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Should you be concerned about your dental website design? Do you have a template or design idea in mind? Well, you came to the right place. In this post, I will take you through a dental website design guide, for building a professional website.

With the advancement in technology, having a website for any kind of business is very important. If you do not have a website, I have some interesting news for you. Having an attractive and professional-looking website shouldn’t be as expensive.

There are different website builders available in the market. Some of them are free to use while others are premium. Examples of these website builders are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and GoDaddy.

With these website builders in mind, the next thing is to set up your design and ideas. For dental web design, you need to have the proper site architecture and pages. Remember, you’re representing your brand. So, be very careful when using colors, images, logos and creating content.

Let’s look into the detailed approach for a dental website design in 2020.

Dental Practice Website Design

As a web developer, there are different dental website design qualities that you need to follow. Website design and customization are very important. If you’re looking for a developer for a dental website, consider working with a web design agency or individual who brings out your brand in the best way possible.

The aim of having a website is to represent, market and convert your visitors. For this reason, you need a website that will attract and communicate your services to your users. You can use WordPress to create and customize your website.

To convert your visitors, implement the following dental practice website design features:

1. Dental services

For dental website design, the services page is very important. It guides the patients on the kind of services offered in a dental clinic. 

For instance, if you’re starting out, you need to provide detailed information on the kind of services you offer. On the same page, you can state whether you offer dental services to adults, children, or both.

Further, each service should indicate the cost. This makes it easier for a dental patient to budget for the service they need.

2. Online booking

Gone are the days when people had to make long queues to book for appointments. A dental website design should include an online booking system. It’s easier for a patient to schedule an appointment at their most convenient time.

Also, it saves on time and cost. With a website, all you need is your phone or desktop computer. Unlike the physical booking method that is slow and time-consuming, online booking makes the process fast and convenient.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials work for all types of businesses. For dental website design, it’s very important to have the testimonial section. It’s proof of the dental services offered in a clinic. Also, it shows customer satisfaction. For new patients, it helps in building trust.

Here’s an example of a testimonial for a web design agency.

an example of a testimonial for a web design agency Dental Website Design

4. Dental health content

There is a famous quote that content is king. With quality content, it’s easier to communicate and convert clients. For instance, use the blog section to publish quality content. For patients looking for dental-related information, the blog section should answer most of the questions. An example of posts to publish is how-to-guides.

5. Payment options

A dental website design should indicate the payment options acceptable in a clinic. Before a patient visits a clinic, he/she should be aware of how billing is done. There are different payment methods like online payments, cash, or credit card payment.

Best Dental Website Design

How should you design your dental website? A good dental website design should attract and engage with your web visitors. It should also speak about your brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

Some of the best dental website design qualities that you should implement are:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is very important for the ranking and visibility of a website on search engines. Hiring a web design agency is much better as they not only design your website but also optimize it.

For instance, they will optimize the content, Meta-descriptions, and title tags using keywords. A well-optimized website has higher chances of ranking on Google and other search engines’ first pages. This increases the chances of attracting traffic and visibility.

To optimize the WordPress website, use the Yoast plugin.

the Yoast plugin

2. Mobile responsiveness 

If there is one device that is more familiar with most people is the mobile device. With a responsive dental website, it’s easier for clients to access your services from any location. It does not limit clients to using desktop devices only.

Having a website that adapts to the different screen sizes is an added advantage. Users are free to choose a device that they are most comfortable with. 

For this reason, make sure that the website functions in a similar way in all devices. To check if your website is mobile responsive, use the Google mobile-friendly test.  

Google mobile-friendly test Dental Website Design

3. Easy to navigate

A dental website needs to be easy to use and navigate. All the pages of a website need to be linked with each other. Also, the homepage should lead clients to the most important pages of the website.

Before you launch a website, test to see how easy it is to use. Remember, patients are very specific. If they have to go through different pages to access information, you may lose them. Make sure a website design is easy to navigate from page to page.

4. Images

For a dental website design, include images that reflect the services you offer. Avoid having too many downloaded images. Having original images reflects your clinic and proves the services that you offer.

Images are very engaging. For instance, you can add an image of a dentist, while performing a treatment procedure or a dental room. These are simple images that the patients can relate to.

5. Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTA’s play a very important role in dental web design. Adding the right CTA’s on a website can lead to an increase in website conversion. The role of a CTA is to compel a user to take a specific step.

