There are so many articles about trends in web design! They appear every day, and just like you are often being bored with that type of content because it is the same information that is being repeated in different words (or not).

No matter how it is, new tools and improvements can be good or bad, but some of them are needed as must-have on your site to be on-time and modern for your auditory.
We want to present to you some trends that we think worth it to follow in design now:

  • Real-life images
  • Bright colors for serious businesses
  • Video or animations
  • Patterns and 3D spheres

Real-life images

First of all, real-life images are a must-have. The dark times when you needed a photo camera to make good pictures passed – most of us have smartphones and can take cool photos every day. So, it is an unforgettable mistake when you visit a site and see images with bad resolution and quality. Looks like owners do not have a normal sense of taste or something like that.

So, we just close this site and do not even think to come back.
Also, speaking of it, we are more and more falling into an online world that becomes an equal part of our daily activity in general. We expect to feel the same emotions as in a real-life while visiting the site or social media page, want to see the picture how the product looks in the offline world, not after endless editing in Photoshop.

The best evidence for that is the popularity of live streams – they are used for promotion practically in all the business spheres today. So, the trends go to naturalness, and that is all you need to remember. And there is one more way to make your page like real, full of visual cases, but we will talk about it later.

Bright colors for serious businesses

When talking about the past, the choice of black-gray-blue colors also became non-actual and not so needed in creating a business site. Millennials and younger generations have another type of thinking; they are not supposed to put their minds in frameworks and imagine only one resolution or decision for things.

So, do not limit yourself – if you think that you need to use some bright colors in web design, feel free to do it, but listen to your taste because the question of the gold middle is always open.

Video or animations as must have

This is another point that helps to make your page like real and give more feelings. Texts and photo, animations are not enough anymore – people want to make the online world alive and see the move. That is exactly what we were talking about in the first point – video makes your page dynamic and attractive for visitors.

Making the page with video takes more efforts, but we need you to understand – using this type of content is not the trend you can omit; do not even think about it.

Patterns and 3D spheres

Patterns are a controversial topic when we talk about trends and their actuality. But as we see from our experience, small and interesting, put in correct place patterns can make the page nice and interesting. Try creating new solutions, find ways to use them, and you’ll be wondering how cool patterns can be.

Speaking about 3D spheres, they are just different creations of circles with its volume. They are pleasant to look at, can be made as globes or spheres, give a move to page and become a main part of the whole design concept.

So, these two trends are not as typical or definite as a must, but we are sure they worth using them in design.


Instead of following trends and being modern, which is good, try not to forget about fundamental principles you need to stay with. It is not okay to break the base functions for trends.

What do we mean? The first moment for design is to be easy and smart, functional enough, the second moment – to be adapted for different types of gadgets. It is the initial things you can’t omit.

So, as it’s always been said, just look at the middle. Follow the development, try new things to impress your clients, but keep being easy to interact with you for users.

And if you do not know where to order a beautiful site, you are already here – we can do anything for you. Our Nashville web development company always makes simple, trendy, modern and effective web sites that will help your business to succeed.

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