Why should you consider getting an ADA certification? As a business, you need to go through the Ada training and certification process.

But why is it necessary? With so many questions revolving around it, let’s find out why you need to be ADA compliant.

What is an ADA?

To start with, ADA is initials for the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law came into being in 1990. It protects the rights of persons living with disabilities. The ADA law protects people with disabilities against discrimination in employment, accommodations, transportation, telecommunication, state, and government services.

If your business or brand is in the public sector, you need to follow the ADA requirements. The ADA Amendment Act of 2008 defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits an individual from one or more major life activities.

Employers need to comply with the ADA regulations. There should be fair treatment of all your employees, and that includes people with disabilities. They are eligible for promotions, pay rise, hiring, content access, and accommodation.

ADA is divided into five sections, and each addresses different contexts. That is employment, government services and public entities, public accommodation and social business, telecommunication relay and services, and miscellaneous provision.

The ADA National Network helps share information, guidance, and training. It helps to implement and support equality of opportunity, full participation, and economic self-reliance for people living with a disability.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sections

The ADA laws have several sections or titles. The law was put in place to control discrimination against people living with disabilities. As long as your business serves the public, you will need to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

The five titles as outlined in the disabilities act ADA are:

  1. Title I: the title is about employment. It states that people with disabilities should have equal opportunities and benefits compared to people without disabilities.
  2. Title II: state and local government. The title prohibits discrimination based on a person’s disability by state and local government. The United States department of justice regulates this title.
  3. Title III: the department of justice (DOJ) enforces this title by prohibiting discrimination on public accommodations and commercial facilities.
  4. Title IV: is regulated by the Federal communication commission. The title sets the requirements and regulations for the telecommunication industry. It helps to create a proper method on how individuals with hearing and speech disabilities communicate using a telephone.
  5. Title V: the title contains miscellaneous provisions concerning ADA, state immunity, relation to other laws, and more.

How To Get An ADA Certification?

ADA Certification

‌An individual can sue you if your business is not ADA compliant. It not only applies to the big brands, but it is also applicable to small businesses that involve the public. Before the internet became the solution for most people online, the ADA regulations require that all facilities are accessible by people with various forms of disability.

To qualify for an ADA certification, you need to undergo a training certification program. The certificate helps you to integrate the ADA standards with other laws.

Once the ADA expert approves that you meet the ADA requirements, you’re eligible to get the certification. ADA compliance is crucial as it helps maintain the five titles.

For example, title III upholds that public accommodations and facilities should meet the ADA standards for accessible designs. This includes the non-profit service providers and private businesses as well.

ADA certification does not rely on physical buildings and facilities only. It also translates to the internet. No title states about the internet, but your website also needs to be ADA compliant. With the changes brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic, most of the business transactions are happening online.

Accessibility Adjustments

For example, people will order food online, place orders online, and market using the internet. Although there is no website certification, your site content needs to be accessible. You can check the ADA compliance for websites on the Web Content Accessibility Guide (WCAG).

Why Should You Consider Getting An ADA Certificate?

With a certification, it means that a business complies with the disabilities act ADA standards. Therefore, as a business owner, it is paramount to undertake the training certification program. The ADA training program equips you with the necessary knowledge to align yourself with the various ADA titles.

Besides understanding the disability law, why should you consider getting an ADA certificate?

  1. It helps you maintain your customers. For you to qualify for an ADA certificate, you must have been through the training program. As with Title V, the ADA title does not only cater to people with disabilities only. Since you are already aware of the ADA standards, you’re in a position to offer the best services to your customers. Even those without a disability.
  2. The ADA is a law. Businesses that cater to the public need to be ADA compliant. In that case, if you do not meet the disabilities act ADA standards, you are eligible for a lawsuit. An ADA certificate helps you reduce penalties.
  3. It makes it unlawful to discriminate against people with disabilities. For instance, it creates equality when hiring, training, job assignments, benefits, promotions, leaves, among other services.
  4. It benefits everyone: with the ADA knowledge and skills, you are able to create a better working environment for everyone, even for people without a disability.

ADA Eligibility

For an individual’s protection by the ADA, he/she must have a disability as defined by the ADA law. The Americans with Disabilities Act gives equal opportunity to all people regardless of their disability.

Although the ADA law does not name all the disabilities covered, individuals need to prove a record of a form of substantial impairment. Substantial impairment means that it affects essential life activities like hearing, speaking, caring for oneself, walking, seeing, and working.

As for the person with a disability, you should also qualify for the job position. It means that you need to meet the job qualifications of the employer. In addition, you will need to perform the functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Organizations and businesses that need to be at the forefront of upholding the Americans with Disabilities Act are:

  1. State and local government
  2. A business that caters to the public and falls in the ambit of the law.
  3. Employers with 15 or more employees, including private employers.

What is an ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP)?

The ADA coordinator training certification is issued by the University of Missouri, in the College of Human and Environmental Sciences, School of Architectural Studies.

The ADA training program was developed at the University of Missouri. It is coordinated and administered by the Great Plains ADA Center.

An ADA coordinator is an individual whose role is to implement and coordinate ADA compliance activities. Anyone can qualify to be a coordinator.

Therefore, an individual who holds the ACTCP certification is proof to the employer that they are skilled for the ADA coordinator role. The Great Plains ADA center has two training options – that is, in-person and online training. The in-person training offers several two-day conferences held annually. It also allows members to earn education credit.

The training resources can be books or an experiential form of learning. An ADA certification online training has several web courses and webinars offered by the ACTCP. 

The ADA National Network provides a list of online training content for people to use.

As an ADA coordinator, you are able to uphold the law from a position of authority. The ADA certification training program will certify that the participants have completed the course.

The training program’s role is to equip the participants with the knowledge base and tools to apply as coordinators.

To enroll in the ADA training topics, employees can learn at the SouthEast ADA Center at the Syracuse University. The training materials available are webinars, podcasts among others.

The advantage of getting an ADA certificate is that it helps you network and have the proper knowledge to perform crucial roles.

What is Reasonable accommodation?

As an employer, you should provide reasonable accommodation to employees who are qualified for a job but have a form of disability.

A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment that enables people with a disability to perform essential functions of a job or enjoy benefits as other employees without a disability. The ADA requires that an employee provides reasonable accommodation unless it brings excess burden to the business.

Is an ADA Certification Worth Having?

As a business, having an ADA certificate means that you understand the disability law and its obligation. It helps you create an equal opportunity for people who have a substantial impairment or disability.

However, it comes with an ADA certification cost. You need to pay $300 to register for the program. The cost varies depending on how the participant earns credit. The ADA National Network provides online training for free or with minimal payments.

The ADA is a law that is enforced by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Organizations can take advantage of the training opportunities to gain knowledge, network, and access the resources.

In a nutshell, an ADA certificate is worth having. It helps you comply with the ADA standards, treat everyone equally and understand everything within the law.

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