Top 35 Aesthetic Fonts for Excellent Design in 2022

upqode | May 3rd, 2022

Aesthetic fonts are one of the most important design concepts for building a website. Whether creating a professional eCommerce website or a fun personal blog, your font is important for your design. 

Since there is an endless choice of trendy fonts, it can be difficult to know which one to use. This article will highlight 35 fonts with an elegant aesthetic to fit any website. 

Let’s get started.

What are Aesthetic Fonts?

Aesthetic refers to something beautiful, stylish, and pleasing to the eye. Fonts are graphic drawing that is used as text. When you put these two together, you create aesthetic writing. 

Aesthetic writing or aesthetic fonts are a great way to customize your website. With an aesthetic font generator, you can create a completely unique design that fits the theme of your website. 

Pros and Cons of Aesthetic Fonts

There are some benefits and limitations if using aesthetic fonts. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


  • Eye-catching visuals to draw in users
  • It makes your website unique
  • Elevates the design element of your website


  • Some fonts require payment.
  • Some fonts might be difficult to embed into your website.

Now that you’ve understood what an aesthetic font is and how it can benefit your website. Here are some examples you can use as an aesthetic font generator. 

Helvetica Font


Helvetica is one of the most common yet timeless fonts. This typeface is perfect for creating beautiful and versatile aesthetic fonts. Helvetica is easily found on almost website platforms. This font is versatile and can be used for multiple design projects such as WordPress web design, photo-editing, etc.  

If you want a classic or vintage look, you can use Helvetica with yellow. Use the color value HEX #F8E36A to get a vintage aesthetic font generator.

If you want to create a Tumblr aesthetics, you should use Helvetica in bold white italic. If you want a different letter font than regular Helvetica, you can create a 3D effect. Duplicate your text layer, change its color, and slightly offset it from the original layer to do this font effect. 

Rustico Font


Rustico is one of the boldest aesthetic fonts. This font features brush texture aesthetic writing in an all-caps and italicized design. This design is great for art-centric websites.

Rustico also offers unique glyphs, punctuation marks, currency symbols, and ligatures. This wide variety makes it easy for your writing design to stay consistent. 

Rustico is a great choice for websites that want to make a bold statement. This design is unique and contemporary with an artistic touch. Rustico is free for personal and commercial use. 

Macbeth Font

Macbeth Font

Macbeth is a unique font that gives your website a frightening quality. This font has a hand-drawn quality which provides great authentic detailing. If you are building a horror-focused website, this is one of the best aesthetic fonts.

The font style is aggressive and scary, so if your website follows this theme, this font will be a great fit. This font package includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, punctuations, and other extra marks.

Use this font for labelings, movie titles, album covers, posters, and clothing. Like the previous font, Macbeth is also free for personal and commercial use. 

Renitah Font


Renitah is an elegant cursive font design with a calligraphy style. Renitah aesthetic fonts are great for fashion brands, logo designs, and signatures. The sleek aesthetic makes it a great fit for fashion and style-related eCommerce platforms, but it is also incredibly versatile. 

The Renitah font package gives you uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and ligatures. This font software also offers multilingual support and easy installment instructions. 

Unlike other fonts, you will have to pay for Renitah to have unlimited access. Renitah costs $25, including any future updates and six months of support.

Atmosphere Font


Atmosphere is one of the most trendy fonts for artistic writing. This font is free and is designed to look like natural hand-drawn writing. The hand-drawn quality is very realistic, and it will make your design look authentic. 

This unique font comes with a set of 20 watercolor splotches to make creative artwork. If you run a blog or company that is geared toward the art industry or if you want to create something catered to youngsters, this is a great font. 

The font consists of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and functions. Atmosphere is free to use for commercial and personal purposes. 

Benguiat Bold Font

Benguiat Bold

Benguiat Bold is one of the most trendy aesthetic fonts in pop culture. This font is perfect for vintage-inspired branding. If you are familiar with the show Stranger Things, you know how popular this typeface has become.

Benguiat Bold is popular for its film photo and retro aesthetic. It is recommended that you add an outer glow to this font. This effect gives the font an eerie aesthetic found in Stranger Things. 

You can put this font over darker backdrops to create a moody effect. If you want something retro but modern, this is a great font. The Benguiat Bold font is free to use and download. 

