Plumbing Website Design: Best 15 Pro Designs to Get More Clients

upqode | Aug 13th, 2020

What should a plumbing website design look like? If you are a plumber looking to have a website or stand-out from your competition, I have a solution for you. Having a high-quality, professional and modern website will get you more clients.

Having a website is very important as it represents your brand and sells your services faster than the traditional methods. You can work with a freelance developer or a web design agency to design your website.

Also, you can use the WordPress Content Management System to build a functional and high converting website. The platform has different themes to make use of. There are agencies that offer WordPress website design services.

For a plumbing website design, these are the best 15 pro designs to get more clients to your business. 

Let’s have a look at each.

Best Plumbing Website Design

With so many web design agencies in existence today, you can be sure of having a website for your business. Before you begin your design process, you need to think about your users first. Make sure that it’s easy for anyone to use your website. 

Different web design agencies will have different website design tips. That said, it may not be possible to achieve everything in one website. Therefore, make sure that you choose the best plumbing website designs that will work for you.

The best plumbing website design tips that you need to achieve are:

1. Who you are

This is the most basic part of any website. A plumbing website design should be clear enough for anyone to understand who you are. It brings out the professional environment to anyone looking for plumbing services.

This information should be visible to your users. This can be the name of your business, tagline and any other relevant information about you. 

2. Contact Information

The contact information should be easy to locate. This information is very crucial and it should be easy to find. For example, you can add the contact details in the menu bar. Also, you can create a specific button on the homepage which has the contact information only.

3. Services offered

Plumbers are known to offer different services. For this reason, you need your clients to be aware of the specific services that you offer. Before a client asks for your services, he/she should already be aware of what you do.

From the services section, include a contact form or a book appointment form. This is for those clients who may not want to make a direct call. It gives them another option of reaching out for your services. 

4. Professional logo

Would you trust a website without a logo? The chances are very low. For any business, a professional logo is very important. For a plumbing website design, having a professional logo adds the credibility of your business. 

Also, visitors to your website will trust your business more. It’s easier for anyone to request your services. For a professional logo, you can hire design services from graphic designers or a web design agency. 

To distinguish yourself from your competitors, include a professional logo in your plumbing website design. It earns your clients’ trust and legitimizes your profession.

5. Mobile responsive

Before you launch your website, you have to make sure that it’s mobile responsive. This means that it can run on different screen sizes. These are mobile phones and tablets. The website should appear and function in the same way as in a desktop view.

Having a website that is mobile responsive increases the accessibility of your website. It also comes with convenience as most people will use your website from any location. If you’re using the WordPress framework, consider purchasing a responsive theme.

You do not want to lose clients because of this. Design and test to see how your content displays in the various devices. There are different tools to test for mobile friendliness. Examples are Google’s mobile-friendly test, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Bing Mobile-friendliness

6. Security

Security in any web design is very important. Depending on your host provider, your hosting package may come with an SSL certificate or you may purchase it later. An SSL or Secure Socket Layer protects the data passed between a web server and the browser.

In a plumbing website design, you need to guarantee the security of your client’s data. Everyone needs to be sure that the information to submit will be safe. Therefore, having a secure website for your website users should be part of your priorities.

7. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is optimizing a website with the intention of ranking higher on search engines. SEO works for both content and website in general. You need to add links, keywords, Meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags. 

This increases your chances of attracting organic traffic to your website. In a plumbing website design, SEO works the same. To attract a wider audience and high visibility of your website, consider optimizing your website. 

If you’re not sure of where to start or how to go about it, you can hire a WordPress web design agency to do the optimization for you. In this competitive generation, you need proper SEO to rank on the first pages of a search engine. 

8. Quality content

Have you ever found yourself on a website that has exactly what you’re looking for but the content is very shallow? Probably, you never clicked on that site or you left it straightaway. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this on your website.

For this reason, you need to have high-quality and well-detailed content. Like I had earlier stated, it also improves your website SEO. Quality content in a plumbing web design helps your audience in making a decision. 

Also, the content needs to be up-to-date to meet your client’s expectations. For instance, any changes in the area of service or contact information should be updated on the website. 

9. Site speed

Website speed is also part of SEO. Your website needs to be fast on both mobile and desktop devices. Site speed is not limited to a plumbing website design only, but on all websites. 

Most clients will bounce off from your website if it takes longer to display. To get more visitors to your website, you need to optimize your website for speed. It also sets you apart from your competition. 

10. Ease-of-use

A plumbing website design should be easy to use. This includes the forms attached too. When designing your plumbing website, you need to have your users in mind. 

Also, make sure that the website is easy to use on any device. For instance, the view and navigation of a website should remain the same on each device.

With an easy-to-use website, a user can access everything he/she needs faster and with ease. If your website has a poor design and is hard to use, you may end up losing your clients.

11. Testimonials/ Awards

Testimonials help convince other clients that it’s safe to work with you and that you deliver your services. For this reason, you need to give your best and stand out from your competitors.

For a plumbing website design, ask your clients to give feedback after successful service delivery. Testimonials help in building trust with your new clients.

Also, include awards, licenses, and certifications in your plumbing website design. 

Here’s an example of how you include awards on a website.

example of how you include awards in a website Plumbing Website Design

Like testimonials, awards help build trust. Also, it’s a legit way to beat your competition. 

