1. A website without a contact page?

Visitors may always have additional questions or attractive business opportunities for you. Make sure it’s obvious how they can get in touch.

2. Unclear, unusual names for contact page

  • Contact Page Slug (link in the URL): It is recommended to use “Contact” or “Contact us”, or “Get in touch”. It is not recommended to use “Let’s talk business”  etc. this may mislead people, even in Google results (snippet). Make sure that this is the page where the visitors can get in touch with you.
  • Contact Page is to be added to the website main and footer menu

3. Old information on the contact PAGE

  • Update your profile picture and email address. Make sure your information is accurate at all times.
  • Make Google know about the updates on the Contact Page right away.

4. THE possibility to contact you personally

There have to be options to contact you privately: Form, email address or phone number. Your visitors may choose whatever works best for them. In this way, you make sure you don’t miss any business opportunity.

An additional option would be live chat. Anyway, this works the most when there is someone on the other side of the line.

The options like “Talk to me on Twitter”,  “Reach out to me on the WordPress Slack” etc. may not be enough.

5. Simply a form, is it enough?

Just a form on your contact page may not fully work for your visitors. There may be visitors having difficulties in using the form. Additional options, like email addresses, a phone number will cover the contact preferences of most of your visitors.

For your website’s visitors may be challenging using the contact form from different considerations:

  • The form may be too long. They don’t see how much do they have to fill in for completing it, therefore, they may give up at certain points. That’s why the forms should be short and clear.
  • The form is not responsive to phones and tablets. That is affecting drastically the mobile experience on your contact page.
  •  Broken Forms e.g. due to missing update of the contact plugin etc.

6. Other Checklist to take into account when creating a Contact Page

  • Clear confirmation that a form was sent.
  • Not user-friendly captchas.
  • Contact pages containing distractions. The contact page should be as intuitive and simple as possible
  • Forms that require too much private information. Your visitors may not be ready to provide you the personal info during the first contact with your website. Additional Info has to be requested once a certain level of

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What They Say

From a project management standpoint, their communication was phenomenal, and everything went very smoothly. Their team is incredibly upfront and honest about what their skills and capabilities are. At a couple of points, they told us that particular things weren’t realistic for the time or scope of our project, or were outside their skillset, and we really appreciated that honesty. They really take their project management seriously. I think the thing that made our partnership as successful as it was is the fact that our communication truly flowed both ways.

William Haas

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