Top 69 Best Church Websites [2021]

upqode | Feb 1st, 2021

Church websites benefit the congregation in so many ways. Members do not have to attend the church physically. But, what if you do not have the web design skills?

You can hire a web design agency to design for you a professional website for your church. Besides, there are other ways of building church websites. You can use templates from website builders like WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly

In this guide, we’ll look at the best church websites that you can use to build a site. 

Features of Church Websites

When designing church websites, there are common features that you need to include. It is a potential platform where the congregation can get church information like a mission statement, events, and sermons.

Church Template

Having the best church website builder helps you to design a customized website. It is fast and also takes most of the work out of your hands. You can choose a template or customize the website.

Church websites help active and new members to join a live service and give their offerings. 

Therefore, it should be simple and easy to navigate. The features to include are:


A church calendar displays the regular activities and events which are to take place in a month or a year. You can have a youth, kids, college, or adult calendar on the website.


Uploading sermons on a church website helps members watch a service even when they are not within the church premises. For instance, with the Covid 19 Pandemic, most churches do not have the in-person service. An easier way for members to access the sermons is through the church website.


With the church services taking place online, members and visitors can give offerings, donations, and tithe through the church websites. You can use software to receive the offerings or have different options for members to forward their donations.

Register or log in

For a WordPress website, you can use a plugin to create a membership platform. From here, you can share content with the registered members, prayer requests, or church meetings. You can have also personalized worship sessions with the members.

Manage roles

To update church sermons and manage the website, you can assign members specific roles. An admin will help you manage the website even without giving them full access to the site.


A church website needs to have an address and map for new members. If your church is in different locations, you can have a page with the map, address, and time for the services

Include social media platforms

Is your church on social media? With the growth in technology, you need to embed social media profiles on your website. Most churches are having live sermons on Facebook or Youtube for the convenience of the online members. Check out the benefits of using social media

Church resources

Big churches have different sources of content. You can have a podcast, blog, or pdf content for members to use. With a church podcast, members can join at a convenient time and listen to the sermons or testimonials.

Mobile responsive

You can use software to check if your church website is mobile responsive. You can also have a church app for members to download on their mobile phones. A mobile responsive website is easy to access and convenient. Members who do not have desktop computers will access the church websites using a mobile device.

Church Contact information

Church websites should have an email address or phone number for members to reach out to the church. They can use them for prayer requests and other personal needs.

Include visuals

Visuals help attract users to a website. Including videos and images of the church, websites can attract users and convince them to take action. Most church websites use videos on the homepage to display church activities, the environment, and sermons.

Top 69 Best Church Websites

With templates and website builders, church websites can be easy to set up. You do not require technical skills to design a website. You can as well hire a WordPress web design agency to set up the site for you.

With the features above, we can now have a look at the top church websites that you can use as examples. Most of the websites have a simple design and architecture

Let’s get started!

1. Vestry – Church

Vestry is a Church and Religion Events WordPress Theme, packed up with niche functionalities and blocks, powered by Aheto plugin. It includes unique service pages that will suit your service requirements, also such as unique and specially dedicated pages as – About Us, Community, Mission, Sermons, Donation, Events, and everything else required to successfully create a website. The theme is not limited to just religious purposes and could easily be adapted to suit a wide range of applications.

Vestry is fully responsive and designed with high-end research in mind so naturally, it is a theme for mobile-friendly websites and applications, every single feature and page element will look amazing on the screens of tablets and mobile phones. It includes page templates and layouts created specifically to be the responsive visual environment on the market today.

2. Grace Walk Church

The homepage has everything you need to know about Grace Walk Church. The site captures the attention of the audience by using colors, images, and fonts. For example, the social media section makes use of the colors and favicons of the social media platforms.

3. Apostolic Faith Church

To meet the Covid 19 safety regulations, the website has a notification pop-up with different buttons for users to click. Similar to other sites, the background video is of church activities like worshipping and praying. The footer section has a calendar, church address, and social media icons.

4. First Church

The First Church website is mobile-Friendly. Members can download the mobile app from various platforms like the Apple store and Play store. There is a button for new members to click and get more information about the church.

5. Remnant Church

The remnant Church website has a background video that showcases different church activities. It has two maps that give direction and car parking information. As users scroll to the bottom, there are social media icons and the church address.

