home decor and accessories. If you want a website for your home decor or accessories business, you can choose Mariela. This free webflow template uses a soft color palette to create a soothing experience for the users. You can put attention on the products you are selling with this webflow template. 

Uncommon – Portfolio Website Template 

Uncommon webflow templates

Uncommon is a portfolio webflow template. It uses negative and white space in the best way possible. It is an excellent webflow template that can help you show who you are to the world. You can set up multiple pages to show off your portfolio and contact details. This webflow template is artistic and gives off a calm and serene vibe. 

Notable – Blog Website Template 

Noiceland webflow templates

Blogs are crucial to establish your online presence in this day and age. Notable is a blog webflow template that can help you set up your blog. It enables you to add large, beautiful images to make the website look more appealing. You can organize your blog posts according to the latest posts. It is another webflow template that showcases how negative space can be incorporated nicely. 

Momentum – Business Website Template 

Momentum webflow templates

Momentum is a business webflow template. It is one of the best webflow templates when it comes to setting up an online store for your business. You can also launch your latest products and put them under the spotlight using landing pages in the template. It uses vibrant colors and fun fonts to make the website look attention-grabbing. 

Pompeo – Retail Website Template 

Pompeo webflow templates

Online stores and retail websites have become incredibly popular. Everyone wants to set up an online store for their business. Pompeo is another retail webflow template that can help you establish your business online. You can add all your products and showcase them in the best way possible for your target audience. The template uses unique fonts and contrasting colors that help in making it stand out. 

Moon – Blog Website Template 

Moon webflow templates

Moon is a blog webflow template that is simple and straightforward. You can use it to create and run your blog. There is no use of large images or illustrations, and all the focus is on the text you put on your website. It can be an excellent option for anyone who is starting out a blog or wants to run an informative website for people to read. 

Propel – Business Website Template 

Propel webflow templates

Propel is another business webflow template that uses diverse fonts and color palettes to stand out. You can use it for any type of business, but it can be an exceptionally good option for food-related businesses. It is also one of the best webflow templates for B2B companies, and you can create a blog for your business. It also enables you to add a separate page for all the details regarding your pricing. 

Denali – Blog Website Template 

denali webflow templates

Denali is a basic blog webflow template that allows you to show your content to the world. You can add a section to describe yourself and present yourself to the world. You can also add images to the blogs you post. It is a template that enables you to link your various social media accounts to it, making it an excellent choice for bloggers and influencers that work on multiple platforms. 

Startup – Startup Website Template 

Startup webflow templates

It is the age of startups, and Startup is the ideal free webflow template for your startup. Whether you are an app developer or a content agency, you can set up your website with this webflow template. It allows you to show off the work you do and connect with potential clients and customers. You can add all the information regarding your company and the services you have to offer. 

Evermore – Blog Website Template 

Evermore webflow templates

Evermore is another straightforward and simple blog webflow template. If you have a lot of thoughts to share with the world, this webflow template enables you to set up a website that is perfect for your blogging needs. It is a text-heavy template, and you can link it with all your social media channels. This webflow template helps you create a website that can be updated frequently with new content. 

TileDesign – Portfolio Website Template 

TileDesign webflow templates

Tiledesign is one of the most visually pleasing portfolio webflow templates that are free. You can add stunning images and illustrations to the web pages and showcase all the work you have done. You can upload all information about yourself and the projects you have done in the past. It also enables you to connect all your social media profiles with your portfolio, making it easier for people who are hiring you to go through your accounts and online presence. 

Milton – Blog Website Template 

Milton webflow templates

Milton is one of the best free webflow templates. You can use it to set up your blog. The layout enables you to showcase your content and add images with the posts. You can have a separate page to describe yourself and what you do. It is a straightforward blogging webflow template that can be customized based on what you require for your blog. 

Lamar – Blog Website Template 

Lamar webflow templates

Lamar is another blog webflow template that is easy to set up. It is simple, and relies mostly on the content you upload. It can be an excellent choice for you to use the colors of your brand and give it a personality. 

Escape – Blog Website Template 

Escape webflow templates

Escape is a free webflow template that is visually stunning. You can add various sections and make your brand shine. It enables you to create a blog and upload content that can help you get attention from the audience. 

Tokyo – Blog Website Template 

Tokyo webflow templates

Tokyo is a webflow template that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. It enables you to draw attention to your content and you can set your brand apart from the competition by using the elements that are reminiscent of your company. 

Newport – Photography Website Template 

Newport webflow templates

Photography websites can help you grab the attention of people who might be interested in your work. You can showcase your work better than ever using this webflow template. It is one of the best webflow templates to set up a gallery and present your work to the world. 

Versus – Portfolio Website Template 

Versus webflow templates

When creating a portfolio website, you need a webflow template that will show the world how talented you are and the kind of work you have been up to. The Versus webflow template is perfect for portfolios. 

