Top 8 Best Shopify Alternatives of 2020 [Complete Review]

upqode | Sep 15th, 2020

Online shopping continues to gain popularity and uses especially during this time when going out is limited to essential errands. That`s why, in this article, we will discuss excellent Shopify alternatives as well as leading Shopify competitors that have seen tremendous growth in 2020. Additionally, I will also talk about what else you can do to boost sales in your online stores.

However, as the e-commerce booms and more and more shops quickly adjust in their new online platforms, the more saturated these online markets become. This makes the competition even fiercer and grabbing the audience attention becomes even more difficult. 

As much as Shopify is incredibly easy to use, it might not be for everyone. Yes, you can learn and figure things out along the way, but this can rob you of time and resources that you can be spending on more important aspects of your online store. 

This is why it is important to find the best fit for you and familiarise yourself with Shopify alternatives out there to help you boost your online store.

What is Shopify? 

Before we delve into websites like Shopify and other alternative platforms you can use, it is important to know a little bit more about Shopify.

shopify platform

So why is it so popular?

Aside from ranking highly incredible reviews from both users and website design experts, Shopify offers a variety of tools and options to build your online store even if you have absolutely no knowledge about website building.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce builder that allows users to create, publish, and manage online stores. Not to mention the fact that the websites you create in Shopify are mobile-friendly.

With all the good there is about this tool, there are a few drawbacks.

Below is a list of clinchers and cons in using Shopify.

  • Transaction fees: Shopify enforces transaction fees meaning they charge you for every transaction you make. The only way to go around this if you use Shopify Payments which is not available everywhere.
  • Pricy Additional Features: Shopify is known for its abundant features and themes however most of these come with expensive fees. An example of this is Shopify’s multi-language feature. Price racks up as you continue to upgrade and improve your online store’s features.
  • Subpar on SEO rating: Perhaps the greatest clincher for online stores trying to break the ice on the online market. Shopify uses URL structures that are rigid and not very SEO friendly.

Aside from this Shopify or any website building platform for that matter can be difficult to navigate and manage. Continue reading to find out where to find professional and certified experts to help you.

8 Best Shopify Alternatives 2020

Now that you are caught up on the basics of Shopify, it’s time to explore other options. 

Truth is, there are a lot of Shopify alternatives. There are several websites like Shopify that offer online businesses with a one-stop-shop for creating, publishing, and managing their online store.

With this said there are important things you need to consider before choosing the platform for your online store. 

Aside from the obvious SEO features that increase your online visibility (e.g. URL structures, site safety, website design, overall user experience), you might be concerned with how popular and credible your website building platform is. Additionally, accessibility and affordability might be important considerations for you. 

Here is a list of 8 of the best alternatives to Shopify to help you find the right fit.

1. BigCommerce – Shopify’s number 1 alternative.

If you are looking for sites like Shopify to launch your online store, BigCommerce might be your next best option.

BigCommerce offers a generous variety of 600 product variants to choose from. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with additional transaction fees that Shopify forces users to do.

shopify competitor

Below is additional information on BigCommerce to help you decide:

  • Excellent SEO;
  • Most Generous built-in features;
  • Allows you to Sell and manage your stores on other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest);
  • 15-day Free Trial;
  • Well designed and intuitive dashboard to manage your store;
  • Option to fully optimize your store’s HTML Code;
  • Several payment options (Paypal, Stripe, etc);
  • Easy shipping options management;
  • Easy and intuitive order management feature.

Pricing on BigCommerce is a few bucks cheaper than Shopify however the features on these tiered packages are pretty much the same. Below is the pricing tier for BigCommerce:

  • Standard: $29.99/month; 
  • Plus: $71.95/month;
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote depending on your needs and customizations.

2. Volusion

As much as ratings for Volusion do not fare as well as Shopify and other sites like Shopify, it is still highly recommended. It offers a variety of promotions, analytic tools, and payment options for your online store.

e-commerce platform

It offers a variety of features to help run your online store- from marketing, listing to upselling. Volusion’s pricing cuts close to Shopify:

  • Personal: $29 (For 50K in sales and 100 Products);
  • Professional: $79 (For 100K in Sales and up to 5,000 Products);
  • Business: $299 (For 500K in Sales);
  • Custom: Inclusive of All Features plus VIP support. 

