Designing a website or a visual design can take a lot of time when you do not have the content ready. However, with a lorem ipsum generator, you can generate a dummy text to test the final output. 

The lorem ipsum generator characters save you time when you do not have the text to use in a web design, typography, or visual design. Lorem ipsum is the most commonly used dummy text by most designers. 

If you are not sure of the best lorem ipsum generator to use, we have compiled a list to make it easy for you. We will take you through the 10 top lorem ipsum generators to use as a web developer. 

So, let’s find out more!

What Is Lorem Ipsum

As for web design, it can be overwhelming to create content and design a website simultaneously. One of the most popular dummy texts that most designers use is the lorem ipsum.  

Lorem ipsum is Latin text that does not have creative meaning. The content is unreadable. It is used for website design, infographics, creating graphics, and other mockups. 

The reason why most creatives use it is to test the layout of their designs. Hence, if you’re designing a website, you can use a lorem ipsum generator to generate dummy text as a placeholder for the original content. 

Here’s a quick summary of the lorem ipsum generators that we will look at later in the guide. 

Lorem Ipsum GeneratorOptions
Bacon Ipsum Text, paragraph and text type
Professional Lorem Ipsum Paragraphs, words, text, HTML and plain text
Online lorem ipsumText, paragraph length, and HTML elements
Blind text generatorText, paragraph tags, number of  words, characters,and  paragraphs
Cupcake IpsumParagraph length and text
Lorem IpsumTexts, paragraphs, words and sentences
Lorem Ipsum Generator by WebFX Texts, paragraphs, words and sentences
Random Text GeneratorPlain text and HTML
Lit IpsumText, paragraph and list

Lorem Ipsum Generator For Web Designers

There are various ways in which you can use the lorem ipsum generator. WordPress web designers in Nashville can use a lorem ipsum plugin. 

Besides, you can use it as a chrome extension on your browser or as an external software. There are multiple lorem ipsum generators to use. Let’s have a look at the 10 best generators to make use of as a web developer. 

1. Bacon Ipsum Generator

bacon ipsum generator

Bacon Ipsum Generator has a chrome extension for chrome browsers. The lorem ipsum generator bacon generates text with up to nine paragraphs.

 It pastes the content automatically to your clipboard. You can also use the Bacon ipsum generator on your WordPress website with the Any Ipsum plugin. 

The Bacon Ipsum is mobile-friendly. It is accessible from mobile devices, and it’s compatible with both android and IOS devices. 

2. Professional Lorem Ipsum Generator

professional lorem ipsum generator

A lorem ipsum generator is ideal for a web developer looking for a dummy tool with advanced features. It is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Ukrainian.

The software generates up to 20 paragraphs and a maximum of 4500 words. It fills typographical texts for the webmaster. The overview feature makes it possible to preview how the content will display on a page.

The tools allow you to download dummy text in either HTML or plain text. It is compatible with website CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. Besides, you can use it with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and editors like Sublime and Notepad++.

3. Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

lorem ipsum text generator

The online lorem ipsum text generator makes it easy for you to copy and paste the text. As a web developer, it gives you various features to use. That is, you’re free to select the HTML elements to include. 

It has a check box for the user to allow or disallow the text to start with the lorem ipsum wordings. You’re free to include multiple paragraphs as you need. 

The available paragraph length options are short, medium, and long. The lorem ipsum generator is for web developers, printers, and graphic designers who require content to fill the empty spaces in their designs.

4. Blind Text Generator

blind text genrator

Another online tool for web designers is the blind text generator. It provides you with several options to generate English dummy texts. Besides, it is available in other languages. 

As part of the dummy texts generated by the lorem ipsum generator, you can select alphanumeric text. It allows you to set the number of paragraphs that work for you, words, and characters. 

As a web developer, you can add tags. You can explore more features from the software using the advanced options. 

5. Cupcake Ipsum

cupcake ipsum

Generating dummy text is easier with a lorem ipsum generator. Instead of having a boring lorem ipsum text, the Cupcake Ipsum spices up the texts for you. 

The generator has an appealing dashboard with simple controls. Choose the number of paragraphs and the length you need. You can uncheck or check the checkbox based on how your text should begin.  