6. Oasis Church

Oasis Church has a church calendar to guide online users of the church services. The blend of different colors makes the website attractive and appealing to the eye. The footer section has contact information, mission statement, request button, and resource section.

7. St. Thomas More House of Prayer

From the website, users can signup for the church webinar. There are PDF guides for members to download and use. One of the attractive features of the website is the consistent use of colors. The website has a blog section, donations, and contact information.

8. Crossroads Church

Church websites should be easy to use. The Crossroads Church website has a chatbot to assist users with any assistance they may need. There is a section where users can join a service according to the age bracket.

9. Lynwood Church

Visuals help to attract and engage users to a website. Lynwood Church’s website has a background video that displays the church environment and activities. The website’s tagline and logo are visible from the homepage. There is also the church mission and a section where users can create an account.

10. Holy Trinity Parish

The website maintains the theme colors throughout the site. The homepage has a simple interface to use and navigate. Users can sign up with their emails to get notifications from the church. The footer has different sections with clickable text.

11. Radiant Church

The site has a welcome message in large fonts. Each section has clickable buttons to direct the user to a specific page. There is also a calendar with the order of services and maps to give direction. 

12. Sonship Bay Ridge

Unlike other church websites that use background video, the sonship website uses fonts and color. It uses animation in that when one hovers over the circle buttons, the background color changes. The clickable favicons at the footer indicate the social platforms of the church.

13. Westminster Presbyterian Church

As you scroll the website from the top to the footer, you will notice that the images keep changing. The website has minimal text and maintains the theme colors. Members can download the church report and also make donations online. The church app is also available for mobile users.

14. CrossLife Church

The website has an animated welcome message. It pops up seconds after logging into the site. It also uses different fonts in the various sections. The visuals used to accompany the texts are of high quality. New members can create an account and select a reason for joining the church. 

15. Ave Church

Ave Church website has an easy-to-use main menu. New members can connect and join a team. The site maintains a uniform theme and fonts throughout the homepage. As for the footer section, it has contact information and social media icons. There is a popup church where members meet to build a relationship and grow together.

16. International Church of Las Vegas

The first thing you will notice from the site is the service time program and the social media platforms. There are also two buttons with an option for a live service or youtube platform. Users can also give their offerings and tithe from the website. The calendar displays the church events.

17. Cornerstone Community Church

Cornerstone Community church’s website has attractive colors has a simple user interface. It has a background video with the church activities. The calendar displays the events and youth activities in the church. Users can also download the mobile app to stay connected.

18. Elevation Church

Elevation Church

The Elevation Church has an eCommerce platform selling church products. The main menu has a section with the sermons where members can watch the recordings. The site allows users to sign up and be part of the church family. 

19. Gospel Way Church

The website is appealing with well-blended colors and fonts. Members can listen to live or latest sermons and also share on different platforms. Besides this, users can prepare for service by checking the calendar on the homepage. 

20. Moment of Hope Church

The mobile responsive website allows members to attend the service online. Members stay up to date with church events from the upcoming gatherings. The high-quality images on the page are of church activities such as community and baptism. Members can also access the church university from the site.

21. James River Church

The website allows members and visitors to create accounts and be part of the church. The content on the site welcomes members and gives them more information about the church. Users can join an online service, send their offering, or join a group. 

22. Rock Church

The logo of the website reflects the name of the church. The site uses images and large text to display information. The website is appealing to scroll as it maintains uniform colors. It highlights the events and calendar for convenience. 

23. Outward Church

The website is simple to use and with clickable texts. There is a dedicated section for giving, and members can choose their most preferred method of offering. The Q&A section helps users get a solution and also sends the questions they may have. There is a strong use of images throughout the website.

24. Legacy Church

The Legacy Church is available on different social media platforms, including a podcast. For convenience, users can use the mobile app to access sermons and live streams. The background images on the homepage change after some seconds.

25. Mosaic

The website has a pop-up that requests users to signup for the newsletters. The site is easy to navigate with well-labeled sections. The sidebar has notifications and directions of the church. The footer has social media icons and contact details.

26. Timberlake Church

With the help of a website, members do not have to visit a physical church. The ‘watch’ section allows users to choose a convenient option for them. There is a ‘give’ page for sending offerings, and on scrolling to the bottom, there is an FAQ section. The background image has the church environment and other church activities.