Date Stamp Font

Date Stamp Font

If you want a film photo aesthetic, date stamp font is for you. This is another font inspired by the past, and its typeface brings back the film photo design. If you want to create a film-related web design, this is a great font. 

Once you download the font, make it yellow. Then add a red outer glow effect. Use linear dodge as the blending mode for layers. Once completed, you will have the perfect film photo aesthetic font. 

Salted Mocha Font

Salted Mocha

Salted Mocha is a playful yet modern font that goes great with many different aesthetics. This font is designed with a handwritten brush script typeface. The authentic brush stroke textures look artistic and playful. This font also works well for friendly and fun digital marketing designs.

This aesthetic font feature rounded strokes and a bouncy baseline to give a lighthearted tone. The brush strokes are not perfect; they look realistic and hand-drawn. This font is free to download, and you can use it for personal and commercial use. 

Odachi Font


Odachi is one of the unique aesthetic fonts on this list. Odachi features a different letter font that sets it apart from other typeface designs. This typeface design also uses brushstrokes to create its unique lettering. 

Odachi can be used for many lettering purposes, and its versatility makes it an attractive font. You can use this font for a video game or a horror aesthetic. 

Odachi looks modern but also has some retro elements. You can use this for a modern brand or a vintage-inspired blog. 

Odachi is free for personal and commercial use. You can access lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers in the free package. 

Keep On Truckin’ Font

Keep On Truckin’

If this font looks familiar to you, this is because Keep On Truckin’ is currently a very popular aesthetic font. This font is very popular amongst Gen Z, and digital marketing companies that cater to this demographic could benefit from using this font.

The design takes inspiration from the psychedelic aesthetic of the 60s and 70s. This bubbly font will give your design a fun and quirky aesthetic. Keep on Truckin’ is free to download, and you can easily embed it into your website. 

Streamster Font


If you are looking for another retro-inspired font, look no further than Streamster. Streamster features an 80s-inspired design, but it doesn’t feel very retro. Streamster’s typeface design can easily be used for a modern and sleek aesthetic. 

Apart from the 80s feel, streamster is also inspired by the Vaporware aesthetic. The electronic music genre inspires the vaporware aesthetic. 

Due to its multiple inspiration sources, Streamster is very versatile, and you can use it for various aesthetics. Streamster is easily downloadable and is free for personal use only. 

Mugle Font


Mugle is one of the most modern aesthetic fonts on this list. The font is bold, making it stand out and elevating your design. Mugle features a contemporary calligraphy typeface design that works great for any aesthetic writing.

Even though Mugle is great for modern aesthetics, it also works well for historical writing. Mugle has a primitive quality that helps with the historical aesthetic. If you want your text to come alive, you should use Mugle. 

This font package comes with several different lettering options. You get access to alternative characters and open-type features such as stylistic sets, stylistic alternates, swash, and ligatures.

Mugle costs $17, which comes with six months of support and several lettering options. 

Kust Font


Kust is a bold and modern aesthetic font. A painter and a writer designed this font, and you can see these qualities in the typeface design. The letters were created by writing on paper with a thick brush. The artist only used pure black ink, giving this font a unique and sharp look. 

Kust’s bold design makes it perfect for headings, logos, and web designs. If you want your writing to pop, Kust is the ideal font. The thick brush design gives this font a unique and realistic look. 

Kust is free to use and comes with 80 different characters. 

Summer Hearts Font

Summer hearts

Summer Hearts is another great brush-style aesthetic fonts. Unlike other brush-style fonts, Summer Hearts is both playful and bold. Instead of having rounded turns, this font has sharp edges giving it a striking look.

Summer Heart’s hand-painted quality makes it look realistic. If you want a unique, playful, and striking font, you should use Summer Hearts. This font is versatile and can be used for multiple designing purposes. 

This font is free for personal and commercial use. The package comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Neue Helvetica Light Font

Neue Helvetica Light

The Neue Helvetica Light is different than Helvetica as this font is much simpler. If you want a light and airy aesthetic, you should use this font. Neue Helvetica fits perfectly into the trendy lo-fi aesthetic.

Lo-fi is another aesthetic inspired by music, but unlike Vaporware, Lo-fi is about creating calm and peace. This lo-fi typeface design fits well with aesthetic colors such as pastel tones to create a dream-like theme.  Neue Helvetica Light is one of the pricier fonts, and it costs $39.

