What Is CTR Calculator And How To Use It

upqode | Aug 9th, 2021

There are a lot of different ways to measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns. Like email marketing, we also find click-through rate another effective approach to increasing traffic towards your website. 

A click-through rate is the most commonly used metric to measure engagement within an email marketing campaign. 

But it is at times possible to get confused about what exactly are click-through rates and how different marketers should be interpreting the results to be effectively used in the subsequent digital marketing campaigns? As a marketer and an enthusiast, you would be interested in knowing about it and how it affects your efforts.

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We have gathered a guide for you to help you better understand what click-through rates are and how you can calculate them to use them with the hopes of getting effective conversions.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into it. 

What is Click-through-rate?

Click-through rate is the primary measure of the number of people who click through an email sent to them compared to the number of emails delivered to your target audience. It can also be described as a percentage that received a click from the subscriber. 

The Click-through rate is significant when it comes to deciding if the campaign was engaging enough to get a response from your audience or not. But the main point to remember here is that CTR varies from industry to industry and can have a different value for different things. 

The main goal of tracking click-through rate is to measure the engagement, and you can do so by calculating the performance in multiple areas:

  • Overall Brand Interest
  • Email Content (including both visual and written content)
  • Placement of Link
  • Link Count
  • Media Type

Moreover, you can also check out the different metric benchmarks that include the open rate of the emails to understand better how the other statistics are related to email marketing. The metric benchmarks also have many other valuable instructions and information that can help you design remaining campaigns that can specifically help you make the right decisions to get the maximum conversions and sales. 

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After running an entire email marketing campaign, how do you determine the statistics of the users who made an action after opening up your email? You do so with the help of a CTR calculator. 

What is a CTR Calculator?

A CTR calculator is something that helps you to determine the percentage of the users that clicked on your advertisement as compared to the people that are viewing your advertising. 

There are multiple websites that offer an effective free CTR calculator. The simple way to calculate it is

CTR= (number of clicks)/ (Number of impressions)

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This CTR calculator helps you in determining the CTR of an ad based on the number of ad clicks and ad impressions that can be found on the Google Adwords Account. These increased number of impressions by CTR calculator that you get helps you understand how your campaign is performing. Website owners, to know the value of impressions, better install a CTR calculator and benefit from it. Web design agency in Nashville is one of those that can help you with that.

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Elements that Affect the CTR

Suppose you are worried about getting a reasonable rate of impressions by CTR calculator. In that case, it is essential to focus on those particular elements while designing your emails that are a part of your digital campaigns. These certain elements are responsible for improving the campaigns and will help you in getting better results. 

 So without any delay, let us get into the details of these vital elements:

The Number of Links

You need to ensure that the links you are adding to your email campaign are very easy to use, but they are also relevant. The next important thing to consider is the number of links that should be added to the email. After doing so, the link ctr calculator will give a positive value showing success with your campaigns. Consider the following two things with these links:


The number of links added to the email depends on the actions you want your readers to take. It also affects the value shown by the link ctr calculator. 


Tracking is helpful when you add a number of links. Make sure that you do not add more than 2 or 3 links in the entire email. The tracking in this regard becomes more accessible, and the actions also stand out without overwhelming the reader at all. 

Knowing Your Contacts

There is a certain percentage of the subscribers where you get the majority of click-throughs. These are the people that are certainly interested in receiving your emails and engaging with them effectively. However, while these people are the ones that complete the purpose of the emails, you must understand them well and create messages that you think will benefit them. 

Next time when you are creating an email campaign as part of doing digital marketing for the brand, keep these people in mind and design the campaign accordingly that caters to them.  

The Length of the Email

Another essential element is the length of the email. People generally are not at all interested in reading long emails. The more lengthy the email, the chances that you will lose their interest also increases. 

If you have a short and to-the-point email, it has a better chance that you will get better engagement and also a higher number of impressions by CTR calculator. Send emails with limited text lines and are accompanied by relevant images with a highlighted Call To Action button. This makes it easy for the viewers and subscribers to quickly locate the CTA and take the action you have wanted them to take. 

Summarizing all of the things mentioned above, this is what your email should be conveying:

  • The email length is short and relevant to the reader. 
  • Action-Oriented emails
  • The link is added multiple times. 
  • Add images and videos to create a balance between the words. 
  • Make sure that your call to action button stands out at all times. 

The Call To Action Offer should be Irresistible

Yes, you have created an email that contains all required information and content that an email should have regarding digital marketing services but is that all? 

When you are creative and compelling, the subscribers are more likely to click on the links that you have mentioned and take the actions that you wanted them to take in the first place. 

Another essential thing to understand is that you are clear about the action you want them to take. For example, if you want them to sign up on the website, your call to action should mention SIGN UP’s words. There should be no ambiguity related to that. Refrain from assuming anything and expecting your users to interpret what you wanted to convey to them. 