3. WooCommerce as WordPress powered Shopify alternative

WooCommerce is an extension run by WordPress that is a Shopify alternative. The biggest benefit to using WooCommerce over all the sites like Shopify is its affordable price range. Additionally, it’s not like you would be limited in terms of features with the small fee you’d be paying for WooCommerce. 

e-commerce wordpress

This eCommerce building plugin would allow you to build and manage your site and is especially effective and cost-effective for businesses just starting out online. WooCommerce is incredibly affordable as seen in this price range:

  • Hosting: between $5 – 25 / month;
  • Domain: around $10 a year;
  • Premium theme: a one-off fee of $59;
  • Extra plugins: $40 – 80 / year per plugin.

4. Wix eCommerce

Wix is a company growing in use and popularity among the website building community. It goes without saying that its eCommerce function has incredibly customizable features that you can use to be as hands-on as possible in designing and optimizing your online store.

e-commerce website builder

Wix is rated to be one of the best options especially if you are just starting out in the online market. Below are some of the benefits of using Wix eCommerce as a Shopify alternative:

  • Beginner Friendly; 
  • Affordable prices with excellent features;
  • Great design options;
  • No extra transaction fees;
  • Less technical than most sites like Shopify. 

Wix eCommerce is also relatively cheap. If you are looking for free Shopify alternatives, you can enjoy their free online store building plan.

For more information on pricing and paid plans here is Wix eCommerce Business pricing:

  • Basic: $23 with all the eCommerce features, storage limited to 20 GB – this is a lot;
  • Unlimited: $27 with up to 35 GB storage and up to 10 hours of video upload;
  • VIP: $49, with up to 50 GB storage and priority support.

5. PinnacleCart

You can enjoy as many as 12 free templates on PinnacleCart if you are looking for cost-effective alternatives to Shopify. Additionally, it offers unlimited admin accounts and products for your online store. 

e-commerce platform

PinnacleCart also does not charge transaction fees.

Below is PinnacleCart’s pricing:

  • Start-Up: $44.95 a month for 1GB of space and 2GB bandwidth.
  • Started: $94.95 a month for 10GB of space and 20GB bandwidth plus Quickbooks integration.
  • Advanced: $199.95 a month for unlimited storage and bandwidth. You also get priority support.

6. Simvoly

If you are big on creative designs and hands-on customization, this Shopify alternative is for you. Simvoly offers excellent funnel optimization features that allow users and website builders to craft a step-by-step user experience.

Additionally, it has built-in analytics that would tell you which part of the funnel is effective and which is not working.

shopify competitors

Simvoly also has A/B testing to help users identify the best design that engages audiences the most.

With this said Simvoly doesn’t exactly offer a lot of options for payment methods and shipping. This can be incredibly stringent for businesses that cater to international clients or if their client base is diverse.

To give you a better idea of how much you’d spend on Simvoly, here is their pricing:

  • Personal: $12/month for 5 products; 
  • Business: $24/month for 100 products; 
  • Growth+: $59/month for unlimited products; 
  • Pro: $149/month for unlimited products, funnels and domain connections.

7. Squarespace

This is a website-building platform that has an excellent eCommerce feature specially designed and optimized for creatives. Their creative themes and options to create your website is crafted to make sure small projects and artistic products are featured well.

Additionally, Squarespace is relatively easy to navigate and you can easily design and customize your website the way you want without needing much technical knowledge. All these features make it one of the most popular Shopify alternatives.

shopify alternative

It also offers the fundamental analytics needed for businesses online. Squarespace allows you to enjoy and use this feature at their cheapest plan which starts at $30 a month. Here is Squarespace’s pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $30/month for commerce analytics, checkout on the business domain, customer accounts, social media functions options;
  • Advanced Plan: $46/month for larger stores, carrier-calculated shipping, gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, limited availability labels. 

8. Big Cartel 

If you are in the creative business this Shopify alternative can also be a great option for you. Big Cartel has a niche audience of artists and creators. Some would say that it is a similar platform to Etsy and Pinterest where you can promote an artisan and artistic aesthetic.

This is perfect for businesses that market their products with a DIY and artistic feel. What Big Cartel lacks in flexible themes and extensive technical features, it makes up for a strong community of patrons that appreciate and support artisan businesses. 

big cartel website

Additionally, you can enjoy their free plan where you can sell up to 5 products in your store. This makes it a perfect free alternative to Shopify for small enterprises that are just starting out. 

