Call Tracker Apps Complete Review 2021 [+ Comparison Table]

upqode | Feb 24th, 2021

How can a business benefit from using a call tracker? First, it helps you analyze how callers are able to identify your business, determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and adjust your goals.

In simpler terms, a call tracker helps a business monitor which activities are generating the inbound conversion. 

But what is a call tracker, and what does it do?

Call-tracking is discovering how a visitor was able to learn about your business. Tracking software is an app that helps you monitor phone calls made to your business. 

Instead of doing it manually- like asking how did you hear about us, you can use the software to get more information about the caller. Marketers can use it to optimize their marketing efforts and make the necessary adjustments.

It helps you get more details about the caller, pages visited, and ad campaign performance. But, how do you trace a specific call? How will you know that it is from your website, campaign, or organic marketing?

It is one of the biggest tasks for marketers. For instance, let’s say a client is looking for a Seattle web design agency that offers SEO services. She goes on to a search engine to look for a solution. The client goes ahead and uses the contacts to call your business.

How will you find out how the callers got your contacts before contacting you? Now, this is where a call tracker app comes in. It helps you find out which source is generating more calls and optimize future marketing strategies. 

Benefits Of A Call Tracker App

Before we get started on the advantages of using the software, here is what you need to know. Before you settle on an app, make sure that it is specific to your business. It should give you more details about the caller.

The benefits of using a phone call tracker software are:

1. Improve marketing strategy

With the digital marketing evolution, organizations need to adjust their marketing strategies. For instance, do you need to continue with organic posting, paid advertising, SEO, or website.

With the web design example above, a call tracker will help you know if the client got your contacts from social media ads, website, or pay-per-click. It helps the marketer come up with a plan for your marketing efforts.

2. It promotes your Return on Investment.

For a business, you need to monitor your return on investment. But how do you do it? A call tracker app will help you record a call, collect information about a caller, and so on.

It will help you track the performance of your paid advertising. You are able to optimize ads and pause campaigns that are not performing. Moreover, you discover the content the caller clicked to, before calling.

As a marketer, you can also adjust your marketing strategy. It also helps you find out what works best for you and what doesn’t.

3. Measure the performance of your organization

Due to high competition, small businesses and organizations are using both offline and online marketing. For instance, you can result to using billboards and banners to advertise.

In addition, you can also decide to use online marketing like websites, ads, and PPC. A call tracker software will help you analyze whether your calls are from offline marketing or online methods.

4. Optimize your campaigns for conversion

Optimization is using the relevant keywords to maximize conversation. If you use different phone numbers in your business, you can have ad groups with a specific contact.

Also, use negative keywords in your campaign to leverage the number of clicks that result in calls. The marketer is able to focus on a keyword that brings in the most number of calls.

You can as well use tools to discover more keywords that bring conversion to your business. The more the calls, the easier it is for you to convert visitors to successful leads.

5. It helps you improve your customer service.

A call tracker helps you improve your user experience. For instance, if most clients call to complain about a service in your organization, you have to offer a solution as soon as possible. 

It means that your customers are interested in your business. Therefore, you have to do your best to improve your business services. You can record the calls and discuss with your employees how to improve the situation.

6. Call tracker helps you monitor your conversion.

The goal of a business is to attract customers and convert them into repeat clients. But, it is not as easy. A call tracker helps you monitor which channels are generating more calls.

Is it from a campaign, social media, website, or offline activities? This way, it saves you money and time. You can channel your efforts in lead-generating platforms.

Call Tracker Apps Review 2021

There are so many call tracker apps in the market. It can be challenging for small businesses and even big organizations to settle on a specific one.

But, how do you make sure that a specific app will give you the relevant information? For instance, it should give you the call duration, caller details, call record, keywords on the campaign, and so on. 

Therefore, to help you get the best of the app, we have a list of the features you need to know before selecting.

1. Easy to set up and use interface

A call tracker app should not be complex to use. Your marketer and sales team should have an easy time interacting with the app. 

2. Integration

Depending on the platform that you are using, a call tracker should be easy to integrate with, to gather information from each. Moreover, the call tracker should help an organization generate leads and maintain clients.

For example, it should integrate with Google Analytics to help you find out the user’s web activities. Also, it needs to integrate with the marketing and social media platforms to give information about ad performance or keywords. 

