7 Best Fitness Website Design Templates to Attract More Customers [Complete Guide]

upqode | Aug 17th, 2020

Do you want a fitness website design that actually represents what you sell? A design that attract more customers and increase conversions? We are here to help you get just that.

In the last several years, fitness website design has undergone major shifts. As such, readymade designs, free templates, and website builders make it possible for you to get your business online. Also, they allow professional designers to focus more on a brand voice.

In the competitive and rapidly growing fitness industry, this has been an incredible shift. While starting with a template or pre-made design is a great strategy for you, it should, however, align with your goals.

Here’s an open secret among professional fitness website designers: web pages are made of HTML & CSS and have a few scripts thrown in. Therefore, it means that you can find website templates from any good web platform.

With that in mind, picking the right fitness website template from the right web platform can help you build the right design and functionality that best suits your online business.

So, as you look to build a fitness website you must consider whether you’ll do all the work yourself or contract the help of a fitness website design company.

But the question is: How can I get started? Well, first you’ll need some of the best fitness websites design ideas to point you in the right direction. 

So, what are some fitness website design inspirations you can play around with?

7 Best Fitness Website Design Teplates That Can Draw In More Clients

#1 – Fhitting Room

This site is perfect for drawing in visitors. Fhitting room website design features a video at the top in its hero segment. This video is well-produced and it shows off the gym’s workouts and classes.

It‘s a gym website that works to achieve the goal of engaging with clients. Fhitting room uses a brighter color design and scheme than other sites for gyms. Plus its color palette is amazing. Also, it uses a green accent color that pops against the gray and white background.

Fhitting room website design

As the homepage sections enter and exit the site elements stand out when you scroll down. The flourishes are a nice touch that works well in setting apart this unique brand.

Besides its visuals, the Fhitting Room site also incorporates extensive trainer bios that are crucial for a gym with a focus on classes.

I also want to draw your attention to this section because this website not only includes bios for the trainers, but it also features schedule pages of each trainer’s classes and their workout playlist.

Fhitting room website design

The use of this feature serves to show that the trainers are what make this Gym unique. Again, its instructor bios help make this the best fitness website so far.

#2 – ModelFIT

The ModelFIT website design adopts a lifestyle blog look than that of a gym. Its homepage layout flows from one section to the next, and features bright, popping color accents. By scrolling further down the page, you’ll access more information on the nutrition and the types of classes offered.

The ModelFIT website design

A unique feature with modelFIT design is their online app that lets you stream classes regardless of your location.

Also, this website features online booking for their classes. Besides, it uses mind-body for class registrations, an app that is prominently used in these best gym website designs.

#3 – Athlete (theme)

The Athlete fitness website design inspiration pops visually. This theme features great and unique graphics and elements.

When scrolling down this site homepage, some of its components enter from animate and off-screen. This works well in capturing and having your clients stay on your site. Plus, it’s extremely engaging and its parallax design is above all striking visually.

The Athlete fitness website design

The Athlete is a WordPress website theme that offers different types of page options. Furthermore, it also includes a blog, a calendar, and eCommerce options.

What’s more, this WordPress theme has a unique blog section. I especially highlight this aspect because it looks amazing. So, if having an amazing and great-looking blog is a must for your fitness studio website design, this theme might be what you need.

#4 – Mile High Run Club

This design idea made it to these fitness website design templates because it works hard to connect with members from where they mostly are – social media sites. The Mile High Run Club homepage incorporates prominent real estate for their Instagram feed. 

When on this site, you’ll see their embedded Insta posts plus you can comment or like them. What’s more, this site also lets clients engage with them on Strava.

Mile High Run Club website screenshot

Since the gym understands its audience quite well – their homepage notably features current events as well as upcoming races plus a plan for gym-created training. For its active members, this New York gym has a training plan which is a great way of keeping its members occupied.

The Mile High Run Club site and social media presence is the best highlight on how fitness website designs need to look at platforms where they best connect with their audience.

#5 – TheGem (theme)

TheGem website has everything you’d want and looks great. This fitness club website design has a harmonious balance from the icons to images and its color scheme. Plus, its images match well the color scheme which makes it look complete and well thought out.

This site also features elements that all visitors would want: programs, a schedule, instructors, and a store.

TheGem (theme) website screenshot

TheGem design is a WordPress website theme that allows you to create an amazing gym website. It’s very robust and features a layout that’s specifically designed for gyms.

When you use a layout like this, the challenge you will face will come up when you need content to fill the available space.

Tip: When you opt to use this WordPress theme, make sure you take advantage of its full layout.

On some occasions when it comes to themes, users might discard some sections if they do not have enough content to fill it. In doing so, the site will end up looking rather empty. Therefore, if you are looking to build the best fitness website using this theme, ensure that you use the space well.

#6 – Phive

Phive has a beautiful and dynamic website design that stands out. This website design uses a video hero at the top of its homepage that triggers once you start scrolling down. Plus the video used is of great quality.

This fitness website features a parallax design. Its graphics, images, videos, photos, and unique layout help set it apart from other gym websites I’ve come across.

Phive website design

Visiting the different sections of this website gives you an interactive experience, with transitions and animations between pages and sections.

Now that you have some inspirational templates for your fitness club website design the next step before marketing your site is building the actual website. Here, you can decide to work with a fitness website designer or create the site on your own. 

All the same, you can use the following guide to develop a site that is right for your business. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

#7 – PureBarre

PureBarre is another fitness club website design idea and it’s very invested in graphics. Its homepage top section features a video that highlights their classes.

When scrolling down this page, it includes images that further display their classes using bold red texts on top of greyscale photos. 