27. St. Peter Catholic Church

The Catholic website has a help bot for the direction and mass time. The background image has a high-quality photo of the church. When the user scrolls the site, the animated images, buttons, and text appear. There is also a welcome message and a sign-in button for new members. 

28. NewSpring Church

Besides having a quality background video, the welcome message explains more about the church. Members can sign-in to read the bible and give offerings online. The website has a kid’s section for children to learn online.

29. Rockville Church Of Christ

The website has a ‘resources’ page for members to access information. There is an audio sermons page, ministries, and upcoming events. The Members page allows users to create accounts and to log in based on their status. That is admin, new and active members.

30. Good News Church

The animated church logo is the first thing that displays on the website. The site is easy to use with easy navigation and simple architecture. The colors and fonts are appealing to the eye. Depending on the user’s mobile device, the website is mobile-responsive. 

31. City Life Church

With the church app, members can register for the in-person service. The website has a simple architecture and easy to use the main menu. On scrolling down, the website has social media icons, contact information, and the address.

32. Grace Hill Church

From the website, users can share the site link on different social media platforms. There is a live sermon on Facebook, and parents can register their kids for in-person service. The footer section has a list of events that are to take place in the church.

33. New City Church

The News City Church website has a carousel with clickable texts and buttons. It has different fonts and colors to display information. Those who cannot attend the in-person service can also watch online. Members can join the online community and watch the latest sermons. 

34. St. Mary’s Catholic Center

St. Mary’s website has a welcome message for the users of the website. Visitors can create an account and also check the latest events. On scrolling down, there is a program with the church activities. It has three podcasts with different talks.

35. Sovereign Hope Church

Members register online to attend the in-person service. The website has large and small fonts to display information. Members can follow the instruction to join the membership community. For additional information, users can use the resources section.

36. Judson Memorial Church

Judson Memorial Church’s website uses bold colors, fonts, and cartoon images. The background images have a shade of different colors and bold fonts. On scrolling to the bottom, the website has the church social media icons on the footer.

37. Enjoy Church

The website has an easy-to-follow architecture. It has an online platform where members can watch a live service. The static background video is visible when a user clicks on the menu to make a selection.

38. Flatirons Community Church

The flatirons church website has a video that users can enable sound and listen to the message. It is mobile-responsive, and therefore members can download the church app. It has animated text, which displays when you hover on the different sections.

39. Celebration Church

As the name of the church, the background video has happy people who seem to be in a celebration mood. There is the use of animation on text and images. Members can also make prayer requests from the website.

40. Northbrook Church

Fonts, colors, and visuals tend to attract users more to a website. Northbrook Church’s website has a service calendar and a guest page for visitors. The sign-in section is protected by Recaptcha. Members and website users can access the church magazine from the website.

41. St. Nics

 Are you looking for an online church? St. Nic has a warm message for everyone who visits the church website. It has a strong font and background video in most of the sections. Members can make their donations online. The church program is well laid out, and there is a clock to alert members of the time for the next service.

42. Church on the Move

The website has more images than text in each section. It has an extendable menu, with different items. Church on the Move has resources for members to use like, podcasts and blogs.

43. Woodlands Church

For members who cannot make it to the in-person service, the church has a live sermon. It has ministries for different age groups like children or students. The location section has the address and service time. 

44. Lawndale Baptist Church

The website uses parallax scrolling for images on the homepage. Members can join for an indoor service or stream in live. On scrolling to the bottom section, the site has information on various ways members can give to the church.

45. Bannockburn Church

Bannockburn church is available on most social media platforms. The homepage has a background video and clickable buttons with additional information. Each section on the homepage has easy-to-read content about the church.

46. Valley Creek Church

Valley Creek’s website is mobile responsive, and it allows members to give their donations. It uses a carousel to display more information about the church. Members can join the in-person service or live stream from the website. 

47. Life Church

Life Church has different locations, and each has a specific service time. It has a kids service, and parents can reserve a spot for their children. The website menu has sub-menu items. The large fonts help users capture information faster. For quick navigation, the bottom section of the site has a ‘back to top’ button.

48. Ezra Church

Ezra Church website has a menu with quick links to different pages. Members and visitors can join the online service at the stated time. From the homepage, visitors can learn more about the church’s activities and services.

49. Overcomer Covenant Church

The website is mobile responsive with available app download option for android and Apple devices. The homepage has a service and events calendar for people to view. Members can also submit their prayer requests or join in for a prayer service.