3. Caller intelligence

A call tracker app should give you detailed information about the caller. It should give you the demographics, user profile, device, call duration, and time among other relevant details.

4. Analytics Feature

With a call tracker, it can be easy to analyze a call in real-time. You can find out more about a call. For instance, is it from an ad, social media, or a website? 

You do not have to wait for the call to end to analyze it. simply open the app and analyze the information.

5. Intelligence call routing

A call tracker should have a feature where it forwards a call to the appropriate recipient. You can use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)- to interact with callers, gather information about them, and then forward it to the receiver.

6. Recording

Top call tracker apps will have the call recording feature. It helps you find out how your clients feel about your business. Do they have suggestions? What questions are they asking? Are they complaining about an issue?

If you are a big organization, it may not be possible for you as the top management to monitor all calls. With call recording, you will find out how your employees relate to the clients. Are they rude, welcoming, or supportive?

With the features in mind, we can now look at the specific apps.

Let’s get started.

Call Tracker Apps

If your business is not using a call tracker online, you could be missing out, especially on your conversion. But, it is never too late to start. 

Check out the list below with the car tracker solution for your business or organization. 

1. CallRail


CallRail is a call tracking software that helps businesses discover marketing efforts that lead to the most calls. In addition to this, it has other functionalities like conversation intelligence, form tracking, and lead center. 

It allows users to create a call tracker free account valid for 14 days. CallRail integrates with marketing tools like WordPress, Slack, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Google ads. 

It helps marketers and the sales team to make better future decisions based on the calls and analytics. The software allows you to assign different phone numbers to each of your campaigns and website visitor. 

CallRail is tracking software that helps you collect information about how callers found your business.

2. Invoca Call Tracker App


Invoca is an AI-powered, call tracking and analytics software that enables marketers, eCommerce, and sales teams to generate leads. 

With conversation intelligence, organizations can interact with their clients. Above all, use the information to increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Invoca integrates with other platforms to make conversation tracking seamless. Improve your customer experience, generate reports on missed calls, website issues, and calls directly from the website.

Personalize every conversation by routing calls and highlighting caller intent using screen popups. 

3. PhoneWagon


Phone Wagon is an easy-to-use, call tracking software with a robust voice and SMS tools that increase conversion. The call tracker metrics provide information on the call outcome.

Marketers and agencies can use this information to monetize campaigns that generate leads. Within 30 minutes, you can add a number, search area codes, and configure it for use. 

It has an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you deep insights into the caller. With the performance overview, generate reports on ad spend, optimize ads to increase ROI, and monitor where your ads are coming from.

PhoneWagon allows Real-time reporting by viewing the call duration, location, and time. You can also tag a call as good or bad, listen to live calls and see the calls coming in.

4. Marchex


Marchex helps marketers discover channels that are driving more sales to the business. Optimize your ads for clicks, which in turn increases the number of calls. 

Use customer insights to make better decisions, increase revenue, and more. Anyone in your organization can analyze data using AI-based technology. 

Discover what your prospective buyers are saying, identify what works, and take the right action towards conversion.

5. Hubspot


Hubspot has a free call tracking software that allows you to call, prioritize daily calls and record them from your website. You can start with a free account before proceeding to a premium account.

It is an all-in-one software where you can track emails, report, automate sales and hold a live chat, to name but a few. 

Log calls automatically from the Hubspot CRM. Using a VOIP or remote office phone system, you can connect to your leads from the website. Less manual work gives you more time to sell.

6. Vonage Call Tracker

Vonage call tracker

Vonage is a call tracking app that turns your call into marketing. With this software, customers use virtual number(s) to reach out to your business. 

Based on the contact number and the billboard that generated the call, the software allows you to route the call to the right agent. The Voice API has a built-in IVR that collects caller details by using a line of code. 

Vonage analytics captures every detail about the caller, like duration, call cost, date, time, and calling parties. Users can also split calls when using the app. Get started by creating a free trial account.

7. Channels


Channels is a cloud-based software that links brands to their clients. Stay connected with your customers by using the platform’s mobile app. It is available for download for both Android and Apple.

Depending on the platform you are using, Channels integrate with other tools like Shopify, Hubspot, Magento, Zendesk, and Pipedrive. Not only can you make calls but use text messages as well.

Send and receive messages using Channels’ two-way SMS communication. Are you in eCommerce? Use the software to convert and retain existing customers.