Here is Big Cartel’s pricing for your reference:

  • Gold: Free for 5 products; 
  • Platinum: $9.99/month for 25 products; 
  • Diamond: $19.99/month for 100 products; 
  • Titanium: $29.99 a month for 300 products. 

This list is just some of the many different platforms you can explore in building and launching your online store. But the list is not complete with these variants. On the web, you can find many other Shopify alternatives that are perfect for your business needs.

If you are still in the dark about what to do, below is a list of professional website-building companies that have made credible reputations for themselves.  Continue reading to find out more!

How can I Boost my Sales Online using Shopify alternatives? 

You are free to choose any site in and out of this list. However, if you are convinced that alternatives to Shopify simply won’t deliver the output you want, you can always turn to experts to help you boost online sales.

Design isn’t everything when it comes to it and there is a lot of time and strategy that goes behind managing and optimizing online stores. This is why outsourcing a professional might be your best option to boost online sales.

boost sale image

f you are still asking yourself for similar options or Shopify alternatives and not satisfied with the answers you find online, perhaps it is time to consult with experts.

Below is a list of experts and Shopify vetted service providers to help your online store perform the best it could.

Top 20 Web Development Experts


shopify expert

UPQODE  is the leading web development company that specializes in helping clients design and develop their online websites and stores. Additionally, they also do pretty well in small task customization. 

They have got years of experience in designing and building your Shopify stores. They offer extensive support options depending on the needs and goals of your online store. UPQODE management of transactions and payments is also safe as payments are held in escrow until you personally sign off and approve a project.

2. SainStore

SainStore is a full-featured Shopify partner that offers excellent plans for international expansion, design, and development as well as conversion optimization.

The company takes pride in helping businesses effectively rebrand and remarket products in a way that would be accepted and patronized by international clients. 

Also, SainStore is an expert in handling companies and small-scale businesses in the electronics, fashion, and fitness industries. 

3. ClearGo

ClearGo is a Shopify Plus Expert that taps into credible retailers that help improve their client’s customer journey and their regional expansion.

They specialize in customer and user experience design and optimization, eCommerce Strategy, International client expansion, and integrations to name a few. 

Additionally, ClearGo also accepts clients that are based on websites like Shopify.

They have an impressive portfolio of big brands as clients including Canon, Cole Haan, Raffles Health, and Diane Von Furstenberg.

4. Carson eCommerce

Carson eCommerce offers flexible payment plans, generous membership perks, and fully customizable project plans depending on what your goals are for your online business. 

carshop shopify

They specialize in executing small effective changes in themes, app integrations, and other custom developments. Additionally, Carson eCommerce guarantees unlimited revisions and changes until you are satisfied with the final output. You can view their pricing here or get a free quote on their website.

5. Pivofy

Pivofy works well with increasing sales and audience interactions. As a Shopify Plus, partner Pivofy is able to pinpoint exactly what your company needs in order to boost growth and development for your company.

This group of experts guarantees increased sales and higher conversion rates. Check out their website or visit this link to get a free consultation.

6. Shopify and You by Thomas Holmes 

Is an expert on design development and growth for online businesses. As the author of one of the most credible books on success in Shopify, readers that subscribe to Holmes experience tremendous growth in their Shopify Stores. 

7. Maukau

Maukau is a company that specializes in helping clients boost their presence online. They specialize in marketing strategies aside from coming up with highly effective plans for your Shopify store. 

They specialize in working with online stores that are in the fashion, beauty, and retail industries. Aside from Shopify services MauKau also hooks you up with the latest and highly effective Social Media marketing strategies.  They also work a bit on SEO from paid SEO to content optimization. 

You can visit this site for more information on the services they offer for Shopify stores.

8. Only Growth

This agency is a group of Shopify experts that specifically deal with improving online sales conversions. As you may already know, high conversion rates and low bounce rates are important for online stores looking to boost their sales. 

Only Growth has done exactly that for many Shopify stores. 

9. Flair Consultancy 

Flair Consultancy is a design and development group that expertly designs and optimizes Shopify stores. You can hire Flair consultancy for a number of services that concentrate on design development and growth.

They offer tiered plans that range from basic ad hoc redesigns to a complete overhaul of your website. For more information on the details of the plan and its corresponding pricing, you can visit their site.

10. Blue Stout

The company specializes in helping clients tap into new audience bases and improve their online stores’ overall reach.