50. Keystone Church

Each section on the website has buttons that direct users to a specific page for further details. Members can request prayers, learn more about the church, reserve seats and join a group.

51. Eagle Mountain International Church

The website is easy to navigate and use. It has different icons at the top bar of the website. Members can give their offerings from the church website. Visitors can also join to be members of the Eagle Mountain International Church.

52. Hossana Houston

The website is available in English and Espanol. It has a map that gives the church direction and also shows the service time. It uses different fonts and colors to display text.

53. Christian Faith

Similar to other church websites, it has a live service for online members. Visitors are free to connect and be part of the Christian Faith Church. The images on the website have clickable links to direct members to the specific pages.

54. The Well

The Well

The website has a page with frequently asked questions. On scrolling to the bottom, there is a calendar and a blog section. The footer has social media icons and other clickable links.

55. Redemption Church

The Redemption church website has different sections with clickable images. The church has multiple congregations. Users can use the search bar to find specific information or a page on the website.

56. Fincastle Baptist Church

The website has a static background video on the homepage. If a member misses a service, the church uploads the sermon and notes to the site. The images on the lower section use parallax scrolling.

57. Kings Church

Kings Church introduces the church to the members in a long paragraph. There is a button for users to click and get more information about the church. The website is simple to use and with clear navigation.

58. Nations Church

Nations Church’s website has links to the various church locations. The church has a podcast and a ‘give’ section for members to give their offerings. Join the church college for training and be part of the community.

59. First United Pentecostal Church

The website has a calendar with up-to-date information for the month. The sermons page has a list of audio messages that members can replay and listen to. Members can give their donations online and translate the page to Espanol.

60. Planet Shakers

The upper section of the website has been animated as you hover over the page. It is appealing and attractive to the eye. The menu has submenus making the site easy to navigate. On scrolling, the website has typography to attract users to click on the button. 

61. Sandals Church

The church vision is visible on most pages of the website. The sermons page is available in a dark mode as well. It has a laid-out schedule of the live service. The Sandals Church website is mobile responsive and uses Alexa to navigate. There is also a section that has answers to the frequently asked questions. 

62. Rockpointe Church

The advantage of the online service is that members can watch a service any day of the week. The website uses large fonts to help members capture the details faster as they scroll the website. There is a contact form that has a Recaptcha privacy protection. 

63. St. Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

The website has a schedule and a live stream for members to watch the sermons. Members can subscribe using their emails and make donations using the available options from the site. There is a responsive map with helpful tools to give users the direction of the church.

64. The Crossing Church

The background image has people leading worship in the church. The website is mobile responsive, and the app is downloadable on Android and Apple devices. Members can join a group or connect with the church on social media platforms. The footer has contact information and office details.

65. Hill City Church

Visitors to the page can contact the church, watch a sermon, or visit the church. The online service is available on YouTube and Facebook platforms. The texts flow in and out as the user scrolls the website. There is the use of bold headlines and easy-to-read fonts. 

66. Southeast Christian Church

Before proceeding with the website, there is a pop-up with buttons to assist users. Members can volunteer, watch a live stream or listen to the sermons. The mobile responsive website is easy to navigate and use. The main menu has submenu items that are accessible using the dropdown arrows.

67. Hope Center

The website is user-friendly and has different fonts, colors, and images. The bottom section has the social media icons and contact information. From the ‘location’ page, users can choose their most convenient place and proceed with the service. There is an interactive session for members to interact and answer different questions.

68. The Village Church

The Village Church homepage is attractive with images and color. The website has a modern look, and it is easy to navigate. Members can forward their offering and tithe as well as sign up for newsletters. The resource section has different learning materials and a pop-up that reminds users of the importance of giving.

69. River Valley Church

The River Valley website is mobile responsive. As a church website, members can join the live service or watch past sermons. Interested visitors can learn more about the church and give offerings. It has an events page that has the monthly activities of the church.

Why Should You Design a Church Website?

With the church websites above, you can now proceed to design an appealing website. It should be simple to navigate, easy to use, and include visuals.

The reason why you need a church website is for the convenience that comes with it. If you are not a developer, you can hire a developer to do it for you.

They can host the site for you and optimize it to meet the SEO requirements. It will increase the visibility of your church to the members.

With the church websites above, what changes will you be making to your site? To design a new website, you can use a template from a variety of website builders. You can compare Weebly and WordPress website builders when designing your website. 

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