Use the IVR tool and incoming calls to connect with your customers. It saves you time and effort accessing customer data.

8. DialogTech


DialogTech is a call tracking and analysis platform for agencies and enterprise marketers. It is powered by AI to help you discover caller insights, call experience, and conversations.

The software has a solution for both marketers and industries. Connect, optimize and personalize both offline and online call insights from your callers. You can do this in real-time. 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, DialogTech helps you discover insights from each call. You can recover potential clients, measure performance, and improve your results.

When it comes to enterprise, DialogTech gives you the security and privacy to record and transcribe calls. It protects data with the latest security standards. 

9. Convirza


Convirza is a call tracking and analytics app that helps you drive conversions and gain marketing intelligence. It follows, records, and analyzes each call.

The software helps you understand where the calls are coming from and how callers found your business. Call analytics helps you discover the intent and behavior of the client.

Convirza allows you to connect ads and marketing campaigns. Increase your ROI by discarding ads that do not bring in revenue. Monitor online and offline marketing to increase revenue in your business.

The software offers more than call tracking. It integrates with other platforms, automates marketing, and analyzes calls.

10. Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic call tracking

Analytics Call Tracking is a call tracking app for businesses and agencies. It allows you to block calls, track calls in real-time, and generate call reports.

Depending on your business, the app has so many features to choose from. It is fast to set up and configure a tracking number with the Analytic Call Tracking app.

In addition, it helps you identify channels that bring calls to your business. For an agency, you can create unlimited company accounts, scale, and get real-time call statistics.

11. WhatConverts


WhatConverts is a diverse tool for marketers, small businesses, franchises, and agencies. It has over 1000 integrations for the convenience of the user.

You can track calls and communicate with leads to convert them into clients. Also, monitor chats and forms to find out where your customers came from and who they are. Get analytics and insights from your marketing channels. 

WhatConverts is easy to configure, has dedicated support to offer assistance, and has 14 days trial period. Create and customize reports to represent your brand. Every time there is a new lead, the dashboard updates it in real-time.

12. CallHippo


With CallHippo, setting up a virtual phone system is very easy. In addition, businesses can track calls and analyze speech. 

CallHippo helps you improve the customer experience in your business. Make use of IVR, call routing and live call monitoring. The Powerdialer and click-to-dial features help you improve sales and increase conversion. 

The platform integrates with different software like Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Slack to improve business productivity. The software is mobile responsive.

You can download the app on your mobile devices to stay connected with your caller and monitor calls. Call analytics allows you to track call duration, record calls, then route incoming calls. 

13. RingDNA 


RindDNA works with both online and offline marketing platforms. It helps you track and route calls  With this app, you can discover which channels are driving the most inbound calls.

When it comes to sales, capture relevant data that can help you scale up your business. With actionable insights, you can measure your KPIs to find out what works best for you.

RingDNA also helps you to transcribe calls. Do you want to improve your customer experience? With real-time lead alerts, you are able to reply to your prospective buyers faster. 

Intelligent call routing helps you forward calls to the right specialist. 

14. Nextiva


Nextiva is a platform for enterprises and small businesses. It allows users to communicate with their clients and teams from any location. You can use voice, messaging, helpdesk, and sales CRM. 

Built-in tools help you learn more about your customers. Call pop gives you customer details before you receive the call. Upon receiving a call, you collect all the information about the caller.

Personalize messages and emails to reflect your brand. With voice analytics, you can create reports for the data you are interested in. Display the performance of your business and broadcast real-time information. Use this information to resolve issues, react to or make better business decisions.

15. CallFire Call Tracker

CallFire Call Tracker

CallFire is a call tracking software that helps you find out what works for you to influence decision-making. Users can track the effectiveness of a campaign by using toll-free or local numbers. 

Create custom emails or use CallFire API to create an app that allows instant reporting based on the provision. 

With voice broadcast, users can send notification alerts and updates to the relevant receivers faster. The CallFire IVR system is easy to use. You can use it to set up polls, surveys, and reminders for outbound services.

16. CallSource


CallSource is more than a call tracking software. It allows you to process calls, real-time reporting, increase sales, and personal coaching. 

Do you want to drive customers to your business? Use vanity phone numbers to build your brand and retain existing customers. Use the number in ads and offline adverts. It helps clients remember the contact and use it to reach out when they are in need of your service.