12. Original photos and videos

Between stock photos and original photos, which ones are more convincing? Well, the original images are more convincing. In a plumbing website design, you can include images of the various services you offer. For instance, you can have an image of your staff at work. 

Also, you need to include videos on your plumbing website. For example, create a high-quality video while offering a plumbing service then upload it to your website. 

Videos are very important as they help convert more clients. A majority of users will not read through your content. Watching a video that shows how you carry out your services is much better than reading a post.

13. Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTA’s are very helpful in a plumbing website design. Website CTA’s are very common and helpful for users using mobile devices. Some of the CTA’s to include are like call, request a quote, and message.

The purpose of a CTA is to compel users to take a specific action. Having the right CTA can get you more clients. This means that you need to be careful about how you use them.

For example, you can have a CTA that has an offer for your new clients. This kind of CTA should inform your users on how and why they are taking an action. This kind of CTA can have most first-time clients requesting your services. 

14. Readability

Readability and SEO help in converting clients to repeat customers. It works the same for all types of websites. For your plumbing website design, make sure that your content is easy to read. 

From your website, also make sure that the font of your text is not too small or too big. Check the size of your website font on various devices. 

When creating content for your website, avoid using too many technical terms, also referred to as jargon. Your clients need to understand what you offer. It also helps in attracting more clients as they can relate to what you’re offering.

15. Clear landing page

A landing page is a specific page on a website that you want your clients to see after clicking on your website. For most websites, this is usually the homepage.

Make sure that the page is attractive and users can get a lot from the homepage. Make sure it captures who you are, your contacts, and the services you offer. From the homepage of a plumbing website design, it should be easy to answer most of the client’s questions.

Plumbing Website Design Inspiration

From the above best plumbing website design tips, different plumbing websites have proved it’s possible to achieve each. For plumbing website design inspiration, I will look at the following companies websites: 

1. Atlas Plumbing NYC

homepage of Atlas Plumbing NYC

From the homepage of Atlas Plumbing NYC, it’s very easy to tell the services that the company offers. The website has so many noticeable features from the homepage. 

The website has a professional, modern website design with an animated logo and a sticky top menu. From the logo, it’s very clear to see that the company offers plumbing and meter services. 

Moreover, there is a contact number, email and a call-to-action button. There’s also a testimonial, a form and a footer section with more information about the company.

2. GM Plumbing Corporation

M Plumbing Corporation's website Plumbing Website Design

GM Plumbing Corporation’s website has an appealing and attractive design. The website content is easy to read. From the upper section of the website, there is a call-to-action button that has the company contacts.

The company has also added certifications and license on the website. Besides this, there’s a testimonial section, services, and a map. They also state the areas in which they offer their services.

3. Ace Plumbing & Rooter 

Ace Plumbing & Rooter website

The images, colors, design and content are among the inspirational features to draw from the website. Before you click on any other page or scroll down the website, there’s a lot you can get from the top section. 

The company displays their awards and certifications, contact information and a CTA section for booking appointments. Besides this, the company states the areas or locations which they offer their services. 

Apart from this, there is a video that clients can watch and learn more. There’s also a sticky bar that displays the contact details. 

4. MCH in Nashville

MCH in Nashville website Plumbing Website Design

First, the website has a background video that shows the different services in the plumbing environment. Below the logo, the company has animated the services they offer instead of having a single tagline.

The company uses a strong font to the state to whom they offer their services to. This is to enhance readability. Besides this, there is a CTA that users can use to request a quotation. 

5. Absolute Plumbing

Absolute plumbing has a modern, professional plumbing website design. The company has animated the services they offer using a strong font and different colors. This is to enhance readability.

Further, the company has a professional logo, contact information, certificates and a contact form. There’s also noticeable whitespace, to attract and grab the client’s attention. 

You can also get other excellent examples of plumbing website design from Pinterest.

Best Plumber Website Design

Every website should be unique, attractive, user-friendly and mobile responsive. The best plumber website design should bring out the following:

  1. Brand

When designing a website, remember you’re representing your business. This means that you need to prove to people who you are and what you represent. Include your logo, services and what makes you different from other plumbers.

For instance, from the websites above, it’s easy to tell what a company does from looking at their logos. A professional and modern plumbing website design is the first step in representing your brand.

  1. Services

For a plumbing website design, indicating the services you’re offering is key to getting more clients. From the websites above, each company has a unique way of representing the services they offer.

You can animate the services or list them in the top header section of your website. When a client clicks on a website, they are interested in the services you offer. For this reason, make sure your services are well laid out.

  1. User Interface

The user interface is another feature that you need to look into. The design should be attractive, easy to use and appealing to the user.

Drawing from the examples above, the user interface of the websites is simple to use. From the homepage, your website should answer three major questions. These are, who you are, what you do and how to contact you. 

  1. Area of service

The area of service represents the location you’re offering your services. It saves time for clients looking for plumbing services from a specific location.

Like Ace Plumbing and Rooter Company, for example, this information is available from the top header. This makes it easier for a client to decide whether to continue requesting for a service or not.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to get more clients, make sure you implement the above plumbing website design tips. Remember your website is your 24/7 marketer which should also represent your brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

If you’re starting, it may be hard for you to achieve all the above features. To start with, make sure that your website is simple, responsive and optimized for search engines. Also, remember to keep your goals in mind.

Besides attracting and converting more clients to your business, which other goals do you want your website to achieve? 

Does your plumbing website require a redesign? Use the above tips and share your experience with us.

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