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Shopify vs Squarespace – making your best fitting e-commerce choice in 2020

Shopify vs Squarespace are two known online platforms that offer e-solution boost to your business. However, before picking up the best fit, there are important questions you should answer. What’s your business model? Are you going for an online store solution, or you’re in need of a content-driven website too? Separately, Shopify and Squarespace shall..


UPQODE Style Guide instructions

Few words about Style Guide A style guide is a document gathering all elements of your brand’s visual style. A style guide is a “one-stop place for the entire team—from product owners and producers to designers and developers—to reference when discussing site changes and iterations.” Generally, the style guide is useful for the following functions:..


WordPress vs Drupal – it’s still Yes for WordPress in 2020

Before we start peeling off some layers, we should talk about first things first: what is content management and what are Electronic Content Management Systems?  Website building entails a series of processes that need some form of administration. That is what digital content management is – a way of creation, modification and structure of your..