Another benefit of using a vanity number is that it helps route a call to the right location. But, this is possible with CallSource geo-routing feature. Calls management helps you discover which ads are bringing in the most calls to your business.

17. Twilio


Twilio is a call tracking software that allows you to connect calls, measure campaigns, and improve customer experience. With call routing, you can convert prospects and new customers by forwarding calls to the relevant receiver.

Understand your customer’s journey and generate reports that are specific to your brand. Twilio integrates with other software to make the best out of each platform. 

Use spam-blocking add-ons to block unwanted calls. For a nonprofit organization, you can use Twilio to communicate with donors, volunteers, and the community. 

Marketers as well use the platform to engage with customers from the awareness stage to customer retention.

18. Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Agile CRM allows users to track calls and record them for future use with an easy-to-use interface. With Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you can transform your CRM and automate calls to your sales and support team.

The platform is free to use for 10 users. It has a call support center where you automate call history, route incoming calls, and sort calls.

Agile CRM allows you to view the graphical representation of your reports. Create custom reports that are specific to your brand. Analyze the sales funnel and find out what is leading to conversion.

19. Truly


Truly is a voice-only platform that helps users manage issues with their VOIP. It is mobile responsive, makes quality calls, and has responsive apps.

The software integrates with different platforms to improve data accuracy and minimize time to insight with integrated conversation features. 

You can transcribe, record, and analyze calls in a way that it is easy to search and reports data on Salesforce. Represent data reports with your CRM integration and data analysis tools.

Be in control of what your team sees after a call. Route calls to the appropriate receiver to win more clients.

A quick summary of the call tracker apps above

Call Tracker AppTrial plan/ demoPriceFeatures
CallRail14 daysfrom $45 per monthFull call recording
Form lead tracking Conversation intelligence Lead center
Collect caller information Marketing software integration
InvocaHas a free democustomPersonalize caller experience
Accurate and actionable call data
Connect inbound calls
Measure your marketing performance
Personalize digital touchpointsRoute calls
PhoneWagonHas a free trial from $45per monthCall recording
Custom call tagging
Toll-free numbers
Instant number setup
Google Analytics integration
Unlimited user accounts
Marchex30 dayscustomCall tracking
Conversation intelligence
Lost sale alertIntegrate with CRM and Google analytics to track the customer journey
Maximize value on ad spent
HubspotHas a free trialFrom $45 per monthRecord calls
Prioritize day calls
Log calls into a CRM 
VonageHas a free planCustomSplit call recording
Route calls
Gain insights
Generate leads
Add virtual phone numbers automatically
Channels7 daysLite starts at $15 per monthCall recording
Integrate with other platforms
One-click calls from the browser
Massive dialers
Personalized calls
DialogTechRequest a democustomIt is scalable
Tack visitors activities
Create caller profile
Create personal IVRAI-driven conversation intelligence
Actionable insights
Convirza21 daysFrom $69 per monthCall recording and downloading
Unlimited users
Geo routing
Marketing dashboard
Offline and online tracking
Analytic Call TrackingNo$99 per monthScalable
Call recording
Real-time caller stats
Fast setup
Email alerts
WhatConverts14 daysFrom $30 per monthCall tracking
Form tracking
Chat tracking
Marketing reports
Custom reports
CallHippoNoFrom $14 per monthMarketing insight
Caller device
Real-time optimization
Detailed call analytics
RingDNARequest democustomTrack inbound calls
Get marketing insights
Capture call data in Salesforce
Route inbound calls
Nextiva7 daysFrom $18-89 per monthVoice analytics
Toll-free and local numbers
Outlook and Google integration
Call encryption
CallFire30 daysPay as you go from 6¢ per minLow pricing
Google analytics integration
Record inbound calls
Email notification on successful calls
CallSourceRequest democustomReal-time tracking
Unique call tracking number
Call recording
TwilioTrial planPay-as-you-goCall routing
CRM integration
IVR system
Agile CRMFree for 10 usersFrom $8.99Routing incoming call
Call tracking
Call recording
Call scripts
TrulyRequest demooffer for $99/user/monthLocal & toll-free numbers
Call transfer
International numbers and calling

To sum it up,

A call tracker helps you collect information on how a caller found out about your business. It also helps you track ROI, monitor and convert leads.

With the apps above, you can use one that works for your business or organization.

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