CRM Marketing: Tips & Tools to Improve Your E-Commerce Campaign

upqode | Feb 19th, 2021

To make sure that you can place your brand’s image in your potential audience’s minds and keep your brand alive in your current customers’ minds, it is essential to have active and effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns can help you grab new customers and increase your sales, keeping the company in profit. 

CRM marketing is an effective way of doing that. This helps in creating improved and effective marketing campaigns. It also allows marketers to market their products better and create even better marketing campaigns than before. 

So, start creating better marketing campaigns with CRM marketing.

What is CRM Marketing?

CRM means customer relationship management. CRM marketing also refers to the technology used to take care of the current and potential customers’ interactions. It also allows the businesses to build long-lasting customer relations and streamlines all the processes that can eventually increase sales, customer service, and profitability.

Customer relationship management (CRM) marketing all about the different strategies and technologies that any company uses to handle its current and potential customers’ interactions. The relationship build by a company with its customers helps it create customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Once a company successfully makes a successful relationship, it is later able to generate revenue accordingly. 


Moreover, different CRM marketing software is used. A CRM marketing software helps collect useful data that can help a business align all its relevant data and find valuable ways of communicating with its customers. 

Marketing through CRM is quite simple. It can be used in various ways, including websites, social media platforms, emails, calls, and other practices, including digital marketing that contribute to a successful campaign. 

Another notable benefit of using CRM is that it is suitable for all businesses, including the new startups and big established companies with a solid customer base. 

Types of CRM 

There are various types of CRM which is useful and beneficial for businesses, but the most important ones that include operational, collaborative, and analytical have been mentioned below:

1. Operational

Operational CRM is majorly related to the marketing, sales, and services of a company. Considered an essential factor in lead generation, it focuses on creating better marketing campaigns than the previous ones and creating a better experience for the business and its customers. 

Operational CRM is recommended to companies having a short sales cycle, which usually includes an e-commerce business. So, whenever they plan on doing something big, they can narrate it to the companies whose e-commerce services they are hiring to plan accordingly.

2. Collaborative

Collaborative CRM is slightly different than the other types of CRM. In collaborative CRM, businesses share their data with other companies, allowing them to increase their database and get access to the data they might not have. 

Collaborative CRM is excellent for newly set up companies and startups who can significantly benefit from the data and knowledge about their target audience’s preferences and needs. 

3. Analytical

CRM for analytics focuses on analyzing the customer’s data to help the management understand various market trends and needs. Analytical CRM is a continuous process where it looks for similar patterns and trends to shift accordingly. 

Analytical CRM is used by big companies that need data analysis to make more informed decisions to support their products and services.  For example, looking at the analysis, the company would know while utilizing an agency’s web design services to optimize their website to cater to their audience. 

Importance of CRM Marketing

CRM Marketing is essential for various reasons. It is also beneficial for small businesses and freelancers to retain new customers and the previous ones. 


1. CRM Marketing helps You to Identify your Audience

You must be fully aware of your audience while planning out your marketing campaigns. There is a vast audience present, but figuring out the audience of your interest and need is the actual challenge. 

CRM marketing helps you by providing you with an overall view and idea of your customers. It allows you to identify your audience by analyzing a large quantity of data.

With the help of CRM marketing software, you can segment your data smartly and only reach out to the customers whose needs you can cater to. Furthermore, by integrating with the landing pages and portals, your data keeps on getting updated, and you can identify the preferences of the customers firsthand. 

It also allows you to optimize your customer interactions, which can be done through a better web design or smart digital marketing solutions.

2. CRM marketing helps you send the right message at the ideal time

A CRM marketing plan helps you send out the right message to your audience at the ideal time when you can get a return on your investment. Sending the wrong message at the wrong time means that you are wasting your efforts, which can cause a loss in your brand’s value. Through CRM marketing, you can send out targeted messages, reach out to potential customers. 

It will allow you to be more engaged with your customers and identify the various trends in behavior and choices that can be useful in future campaigns. The marketing can then make sure to create personalized content for them through segmentation. With the right kind of effort and content, the chances of sales increase as well.

3. It allows monitoring the results and repeat the entire process. 


The outcomes of your campaigns can play an important role by being valuable insights for future campaigns. All the different variables that play a part in the campaigns can be tracked and observed, and analyzed by analyzing how the recent campaign performs.  The results can be further used to improve future campaigns. Continuous improvements and changes can help reap better results than before. 

In today’s time, CRM marketing is considered very useful as it provides more detailed and precise data instead of giving random numbers. Marketing which CRM focused can help get a higher level of ROI than achieved before. 

The system is continuously collecting and recording data, which allows it to make more data-driven, informed decisions. Although there are many other benefits that CRM software can provide, these are the most prominent ones. 

4. It helps to keep the data clean and updated.

As this has been discussed before, through CRM software, the system is continuously recording and collecting data, which means that it is updated after a passage of time. 