Metric – Business Website Template 

Metric webflow templates

Metric is a business website webflow template. You can show what services you provide and the pricing. You can also use it to sell a tool or software. 

Incredible – Multipurpose Website Template 

incredible webflow templates

Incredible is a multipurpose webflow template. You can use it for various types of websites and businesses. This webflow template can be customised based on your needs and requirements. 

Method – Band Website Template 

method webflow templates

As a band, you do need a website to keep your audience updated with all your activities and new releases. Method is a free webflow template that can be used by bands and changed to fit their image and vibe. 

Velocity – Multipurpose Website Template 

Velocity webflow templates

Velocity is another multipurpose webflow template. You can use it to set up a website about your business and showcase your brand and the services you offer. You can also create a blog to boost the SEO. 

Pixly – Coming Soon Website Template 

Pixly webflow templates

Pixly is a webflow template for a website that is under construction and coming soon. You can customize it to fit the aesthetic of your brand and keep everyone excited about the new website for your business that is going to be launched. 

Blurr – Coming Soon Website Template 

Blurr webflow templates

Blurr is another template for a website that is coming soon. You can use it to show what your future website is going to be about and get people curious about the services you have to offer to them. 

Gallio – Corporate Website Template 

Gallio webflow templates

Corporate websites are often boring. However, this corporate webflow template ensures you get to showcase your company and the services you have to offer in the best way possible. You can use images and content to make your website shine. 

Donerun – Mobile Website Template 

Donerun webflow templates

In today’s day and age, people use mobiles for most of their browsing. Having the perfect mobile website can help your brand grow. This mobile webflow template helps you set up your brand’s website for mobile devices. 

Space – App Website Template 

Space webflow templates

Even applications need websites. Space is a webflow template for apps. If you have created an app, you can use this template to set up the website for it and let people know about all the features and pricing options you have to offer. 

Minimal – Agency Website Template 

Minimal webflow templates

When you are running an agency, you need a website to grow your online presence and reach. Minimal is a free webflow template that can help you showcase all the services you offer and establish yourself as a brand. 

Magnetic – Coming Soon Website Template 

Magnetic webflow templates

Magnetic is an eye-catching webflow template for a coming soon website. You can use it to create hype around your business and brand. 

Florence – Personal Website Template 

Florence webflow templates

To create a brand for yourself, you need a personal website. Florence is a free webflow template that enables you to show who you are to the world and share the content you want to share. 

Starter – Multipurpose Website Template 

Starter webflow templates

Starter is a multipurpose webflow template. You can use it and customize it based on your brand and business needs. You can use it to create your online store or start a blog for your business. 

Terminal – Business Website Template 

Terminal webflow templates

Terminal is a business webflow template that is perfect for you to showcase your services to the internet. You can edit the template to present yourself in the best way possible and establish your brand. 

Smith – Portfolio Website Template 

Smith webflow templates

Smith is another portfolio webflow template. You can upload all the content related to your work and the projects you have been a part of. It is an excellent template that you can use to show the services you have to offer. 

Proof – Blog Website Template 

Proof webflow templates

Proof is a blog webflow template. You can upload your content and images to make the website stand out. You can also make the changes you need to make in order to establish your brand online. 

Stone – Portfolio Website Template 

Stone webflow templates

Stone is a portfolio webflow template. This template uses neutral colors and looks simple and visually pleasing. You can upload your work history and contact information. 

BONUS: 5 Paid Webflow Templates 

Church 128 – Religious Events Website Template

Church webflow templates

Church 128 is a religious events template. The template offers unique tools that cater to any religious event’s needs. The template’s unique features make it easier for your church to display any essential information. The template’s design is simple yet elegant and provides an easy user experience.   

Unicorns – Startup Website Template 

Unicorns webflow templates

Unicorns is one of the best webflow templates for startups. You can show the internet what your company and brand is about and grow your reach using this template. 

Rela – Spa and Wellness Website Template

Rela webflow templates

Rela is a beautiful template designed to meet your spa and salon website needs. The template’s aesthetic is perfect for any personal grooming and wellness business. The minimal and stylish design is will make it easier for your business to stand out.

Moovit – Transport Website Template 

Moovit webflow templates

Moovit is a great template for cargo and transport companies. The eye-catching design of the template will attract viewers and goes great with a transportation company’s aesthetic. The template offers several tools that make it easier to organize your business. The organized layout quickly provides viewers with any information they might need on your business.

MyRental – Real Estate Website Template 

MyRental webflow templates

MyRental is a real estate webflow template. You can set up your website using this template and provide information regarding the services you offer related to real estate. The template is beautiful and provides you with the opportunity to set up multiple pages. 


Webflow templates can help you create the perfect website for your business. There are countless webflow templates available, paid and free, which you can use to establish an online presence for your brand and business. 

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