Eckmannpsych Font


Eckmannpsych is one of the unique aesthetic fonts on this list. This font is creative and takes inspiration from the psychedelic aesthetic. Psychedelic themes are becoming very popular in design which is why this is a great font to use. 

Eckmannpsych typeface design takes inspiration from the late 60s and 70s, but it can also be used for modern design. This font can be paired with a simpler font to create a contrast. The contrasting quality will make your design look unique and interesting. 

This font can be difficult to read, so we recommend increasing the size or using it for labeling or logo design. The font package comes in three different optical sizes, so choose the size best fits your design needs. 

Eckmannpsych is free for commercial and personal use. 

Glassure Font


Glassure is an experimental aesthetic font, and it is best used for highly artistic projects. If you want a unique and experimental design, Glassure is your font. This is a rare font design that will make your projects stand out.

While Glassure can be used for modern design, it best fits the art nouveau or vintage aesthetic. The letters in Glassure feature a pull and curled design that mimics a glass sculpture. The finished product is strange yet beautiful, and it’s hard to look away from this font. 

You can download Glassure for free as a demo. For the full version, you will have to pay $17. 

Ribes Font


The Ribes font is eccentric yet modern. The typeface has a fresh look that fits any theme and gives it a slight edge. This font design is perfect for contemporary design aesthetics, and you can use this for various projects. 

Ribes is a reverse-stressed typeface with mixed proportions, meaning parts of a letter are thinner, and some are bold. It can be used for modern web designs and vintage projects. 

The Ribes font is free, and the package comes with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. 

Marola Font


Marola is a distorted font that creates a distinctive design. This font features a modern typeface that you can use for trendy aesthetics. Gen Z creatives popularly use Marola font, and if making a product geared towards this generation, you should use this font. 

This font’s typeface design is bold and dreamy. You can use this font for artistic creation with a simple aesthetic, or you can use this font to make a bold statement. 

The color you use for Marola makes a big difference. If you use darker colors, you will create a striking effect. The lighter color with Marola gives a simple and clean aesthetic. Marola font is free to use. 

The Cat Has a Hat Font

The Cat Has a Hat

The Cat Has A Hat Font is a fun and quirky aesthetic font. This font features a brush-style design created in a disorganized format. This design feature gives The Cat font a striking and strange look.

If you want to use an eye-catching font, you should use The Cat font. The untidy look of this font makes it youthful, and it is perfect for designs geared toward a younger audience. You can use this font for posters, t-shirts, banners, etc. The Cat font is free for personal use. 

Quentin Font


If you want a sleek and professional layout, you should use Quentin. The Quentin font offers a premium design aesthetic that works perfectly for contemporary artworks. This font is stylish, and you can use it to create professional designs. 

Quentin’s typeface design is similar to an ink pen, and it mimics the look of a signature. This quality makes Quentin classy and perfect for premium design aesthetics. You can change the intensity of the pen stroke to fit your design’s needs. This quality makes Quentin elegant and perfect for premium design aesthetics. Quentin is a free font. 

Signatura Monoline Font


The Signatura Monoline font features a contemporary calligraphy typeface and has a similar design aesthetic to the Quentin font. The Copperplate font served as the foundation for Signatura Monoline, and just like that, this font can be used for professional designs. 

Signatura Monoline is beautiful and classy and gives your design an elegant touch. You can use this typeface for branding and apparel designs. 

The Signatura Monoline Font is free for personal and commercial use. The package comes with 266 glyphs and 86 alternate characters with OpenType features. 

Cufel Font

Cufel Font

Cufel is a striking font design that fits perfectly with a futuristic aesthetic. It mimics futuristic and technological design aesthetics. 

Cufel mimics futuristic and technological design aesthetics. Cufel mimics futuristic and technological design aesthetics. Several fonts take inspiration from the vintage aesthetic, but the Cufel feels innovative.

The Cufel font is a great match for tech-focused brands, and if you want your brand to have a cutting-edge writing style, you should use Cufel. Cufel is striking, and the bold typeface design makes it stand out. 

Cufel is also great for expressive headlines and eye-catching graphics. This font costs $10 and comes in four typeface sizes. 

Incognito Font


The Incognito font is another futuristic typeface design. This font looks mechanical and works well with a tech-forward design. The letters are half-formed and look like graphic symbols. 

The half-formed letters are difficult to read, and brands should only use them for logos or headlines. The incognito font does not work well for a block of writing, and you are better off combining another font with incognito for user readability.  