The data updating indicates that the probability of error and wrong data chances decreases significantly, allowing you to focus on the information which has value. CRM centrally manages all your data and makes sure to drive as much information from it as possible. 

crm dashboard

CRM Marketing for Small Businesses

This is not all; CRM marketing is beneficial for many small-sized businesses, and the businesses should take time to realize it. For marketing, CRM software can offer real-time analytics and customer interactions, which can help provide a better return on investments. There are other ways in which CRM helps other small businesses to grow. 

1. Helps track sales:

Customer relationship management (CRM) marketing allows making a good number of sales, keeping track of the interactions between customers and the company. It helps to filter out leads by shortlisting the opportunities which are easy to convert into successful sales. 

2. Helps to shortlist the various opportunities:

Small businesses need various opportunities to grow their business, and CRM software provides opportunities like these. It fishes out the best options for you or helps you in creating a combination that is a good fit for your deals and can act as an add-on. 

3. Helps in keeping the customers:

Another important aspect of small businesses is that they don’t just need customers; they need to keep those customers, which eventually helps them grow. Without customers, it becomes difficult to move on and succeed properly. 

CRM software helps in making sure that the customer stays by providing them an excellent service through interactions. The interactions, response, and the fact that you are providing quick solutions to the customers encourage them to be a part of your business by building their trust in you and ensuring that your customers stay loyal. 

One such example can be of MailChimp, which different small businesses use to get in touch with their customers through CRM email marketing. 

Choosing the Right CRM Marketing Software


CRM marketing software is an operational tool that works by understanding the needs and expectations of both sides. Investing in CRM software is a noticeable investment, so it should provide you with a fair amount of benefit. 

Before choosing the one to go with, you should understand your requirements, the needs and preferences of your customers, and the services you can reap from the software. Big companies can afford to make noticeable investments. But the same is not the case for the small businesses that have to make careful decisions due to a lack of funds.

If you are looking to choose the right software, follow these steps to select the software. 

1. Do thorough research:

Various software is present that can help in marketing; CRM software differs in the benefits and application. So the best thing to do is to research different software and the one which is the best for you. 

After you are done evaluating your options, it will be easier for you to decide and spend your money with ease, knowing you made a good investment. 

2. Analyze your needs:

An essential step before doing anything is to make sure that you are very well aware of what you are doing and there are goals that you have set to achieve. Make sure to define all the marketing campaigns and activities you have been doing or plan to do. 

After that, you have all your objectives laid out and aligned. So it is possible that CRM email marketing helps you reach out more to your potential customers and assist you in getting sales. 

3. Find an agency to do it for you.

When you are starting, there is a lot that you don’t know about marketing CRM software. There are different CRM email marketing software that you might be interested in using. But won’t be very clear on how to do it. Then there is software that is either free or has a trial period for some time. So you do not want to blow it and purchase the full version without knowing how to handle it. 

The best thing to do in this scenario is to take the help of an agency. They have a practice of working with different marketing CRM software according to the needs of their clients. They can help you by understanding the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. 

For example, your company might be ready to take different steps to create awareness about your company. This requires you to spend a fair amount of money. But agency helps you realize that CRM marketing are the best ways to reach out to your potential audience. In this way, you save a reasonable amount of time and money. 

Numerous CRM software applications have proved themselves to be very useful in helping companies reach their goals. Different examples of these CRM applications have a specific focus, like the Intouch CRM and Infusionsoft, which are more focused on CRM and email marketing.

Tips for better CRM Marketing

1. Define your goals

This is very important that you define your goals. Without proper goals and objectives, it can be challenging to agree on what you are trying to achieve. Having set goals and objectives take you on a set path where you can succeed.

2. Make a proper strategy.

Make an entire strategy regarding your campaign. Strategizing allows you to put in the right amount of required and necessary efforts to achieve your goals. 

With a wrong strategy, you can be working for months and achieve nothing. But with the right strategy, and you can earn more than you expected. 

3. Synchronize your CRM data with your Website

An aspect of this can be that CRM can help set up follow-up emails to your customers. So if anyone forgot to check out, the follow-up email could remind them to buy the product. Also, it helps you understand the parts of your campaign that are working and are not working.  

Suppose you are an e-commerce or even a new business running through a website. In that case, it is essential to make sure that you pay special attention to the website maintenance and see that the web design is up to the mark to go hand in hand with your and your customer’s requirements. It is also essential to notice that emails are also updated to avoid confusion and misunderstandings in all other ways, including social media. 

Key Takeaway

Grabbing the customers’ attention has turned into real competition between companies. They are finding better and effective ways of making sure that they can do that than their competitors. 

Using marketing CRM software can help you achieve a lot of your goals with ease. It also helps you compete with various large-scale companies, assisting you in increasing sales, customer relations and even enhancing your investment return. 

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