From the generated dummy text, you can copy and paste it into your web design.

6. WordPress Lorem Ipsum plugins

wordpress lorem ipsum plugins

The benefit of using WordPress as the content management system is the accessibility of both paid and premium plugins. The WordPress plugins save you time and make it fast to optimize a website. 

Besides, you can customize a WordPress theme to enhance your brand identity and improve the user experience. WordPress CMS has a pool of lorem ipsum generator plugins to use. 

Hence, no need to stress over the text to fill in your layout. Examples of such plugins are WP Lorem ipsum, Dummy text generator, Just Add Lipsum, and WP Lipsum.

As a WordPress web developer, using the lorem ipsum generator helps to test the design layout. For instance, you can use lorem ipsum to test how text displays on various mobile devices. 

7. Lorem Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator

The Lorem Ipsum plugin is an online tool with a simple-to-use dashboard. It lets you set the number of words, paragraphs, and sentences to generate. 

Before you copy the text to your design and website mockup, you can preview it to see how it displays in your layout. It is also simple to use. 

8. Lorem Ipsum Generator by WebFX 

lorem ipsum generator by webfx

The Lorem Ipsum Generator has various features for a web developer, webmaster, and visual designer. There are options for paragraphs, words, and sentences.

You can select the appropriate tags for each like, paragraphs, italics, and bold tags. With the generated lorem ipsum texts, the designer has no pressure to create content for the various pages and fields. 

9. Random Text Generator

random text generator

As the name suggests, the tool generates random text to use in typography or a website. It generates plain text and HTML to use in a design. 

For a non-English speaking user, the lorem ipsum generator has various languages to select and generate content. It alerts you of the language which your dummy text displays. 

It is simple to use for anyone who has not used a lorem ipsum generator before. The preview feature displays the content for you to view. 

10. Lit Ipsum

lit ipsum

Lit Ipsum is a mobile responsive lorem ipsum generator. To use it, you need to slide the slider which copies the text to the clipboard. It does not generate lorem ipsum text like other ipsum generators.

Instead, it will highlight dummy text from the literature that is not copyrighted. It displays the literature titles for the web developers to select and use. 

The developer can select to use plain text or apply HTML to the dummy text. The available options are paragraph and list.

How To Add Lorem Ipsum

There are various ways in which you can apply lorem ipsum. To generate the dummy text, you need a lorem ipsum generator. It makes the process easy and has various options to use, like paragraphs and lists.

There are different ways web developers can add lorem ipsum. The primary approach is to copy and paste the text to your design or website mockup. Others are through WordPress, Chrome extension, and text editors. 

Let’s have a detailed look at each of the options. 

Adding Lorem Ipsum on a WordPress website

WordPress has a number of plugins for developers to install and use. As a WordPress developer, you can use lorem ipsum in your entire design or a page. 

To install the plugin, click on plugins. Next, click on add new. From the search box, search for lorem ipsum and make a selection. 

After selecting the plugin, click install. To use the lorem ipsum generator in a post, type in [lorem-ipsum] and click save. Preview the page, and the lorem ipsum text will appear as the post. 

As a web developer, you can set the number of words to display on a page. For instance, if you need 100 words, you can set it as [lorem-ipsum words=”100″]

Adding Lorem Ipsum using a chrome extension

Another way of adding lorem ipsum is by using a chrome extension for the lorem ipsum generator. For instance, the lorem ipsum generator is a chrome extension that stores your placeholder values for easy access. 

To install the plugin, click on the add to chrome button. To use it, click on extensions, then select the lorem ipsum generator. Make the necessary adjustments like setting the number of words, then copy and paste the text to your website. 

The chrome extension is simple to use for a web designer with no skills in using a lorem ipsum extension.

How to add lorem ipsum to a text editor

Examples of text editors are sublime and Notepad++. If you’re not using a website CMS like Joomla and WordPress to design a website, you need a text editor. 

You can use lorem ipsum with text editors as well. If you’re using the sublime text editor, for example, here’s how to add lorem ipsum. Within the paragraph tags <p></p>,type lorem then click the tab key on your keyboard.