Incognito font works great if you want something solely for stylistic purposes. The pack costs $17 and comes with all basic keyboard letters and some additional characters. 

Castle Known Font

Castle Known

Castle Known is another simple design font similar to the Neue Helvetica font. This font is simple and beautiful, making it the perfect choice for many brands. Castle Known works great for a minimal design aesthetic.

The font is simple and easy to read, making it an attractive choice for many brands. However, this font has not much customization, and it might look plain. Castleknown font package costs $18, and it includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

Nyam Font


Nyam has a layered typeface design, and it takes inspiration from Christmans and baking products. If you want to create a design based on this holiday, you can benefit from Nyam. Nyma is a decorative aesthetic font that can fit many design projects.

One great thing about the Nyam font is that it has five different styles of fonts that can be layered to create a unique writing typeface. For example, you can layer the cursive design over the bold design to create a multi-layered typeface. 

The biggest limitation about Nyam is that it is focused on a very specific-design theme, so it’s a versatile font. Nyam is free and features all basic letters, numbers, and symbols. 

Ailerons Font 


The Ailerons font is an attractive font that takes inspiration from 40s aircraft models. The typeface design is striking, which will help your writing stand out. The font has a clean, retro, and stylish look, and you can use it for many design projects. 

Ailerons font features sharp and rounded edges, which is great for multiple designs uses. Even though this font is versatile, it’s not very creative. If you want something simple with high readability, you should use Ailerons. This font is free for personal use. 

Linotte Font


The Linotte font comes from the rounded comic sans family, and it is great for minimal aesthetics. If you want to create writing that has a friendly and conversational tone, you should use the Linotte font. This font is also perfect for a younger audience as it is easy to read and has a warm tone. 

This font’s geometric design makes it the perfect font for short-form and long-form writing. Linotte is free to use and features over 400 characters. 

Aqua Grotesque Font

Aqua Grotesque

The Aqua Grotesque font combines both futuristic and retro designs. This font works great for branding, logos, and apparel design. Aqua Grotesque’s typeface design fits into a scientific aesthetic as well.

This font has multiple uses depending on its characters. If you want a striking visual typeface, you should use this font in the uppercase, but you should use lowercase letters if you want something minimal. 

Tuesday Night Font

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night is an elegant font that uses a handcrafted script design. This font is versatile and easy to read. You can use Tuesday Night for multiple writing purposes, such as invitations, logos, quotes, prints, etc.

Tuesday Night is one of the most elegant aesthetic fonts, and if you want your design to have a classy look, you should use this font. This font costs $16 and comes with multiple character options.

Allright Font


The Allright font features a unique calligraphy design, and it works best for experimental aesthetics. This distinctive typeface is eye-catching and makes your writing stand out.

The Allright font can be used for multiple design projects, but it can create readability issues in long-form writing. To make the best use of this font, pair it with a simple typeface design. The Allright font is free for personal use only. 

Aguila Font


The Aguila font is elegant and works great for fashion design aesthetics. This font comes with nine style choices, so there are many different options. The other style choices can change the aesthetic of this design from retro to minimal.

This font has high readability, but it might lack some creativity. You can play around with the different styles to see which design works best for you. The Aguilar thin style is free to use, but the rest of the design requires payment. 

Neue Helvetica UltraLight Font


Neue Helvetica UltraLight is a trendy font, and it is used in HBO’s popular show Euphoria. This is another font from the Helvetica family that is incredibly versatile and stylish. 

To get the closest results to the show’s title font, you have to use a -30 tracking setting on the font. Unlike the other Helvetica fonts, this is a paid option. 

New York Font

New York

New York is a beautiful and elegant font that features a timeline typeface design. New York is your font if you are looking for haute couture aesthetic fonts. This font can work for many different projects, from posters to website branding. 

The New York font is free for personal use and features over 200 characters. 

New Romantics Font

New Romantics

The New Romantics is a unique aesthetic font from the sans serif typeface family. 

This font is light and airy and works well for softer or muted aesthetics. You can also use the New Romantics font for a fun and quirky design.

The font features a star on the dotted characters, which gives it an eccentric aesthetic. If you want something simple but a little creativity, this is your font. The New Romantics font is free for personal use. 

Final Takeaway

There are multiple aesthetic fonts to choose from. You can get retro, eccentric fonts or choose bold and futuristic fonts. The choice is endless! Look throughout the list and find the font that best fits your design needs.

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