For instance, have a CTA that will guide your website visitors or patients to book an appointment. CTA’s can be in the form of buttons, text, pop-ups, etc. Make sure that they have a simple message which the patient can understand.

An example of how you can implement a call-to-action like a button.

how you can implement a call-to-action like a button to the testimonial section Dental Website Design

6. Easy to understand

How does it feel after landing on a website that has exactly what you’re looking for but is full of jargon? It’s quite a turnoff. For dental web design, make sure that you do not use too many dental terms that are difficult for patients.

Try to use simple terms that are easy to read and understand. Also, if you have to use jargon, make sure that you do not overuse them. You can also try to give a simple explanation, that makes it easier for your site users to understand.

7. Leverage on video

Very few people want to read long chunks of text. A majority of people will skim through the website content. If it’s a must for you to have long texts in your document, consider implementing a video on your website.

A majority of the people are virtual. For instance, you can demonstrate the how-to guides using video. It’s easier for someone to listen rather than read. Remember, a dental website is for a patient.

This means that they need quick solutions to their problems. This will attract more visitors to your website and increase conversion rate.

Dental Website Design Cost

How much should a professional, dental website design cost? Well, the answer is not very easy. The cost of designing a website varies between different web design agencies and web developers. Let me look into the different costs that you can expect.

When it comes to the cost of a website, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you or work with a web development agency. You can enquire about both and then compare the prices. However, working with an agency is more cost-effective.

With an agency, the chances of providing more than web design services are much higher. They will offer maintenance, marketing and SEO services. Also, they may offer free WordPress hosting, if they are using the WordPress Content Management System. This is cost-effective.

On the other hand, if you work with a freelancer, you will end up paying more. First, you will pay for hosting. A majority of freelancers do not have a hosting plan. Next, you’ll have to pay for web design, SEO services and content creation.

Again, not all freelancers offer content creation and website maintenance services. This means hiring someone else to offer these services. Compared to a web design agency, the freelancer cost is higher.

Best Dental Website Design Companies

Is hiring a dental website designer worth it? How do you identify the best dental website design companies? Well, these are very valid questions if you’re looking to have a dental website. Here’s how you can approach this.

If you opt for a dental website designer, he/she must have experience designing websites around the dental field. First, check their portfolio, reviews, testimonials and the services they offer.

Further, understand how the designer works. This is in terms of service delivery, payment and delivery time.

On the other hand, if you wish to have a company design the website for you, consider working with the best. To identify the best companies, check the reviews, ratings, and testimonials of each.

Some of the best dental website design companies are UPQODE, WebFX, Durham Web Designer, Mint Design Agency, Chase design, VeryCreative, and Mandy Web Design.

Here’s a table comparing the cost, rating, and number of reviews for the different dental design companies according to Clutch.

Dental design companiesCostStar rating
UPQODE$50 – $99 / hr5
WebFX$100 – $149 / hr4.9
Durham Web designer (Freelancer)$50 – $99 / hr5
Mint Design Agency$100 – $149 / hr5
Chase Design$150 – $199 / hr5
VeryCreative$25 – $49 / hr5
Mandy Web Design$50 – $99 / hr4.9

Dental Office Website Design

A dental office website design is a bit more complex than normal websites. It carries more content and features. As the name suggests, it handles dental treatments and services, clerical and financial services.

For a dental office website design, implement the following:

  1. Online booking

Like earlier mentioned, online booking is where a patient makes an appointment with a dentist. He/she will schedule the date and time.

  1. Contact information

A dental website design needs to capture the contact information of a dental office. This includes the location, address, mobile number and a map. With this information, a patient can build trust and reach out to you when necessary.

  1. Patient record

A dental website design should have patients record. The record should have the basic information, dentistry history, among other details. This record is very confidential. For this reason, this information is accessed by the admin or a specific employee.

  1. Dental services and treatments

When a patient visits your website, they must be looking for the dental services and treatments that you offer. This means that your website should capture this information without leaving out any specific details.

Final Verdict

The demand for having a professional dental website design is rising with the growth of digital marketing. Every time a patient is searching for dental health, treatment, and services, a dental website is the first place to look into.

Therefore, you need to have an attractive and appealing website. Also, make sure that you have up-to-date content to keep your patients and website visitors updated.

Dental website design with a professional look will help build trust with your patients. This will have a positive impact on your dental clinic or office.

With this guide, you can make the necessary changes to your dental website. 

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