Lorem Ipsum Alternatives 

If you’re looking for alternative lorem ipsum texts to use for your website mockups, check out the list below. 

11. Office Ipsum

office ipsum

An alternative for the lorem ipsum dummy text is the Office Ipsum. It has simple English sentences that are easy to read. For a web developer looking for a break from the standard lorem ipsum texts, consider using the office Ipsum generator. 

12. Fillerama


Fillerama is a dummy text generator that generates text from various sources. You can also select lorem ipsum text from the tool. Fillerama displays text from movies like Doctor Who, Arrested Development, Dexter, and Futurama. 

As a developer, you have several options to select from and use. These are headers, lists, and inline styles. As for the text format, you can use HTML, markdown, or select simple text without formatting.

13. Hipster Ipsum 

hipster ipsum

Hipster Ipsum is another alternative for the lorem ipsum text. It has a simple-to-use interface. It generates dummy text based on the selected options. You can set the number of paragraphs for the text. 

You’re also free to make a selection from the available source. After it generates the dummy texts, you can copy and paste it in your website. It has simple controls to use. 

14. Zombie Ipsum

zombie ipsum

As a web developer, you can work with dummy text that is the same as your website niche. For instance, the Zombie Ipsum generator works well for a movie or storyboard website

It generates dummy text with a maximum of five paragraphs. In addition, you can choose between Lite and regular text options. 

15. DeLorean Ipsum Text Generator

delorean ipsum text generator

As a web developer, there are multiple lorem ipsum generators to generate dummy content for your designs. You can spice up your text by using other text placeholders to fill up content for your website. 

DeLorean Ipsum is a text generator that breaks the monotony of the lorem ipsum text. It allows you to set the number of words, paragraphs, and sentences before generating the text. 

It generates text from the conversation between Doc and Marty from the Back to the Future trilogy.

16. Vole

vole text generator

Vole is an alternative generator that gives you a break from lorem ipsum. It uses technology to generate dummy text.

Vile is a simple to use dummy text generator and has a paragraph option only. It generates text with a maximum of five paragraphs. 

Lorem Ipsum Frequently Asked Questions

Lorem ipsum is the most popular and standard dummy text used by web developers, typographers, and designers. The Latin chunks of text indicate that a project is in development. 

The lorem ipsum is not for web developers only. Graphic designers also use it with various software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions about lorem ipsum:

Why should a web designer use lorem ipsum?

First, lorem ipsum saves you time when working on a design, especially when you do not have the original content. Using a lorem ipsum generator generates the content for you and makes it easy to add different tags.

Second, lorem ipsum helps to test how text displays on a website. With global statistics of 5.27 billion mobile users, the website content should be mobile responsive. 

Lorem ipsum comes in handy when you want to run the test to see whether the content displays the same in the various mobile devices. 

The lorem ipsum generator generates content fast. It relieves the web developer’s pressure to create content. Once the design is complete, the designer can then replace the dummy content. 

Which is the recommended lorem ipsum generator?

From the list above, you can pick a lorem ipsum generator that works for you. The list has the best tools for web development projects. You can use one that meets your requirements. 

Besides, you can also use the lorem ipsum alternatives. They generate the dummy text as the lorem ipsum only if the content is different. 

How can you generate dummy text with a lorem ipsum generator?

The Lorem ipsum generator is easy to use. You do not need professional skills to generate text from it. As with most of them, you need to set the number of paragraphs, words, and sentences.

Others will allow you to select the placeholder text from the various options. From the available options, you can include the heading, lists, and paragraph tags. 

Once you’re content with the generated text, you can copy it and paste it into your website. That’s how easy it is to add text from a lorem ipsum generator. 

Should You Consider Using A Lorem Ipsum Generator

As a web developer, using a lorem ipsum generator saves you the effort of creating text for your website. You can use the text in your mockups and replace the content later.

Lorem ipsum is the standard dummy text that developers, designers, and typographers use to illustrate the progress of a design. You can also use lorem ipsum alternatives in your mockups to avoid having dry content.

After you complete a design, you need to replace the dummy text. It can hurt your SEO and affect your ranking on SERPs.


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