Blue Stout’s strategy centers around customer conversion and retention by making sure you are able to connect with your customers and effectively convert them into loyal purchasers. 

They offer a free strategy consultation that might be helpful especially for stores that are struggling in retaining and gaining customers. 

web development

11. Bold Commerce

If you are looking for stunning eCommerce apps, Bold Commerce is for you. They have developed some of the highest performing eCommerce apps for Shopify and they have helped numerous stores boost their sales through redesigning and development strategies.

Bold Commerce has over 2000 partners and that has helped more than 90,000 stores breakthrough in their sales and conversion rates records.

They also feature helpful blogs and literature on their website if you are looking for a free way to help your online Shopify store. 

12. ZAGO Sweden

ZAGO Sweden is a small group of experts that help small startups make their name in the eCommerce market by coming up with unique and completely customized web designs. 

Aside from being certified by Shopify, they also work on online stores on other web-building platforms like WordPress and Magento. Visit their website to see their portfolio of clients and what services they can offer to help you make it in the online market. 

13. Handwoven Industries

Handwoven Industries has been designing and developing websites for twenty-three years now. They are a member of the Shopify Experts Program meaning they are experienced in turning your visions into reality for your online store.

Their project plans are also relatively affordable compared to other experts in the industry. 

14. Paralel

Paralel is a group that specializes in Shopify eCommerce strategies as well as custom building Apps that extend your website’s functionalities.

They have designed simple but effective websites for clients such as Batch Organics, Mavericks, and Pasta Evangelists.

15. Sunbowl

Sunbowl offers plans and site development for companies looking for quick changes to stores that are seeking professional help to completely redesign their site.

They are pretty hands-on and personal with the way they take on their project. The consultation starts with a virtual meeting followed by an invoice containing the itemization of costs for your changes. Sunbowl is also a certified Shopify Experts Partner.

16. Velstar Digital

Velstar Digital is a group of Shopify Partner that focuses on website design and development. They specialize in making your website mobile-friendly and easily navigable via different devices. As you may already know this is an incredibly important feature that many online stores thrive for today.

Velstar Digital handles clients from different industries and they specialize in handling stores that are in the retail and fashion industry.

17. Port80 Web Design 

Port80 is a partner for many eCommerce platforms and not just Shopify. They offer professional help for clients that are based on BigCommerce and Magento as well.

They have an extensive gallery of all the projects that have taken on in their website that is worth the visit. Especially if you are looking for inspirations or a general direction in what to do for your online store. 

Additionally, Port80 has an informative and comprehensive blog that features everything you need to know about what strategies you can work on to help boost your sales online. 

18. Voltage New Media

Voltage New Media is a group of passionate web builders that handle clients all over the world. They specialize in crafting visually creative websites for companies that are in the artistic and creative industries.

They offer fundamental services such as online branding, web design, and online store development. 

19. Underwater Pistol 

Underwater Pistol specializes in all things Shopify. They design and build websites, Analyse your performance, and optimize your site in order to effectively increase conversion rates. Customer loyalty is incredibly important in growing businesses and it is an especially effective tool in creating organic reach to audiences.

shopify development

SEO is also taken very seriously by this group of experts and they offer SEO strategies and plans to help with online visibility. Underwater Pistol also offers social media marketing plans for your online store. 

20. SpurIT

SpurIT categorizes its services under two milestones: development and marketing. Under development, clients can avail of store development and customization plans as well as Shopify App development services. 

Audits, SEO, Advertising, and design are all under marketing offered by SpurIt. They have more than 91K clients enjoying the benefits of a high ROI and more than nine years of experience in the web development industry.

Final Thoughts On Success in the alternatives to Shopify

This list is just some of the many experts you can outsource to help you break through in the online market. It is important to remember that there is a sea of resources and experts that can help you and your online store boost sales and improve conversion rates. Consulting and contacting several of your best choices will help in making sure you chose the best group of experts for your and your online store.

As mentioned above, many of these companies in the lust offer free consultations and strategy sessions that can help you get an idea of what exactly your website needs in order to boost sales. 

As much as these Shopify experts can help you it is also important to consider if the platform you are using to build, launch, and manage your online store is the best for you. This is especially important if you are a small business that is just starting out and if you are working with a limited budget. With this said, consultations and reading up on free literature available online is always a good place to start.

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