PureBarre website screenshot

As you continue down the page, you’ll come across some excellent member testimonials which are an awesome feature as they help the gym show its value to prospective members.

Any gym and fitness club website can claim to get you the results you want or help you lose 30 pounds. However, with member testimonials, you will show a prospective member how the real workout is like for the existing members. Plus, they use great-quality photos in this section.

How to Build the Best Gym and Fitness Website Design Structures

The following five easy steps can help you set up and launch your site in no time

1. Decide on a platform

Before you design your fitness website, the first step is deciding on a platform. So far, there are many CMS (content management system) and website builders that can help you create a fitness website.

But, I always recommend the use of self-hosted WordPress (which differs from WordPress.com).

WordPress website screenshot

Using self-hosted WordPress has many reasons which include:

  • It’s flexible – it allows you to make your fitness site function and look as you want it to
  • The software is completely free (but you have to pay a few bucks each month for hosting)
  • It’s popular and beginner-friendly, and you can easily find support and help when you need it. WordPress powers more than 33% of all websites on the net.

2. Choose a Domain Name and a Hosting Plan

If you have decided to use WordPress in creating your fitness website, the next step would be to choose a domain name and the right hosting plan for your project.

Domain name

A domain name should preferably have the same name as your gym and fitness business. This will help your clients find you online easily. If this is not the case, consider using the help of a domain name generator to find a relevant and suitable name.

do more fun website purchase the domain name

You can then purchase the domain name as you set up your hosting.


There are many hosting options for your WordPress website that range from cheap hosts to the pricier options of managed WordPress hosts.

Since your website is a set of computer files, those files need to “live” somewhere. Therefore, website hosting companies often rent space on their specialized servers that avail and store your website files once someone visits your website.

3. Install Your Chosen Fitness Theme

Since there are many fitness website design ideas, always choose one that will suit your business needs.

One major benefit of using WordPress is that it offers a wide variety of plugins, products, themes, and services. Also, you’ll find a huge selection of both the free and premium WordPress website themes that work well for a gym and fitness industry website.

As you choose a theme for your fitness website, keep the following points in mind…

Customization – If you’re seeking to create a unique fitness website, you should pick a theme that offers advanced customization options and settings.

Appearance – To avoid spending your time in redesigning your fitness site, choose a website that will best reflect your brand and style. A theme that boasts of having over 100 demos should not over-impress you – rather choose one demo for your fitness website.

Features – Every theme comes with a different list of features. So, choose a theme that has features you need. They should also be appropriate for your fitness business.

Price – Each theme differs in price, so choose one that’s right for your budget. Note that premium plugins can on some occasions be included in the pricing of a premium theme, and this will eventually save you money.

To confirm what you get, make sure you check the demos provided and read the theme reviews before you make a purchase.

4. Include the Essential Elements and the Right Pages

As you create content and pages for your website design, ensure it is uncluttered, visually appealing, and only reflects your brand. The quality of your content is important, so invest more time in creating and checking the text before publishing it. 

Also, you must display stunning images of the classes or your gym in action to grab your audiences’ attention.

So which features and pages should your fitness site have?

About page

Ensure that your About page promotes your fitness business. It needs to clearly describe what you do and who you are. Also, introduce your services or fitness club and describe your approach to wellness and fitness and how clients will benefit.

Also, be sure to include your skills, qualifications, and experience. Doing so helps show that you’re an expert in your specified field.

When creating your fitness website, use a chatty and personal tone in your writing as it helps engage your readers.

Again, add pictures of you and your team members, not forgetting photos of your fitness classes in action. This helps portray you as competent and friendly thus helping you connect with potential clients.


The homepage should describe to your audience what your fitness business is about. You can use videos and large images for introducing potential clients to the services you offer.

Timetable plus an online booking system

A calendar that displays classes’ timetable and PT session is a crucial element for any fitness website. Also, consider including an online booking system which will make it easy for clients to book a class online.

Contact page

Including a contact page on your fitness website makes it easy for clients to contact you. Some features you can include on a contact page are…

  • Opening times
  • Contact form
  • Physical address
  • Phone number and email address


There are fitness websites that share testimonials from both current and past clients. So, consider showing clients before and after pictures, display positive quotes describing your coaching, or better still add video footage of your client’s work out.

The success stories of others will help motivate potential clients into contacting you.

An interactive map that helps clients locate your fitness studio

While most modern themes come with a default contact form, you may want to improve your contact page. If that’s the case, consider installing plugins that offer advanced contact features.

5. Include Lead Generation Tools

You must focus on growing your social media following and email list for your fitness business. This can help you keep promoting your services to the target audience even after they’ve left your website.

So which lead generation tools can you include on your fitness website? Such tools may include:

  • Social Media Buttons – Consider adding social media sharing buttons to your fitness website to encourage your audience to follow and share your content on social media.
  • Popup and Optin Forms – Consider adding opt-in forms as well as Popups to your gym and fitness website to help boost your mailing list.
  • Instagram Feed – You can captivate potential clients by sharing images related to fitness. You have many options for combining your Instagram feed to your fitness websites.

Ensure that Your Fitness Website is Efficient and Easy to Use

Whether you’re a personal coach, a yoga teacher, or a sports center owner having an online presence is crucial in today’s world.

Since staying healthy and well is now a hot trend, it has become a very competitive environment.

Therefore, attracting new members will require you to put in the work. Also, you’ll need to market your fitness club as a way of creating awareness and interest. Even as people start visiting your site, it should be able to win more clients with your services and facilities.

Remember, people will visit your fitness site because they’re looking to improve themselves. Due to this, you should focus on them. In doing so, they’re more likely to continue visiting your website, which will, in turn, help you succeed.

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