Mention it in such a positive manner and feel inclined to take relevant action towards it. Once you succeed with this, this is a sign that you have some old or new loyal; subscribers on your list. You are further indicating that when they see your email, they will surely be excited to check your email in their inboxes and take the actions you wanted them to take. 

Tips to Improve your Quality Score 

In order for your website CTR calculator score to be good, then it is essential that you get an overall good quality score. A quality score is a valuable tool that helps identify how to improve the ads, keywords, and websites. 

Not just this, but it helps to compare the quality of your ad with that of your other competitors. The score is usually measured on a scale of 1 -10 and is available at the keyword level. If you get a higher quality score, that indicates that the ad and the website’s landing pages are more relevant and helpful for those searching for your particular keyword. 

Without a doubt, you can use the following effective ways to improve and increase your Quality Score. 

Ensure to review your Quality Score Components

There are three components that combine and provide you with a Quality Score. These three components are:

  • Click-through-rate

This is the number of people that click through an advertisement in the email. 

  • Ad Relevance:

This is the relevance of an advertisement and how much it matches the intention behind a user’s search. 

  • Landing Page Experience:

This is linked to the landing page of your website and how relevant it is when people reach there after clicking on your ad. 

Using these components, you can update your ad text, long-tail, short-tail keywords, and even landing page content. A status of ‘below average, ‘average,’ and ‘above average’ can give you an idea of the areas that need improvement.  

Always provide your users with the content they need and require to get a good performance. Ensure that your long-term performance goals are met by finding ways that can help you improve the user experience by using this score as a diagnostic tool. 

The Ads should be relevant to Keywords

The relevance of the ad represents how accurate the ads are with respect to your keywords. If you have an excellent status showing up, you are following the right practices. However, in case you have an ad relevance status of below-average or Average, try adopting the following practices:

  • See if you match the language of the ad text with your possible keywords. 
  • Try to look for more ad groups containing different keywords that cannot be located by the same ad. Then, use these varying ad groups into other ad groups matching better to your user’s searches.
  • You can also try grouping the different keywords into various themes to increase their relevance. The themes can be based on the products and services you offer or any other category. 

Improve Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

As mentioned above, the click-through rate indicates the possibility of people clicking through your ad. 

  • Try the following practices to improve your CTR.
  • Edit the ad text to make it more compelling for your target audience.
  • The details in the ad should match the intent of the keywords. 
  • Highlight the benefits of your products or services. 
  • Add various calls to action that connect with your landing pages.
  • Be extremely specific in your ad text.

Look for the balance that can help you achieve higher conversion rates and CTRs in fulling your goals. 


Try Updating your Landing Pages

The first view of any brand’s website is the landing page where the customer first comes to for making a purchase. Yes, bringing people to the website’s main page is a part of online marketing, but the actual work begins to make them buy your product. 

If you are facing problems with regards to your landing page ratings, adopt the practices mentioned below:

  • Clearly mention what your audience is looking for. If it is any particular sale product or anything, they should be able to see it on the first page.  
  • The message should be consistent with regard to the landing page and the ad. The website’s landing page should follow through on the ad’s offer. 
  • Hire web design services that help you make the most catchy landing page. 
  • The website should be mobile-friendly. The users want ease when it comes to navigating through the different pages. Use the mobile-friendly test to see how well the landing page works on mobile devices. 
  • Ensure that you improve the loading speed of the page. The user only waits for a few seconds before shifting to another website and does not want that.  
mobile friendly test

Adopt Quality Score with Other Metrics

Different metrics are connected to the account, including the clickthrough rate, site management, and even conversion rate. The use of a quality score can help you figure out ways to improve the different areas. 

As you make an effort to improve your Quality Score, use the following ways:

  • Make a list of the high-performing keywords and use the Quality Score in identifying the ones that perform better with regards to the ads and landing pages.
  • Also, identify the weaker trends for ad relevance, click-through rate, and landing page experience existing across your brand’s account and change them to be able to achieve your long-term goals. In that case, suppose goals. 

These are some of the best tips that can help you improve your CTR strategies and help you get a better value through the website ctr calculator. Moreover, various tools can help you figure out better ways and create better and stronger strategies. If you want to know better about the impressions install CTR calculator. There are different tools available online that can be used to calculate the CTR value. 

CTR Tools and Their Comparison

ToolResult FormatPrice
WebfxMentions if the result is good or bad.Free
WordStreamHelps you to choose your type of industry.

Also, allows you to choose from search network and display network.
Digital SalesAsks for the number of clicks and impressions to calculate CTR. Free

Key Takeaway

Designing campaigns that help you increase your conversions and sales are essential. Applying smart strategies can help you get a higher CTR value through the CTR calculator and analyze the aspects that need to be updated. Keep in mind that your design’s email campaigns should cater to your audience and encourage them to click on them. 

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